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  1. 1. Wha t to Keep in M ind When Choosing a Wedding Tent
  2. 2. I'd rather be in a tent than in a house. - Mary Leakey
  3. 3. The Size of the Tent To determine the size of the tent you will need, roughly calculate the number of guests you want to accommodate at one time. 10 sq. ft. per person is a good standard, but when it comes to events such as weddings, corporate events or high- end sporting events, rather consider using 12 sq. ft. per person attending. Along with this, also consider if space will be required for catering services, a cake table, a bar area, a dancing floor etc.
  4. 4. Color Traditionally white is the color of choice for weddings but modern bribes do not shy away from choosing bold and unique color combinations to suit their taste and theme. Did you know that a tent can also complement and enhance your chosen color scheme? Using clever lighting that reflects from the walls and roof of the tent can create a unique atmosphere. Stretch Tents in particular lend themselves to fantastical lines and shape with white or colored lights. These tents also often come in an array of fabric colors to choose from.
  5. 5. The Style and Shape of the Tent Wedding tents come in different styles and as such you must consider what type of tent will suit your wedding event the best. The terrain and weather will also be a factor to consider. For example, stretch stretch marquees tents lend themselves perfectly for uneven terrain such as beaches and can withstand harsh wind and weather conditions.
  6. 6. Choose a Licensed and Bona Fide Tent Supplier For a happy and safe wedding, always hire a licensed contractor. Check from how long they are into the business. More experience means 100% perfection. Ensure that you deal with a well-established and reputable tent supplier with enough experience to give you the right advice. Make sure that the tent structure and material you choose complies with the required safety regulations in your area.
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