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This is the quality you will get with our Tongil Cylindrical Grinders (GU-32 model). Accuracy Roundness: 0.001 mm Cylindricity: 0.003 mm Straightness of Table Movement Vertical plane: 0.007 mm Horizontal plane: 0.006 mm Center of head stock run-out: 0.002 mm


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    Precision, Persistence,

    CNC Angular 5 Axis Tool GrinderManual H/A

    Max. diameter (300mm)X-Axis (370mm)Y-axis (280mm)

    Max. rpm (8000 rpm/min.)

    Product Line-Up TIC (TONGIL Industries Company) specializes in Universal Cylindrical Grinders and has more than 60% market share in Korea (both for manual and CNC)

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    Precision, Persistence,

    Product Line-Up Information based on GU-32 (500) model quality. TIC is qualified OEM for a Japanese machine tool company.

    Inspection Item IllustrationPermissible error

    ResultJIS Spec. TIC Spec.

    Accuracy of cylindrical grinding

    Roundness 0.002 0.0016 0.001

    Cylindricity 0.005 0.004 0.003

    Straightness of table movement

    In vertical planePer 1,000


    Per 1,0000.008


    In horizontal plane 0.006

    Center of head stock run-out 0.005 0.004 0.002

    Unit : mmGU-32 500

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    Precision, Persistence,

    Cylindrical Grinder Line-Up TIC continues R&D in improvement and upgrade of expertise products (Cylindrical Grinders) and now at the point of diversification.