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  • 1.The same principles used in your print and online. Be accurate.Be objective. Be clear. Correct mistakes.

2. 3. Dont be on social media to just be on it. You dont have to be on every single social media.Each platform has a different purpose 4. 5. Staff should follow publication accounts on social media. 6. Follow students, alumni, other schools, etc 7. The Little Hawk @thelittlehawk City High's #1 source of news! Iowa City, Iowa - HTV Magazine is one of the nation's longest-running high school broadcasts, produced by students at Hillcrest High School in Springfield, MO since 1989. 8. Post daily. Look at trends like Throw back Thursday or #tbt. Top Tweets once a week. Create a weekly photo album with photos of the week. 9. Hootsuite Tweetdeck 10. People who have listed youCreate your own list 11. Nobody likes an attention hog. Know your audience and what they like. 12. It is ok to have personality. Be conversational when promoting posts. 13. Atomic Dust 14. Follow other media programs, advisers, professional organizations Read articles. Look at what other people are doing. 15. Make your accounts known. Start hashtags Have contests Follow through