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10+ ways to save time, stress and improve student outcomes

Teacher, HOD, Facilitator, Vinyl DJ,Board member, Remixer,

Waimea College1500 Studentsco-Ed State schoolYr 9-13

Im Busy - youre busy. In my talking to music teachers - from primary to tertiary - some are very busy. My tips today are what works for me, and Ive taken from what others have shown me. MY HOPE FOR TODAY _ MY LEARNING OUTCOME - that you will take at least 2 tips away that you will actually use tomorrow. That you will take 15mins to plan how you are going to impliment it. Some are not ground breaking, some are.

I play in 3 bands, perform locally and nationally.

Teacher, HOD, Facilitator, Vinyl DJ,Board member, Remixer,

Todays Learning OutcomeTake two of my Top Ten Tips and use them

Type into your browser. is best)

Have padlet open!!!


Act On It - NOWPass it on - NOWFile it - NOWThrow it away - NOW

Relatively easy to follow three of those - Act On IT - setting time aside to read email and have time built in to be able to respond to them.

Wunderlist Cross platform including BrowserReview what has been completedEmail/PrintRepeatableFile ITUgly Yellow FolderFor transitioning schools/from paper to digitalOne place for all paper - in a drawer not on your deskReviewable - start of the school year, report specifics, prizegivings

iPad - show wunderlist. Physical - show yellow folder.


Keep track: of those cool videos that you get sent or that cool article about music advocacy...

digital note takingWebclipper Chrome Extension

Two main functions I use - clipping websites and articles. Others - audio note taking, pen on a digital paper. Sharing notes with others. Can be offline too. Premium level for large file uploads per month.Chrome - Friends dont let friends use internet explorer - less issues.


Itinerant/Peripatetic Instrumental lesson organisation

Previously, physically fill out a form, then take about 3 days to enter into a spreadsheet, with spelling errors, other errors - like trying to hire a guitar. Start of the year is busy, wasnt until about week 5 or 6 that lessons could start.

Google Forms (Microsoft Forms)Results collated/sortedStudents fill out detailsTimetables for lessons made(Waiting list)

This is a slide title

This is a slide title


Streamlining time consuming data entry based tasks

PerformancesThrough to markingStudents enter details in Google Form

Performance OrderTech RunSheetMarking Schedule

Future Database of what I did, songs performed

Digital entry, digital output

Get students to enter the details in -


Digital Assessment of Compositions and Work

How do you receive student compositions? How do you store them? Issues with printing, (and cost), emailing gets lost - clogged up email inbox. USB issues, loose sharing rights the next year - accounts deleted. MY STUDENTS COMPOSITIONS ARE COMPUTER BASED, KEEP IT DIGITAL - searchable.

Free for Google School domains. Google Classroom - 20mins with a 5min video. Playing around. 5mins delivering to the PFA staff.

Microsoft Teacher Dashboard - Preloaded classes for $500NZ. Potential for quite advanced things. Clunky, less intuitive, pushing and pulling not quite time-saving. These are just two examples. Other will emerge


Central PointOne Stop ShopWebsite/Blog/Weebly

As we are transitioning from google docs, moodle over to Microsoft 365. Needed a central place. The changeover wasnt really all sorted at the end of last year - I do my planning and prep in nov and dec - once the year starts, I am too busy. Decision as a Performing arts faculty - once they come into our block - a consistent message, go to the weebly.


Weebly is free website - template. Quite easy. Spent time looking at old wordpress - a bit more powerful but not needed. Wanted it outside of google domain - due to managment decision to move away from google.

Not Google Searchable - copyrightURL LINKS DropboxGoogle DriveMicrosoft 365YoutubeWebsites - eg State Curriculum sites.Digital Calendar

DIFFERENTIATIONMashed CourseIndividual Student CoursesAbsent StudentsAbsent Teacher

UNPLANNED USESSharing with other Music teachersSharing with parents - standards/datesInternal Staff PD

Mashed courses - trades, work experience, clashes on timetables. Absent teacher.Internal Staff PD - Digital Moderation

This is a slide title


Digital Internal Moderation/Storage

11:25 am NO LATER - Dropped hard drive, looking for the right cable, munt the power lead. Have to have the harddrive with you. Ive dropped a 1TB HD. If its in the cloud, it can be shared - privately or others add to it - Eg RAPs description

One PlaceRequires some setup and organisationWill save you timeWill save you stressGreat for the future

Eg showing nick the new yr 11 teacher - changes to state-central moderation


Create your own PLN(Personal Learning Network)

Cant rely on generic PD from your school. Often sole charge, or only teacher in that specific area

Be Self-SufficientLinkedInTwitterBlogs

Subject AssociationsEdNet DAYTiME



Flip your video at a time

LOOK AT THE TIME - SEE HOW much time I have. 11:30am no demo, earlier yes demo.

LOOK AT THE TIME - SEE HOW much time I have. 11:30am no demo, earlier yes demo.

Free for up to 15minsIt worksAdd-in for Chrome Browsers - so works on any platform including chromebooks

Add into on student computers - and networked computers

Demonstration Normally when doing a ICT demo in classPlugged into the Network Checked Prior the peripherals workPlan for a Plan BCheck Background Processes (eg Syncing)


One Rung at a time.Have an ICT Strategy

If it saves me time, effort, money, improves student outcomes - then Im in.

Digital plannerTime Audit - time in/time outTime spent preparing planner for the yearPhysically writing inCreating a scheme - duplicationChanging when classes are missedKeeping track of relief1 Term option - same program

If you always do what youve always done,youll always get what you always got.

Business as usual - only works for a few years. The dont change, but the students to - historical reasons - old students, old programs.

Original Learning Outcome?Book in some time right now to put in place/review/research 2 tips from this

That you will take at least 2 tips away that you will actually use tomorrow. That you will take 15mins to plan how you are going to implement it.