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<ol><li> 1. Top Car Features Most Consumers Want </li><li> 2. Power Driver Seat: 79% In the event that you don't have a settled month to month salary, it is hard to back an auto in light of the fact that a regularly scheduled installment is frequently higher when you buy over leasing. With Leasing you're fundamentally paying for the censure of the auto amid that year instead of the whole cost of the vehicle. </li><li> 3. Warmed Front Seats: 70% This one is likely pertinent to frosty weathered regions. In any case, it's as yet one of the more extravagance advancements that accompany most autos these days. It gives solace and warmth to the individuals who live in frigid or blustery ranges. Simply remember that there could be a lot of potential auto repairs if you buy an auto with this element. </li><li> 4. Dynamic Blind-Spot Detection: 65% What number of little misses, gouges, and scratches have you needed to manage because of a moving auto in your blind spot? Auto adjusting shops presumably have a greater amount of these cases than motor issues. </li><li> 5. Simple to-Clean Floors and Seats: 64% Cleaning can take longer than it ought to if your auto is not outfitted with this component. That would be extremely badly arranged for those dependably in a hurry people. </li><li> 6. USB Ports: 64% Because of need and inclination your contraptions will probably be with you, let it out or not. Having USB ports in the auto makes it less demanding to charge or interface your telephone for music or maps. </li><li> 7. Built in Navigation: 61% Maps are extraordinary however when you're in the auto driving around and lost, making sense of a guide is the exact opposite thing you need to do. This element is genuinely paradise sent for the individuals who need to go to various new places constantly. </li><li> 8. Warmed Windshield: 60% Having an unmistakable view out and about is critical for your wellbeing when you're driving. Fog can upset that. This is the reason most shoppers would love it if their auto had this element. </li><li> 9. Reinforcement Collision Intervention: 59% Distinguishing what's behind you and seeing or hearing a marker and a framework that balances inability to act by pushing back on the quickening agent could have not only spared a few lives, but rather some repair charges too. </li><li> 10. Leather Seats: 58% While leather seats are not an indispensable component, but rather they can truly enable you to look smooth. Calfskin tends to last more, and is simpler to clean. </li><li> 11. Getting a new car can be exciting! Dont let distance keep you from the car of your dreams. Suncoast Auto can ship your new vehicle right to you! </li><li> 12. 800-670-0857 Toll Free: 800.670.0857 Office: 772.224.8318 800-670-0857 Toll Free: 800.670.0857 Office: 772.224.8318 </li></ol>