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Getting married soon? Check out our FREE insiders guide to choosing your perfect wedding band... We know that buying your wedding band is an important decision so to help make it easier for you we’ve created the ‘Insiders Guide to Choosing your Perfect Wedding Band’. It covers: Which is the best material to choose for your Wedding Band? What is Tungsten Carbide? What is Black Ceramic? Black Tungsten vs Black Ceramic About Cobalt Chrome Info on Diamond Wedding Bands Inlays: ­The Downlow 4 costly misconceptions about Wedding Bands Tungsten and Ceramic can be resized Tungsten is Unbreakable Metal rings can cause allergies All rings need costly maintenance How to pick the right Ring Size first time? Comfort Fit versus Standard Fit Ring Size US Ring Size Dimensions Chart 10 4 mistakes to avoid when choosing an Online Jeweler Poor Security Encryption on the website No About Us Page No Hidden Fees No Contact details The importance of Value and Price Tungsten or Ceramic vs Gold China made vs USA made 100% No Risk Guarantee Lifetime Warranty! FREE Shipping 45 Day Exchange/Returns 7 steps to finding your perfect Wedding Band


  • 1. Insiders Guide to choosing your perfect Wedding Band Wedding BandProvided as a free resource by Coran Woodmass, Owner of

2. Read this guide and you will discover Which is the best material to choose for your Wedding Band4 costly misconceptions about Wedding Bands How to pick the right Ring Size first time 4 mistakes to avoid when choosing an Online Jeweler The importance of Value and Price How to get a 100% No Risk Guarantee 7 steps to finding your perfect Wedding Band 3. Which is the best material to choose for your Wedding Band? With so many different types of materials now available to make jewelry with, this guide will give you the important information on these new materials that you may not know about. Knowing the strength, scratch resistance qualities, allergy information and more will help you to decide which material best works for you and your lifestyle. Traditional: New: Gold Tungsten Carbide White Gold Ceramic Silver Cobalt Chrome Titanium 4. Which is the best material to choose for your Wedding Band? Please consider your day to to activities in regards to the follow questions: Your answers, combined with this guide will help you decide what material is best for you. Do you work in a heavy metal material/mining industry? You may want to avoid a black tungsten or designs with inlay. Are you exposed to hard rock or crystal material? Know that some non-metallic materials can damage even tough rings like tungsten. Do you even come in contact with harsh chemicals like ammonia or chlorine? A Ceramic might be a better option for you. Are you concerned with the weight (heavy or light) of your Wedding Band? Tungsten is a metal and has some weight to it, but Ceramic is non metallic and is much lighter. Do you have any known strong allergies to metal? Even combining materials in a way which is hypoallergenic to most people, those with strong metal allergies may still find themselves impacted. So what should you do? Do you work with high heat or electricity? Did you know Ceramic is heat resistant and non conductive? 5. What is Tungsten Carbide? In short for those not big on details: Its the hardest known jewelry material Its affordable compared to gold Its maintenance free The above make it an awesome wedding band material 6. Tungsten: Additional Interesting Details Well, its this freakin awesome inorganic chemical compound that is used to make all kinds of awesome stuff, not just Wedding Bands. Tungsten on its own it not suitable for jewelry making so equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms are combined to create Tungsten Carbide. Our manufacturer uses a tungsten carbide which is mixed with a nickelchromium binder, making our rings cobalt free. Know that when you purchase a Tungsten Carbide ring you will be wearing a material which is also used to make super cool manly things like armor piercing ammunition, aerospace gadgets such as rocket engine nozzles and most likely Thors hammer but we cant get anyone to verify that. 7. We arent just saying its toughPeeps have tested it and the more interesting results against other jewelry making materials are this: 10 times harder than 18k gold 4 times harder than titanium Equal hardness to natural sapphire Only harder material on the Mohs Scale is diamond 8. As you can see diamonds are harder and it is diamond jewelry making tools that have to be used to cut, style and craft the tungsten carbide rings. Normal jeweler's tools wont cut it and would most likely break if they came in contact with tungsten carbide which is why there are specialist who work with this substance. 9. So what does all this mean for you?The extreme hardness of the tungsten carbide creates a high resistance to scratching. This means it is resistant to typical wear and tear but its not scratching proof. Harder non-metallic materials like diamonds, sapphire and hard crystals can scratch it. We dont suggest that you fight the Green Goblin with the ring on as we arent sure of the chemical compounds hes made up from. For all those gents out there that have high labor jobs like plumbers, mechanics and builders etc; tungsten carbide rings will remain like new even for you. Tungsten Carbide rings are engineered to be maintenance free. They dont need expensive jewelry cleaning products or getting sent off for re-plating. Yeah, more of that less work/extra effort stuff removed for you. Our manufacturer uses a tungsten carbide which is mixed with a nickel-chromium binder, making them cobalt free. In short our rings are hypoallergenic. 10. Why Black Ceramic Wedding Bands? There is no other jewelry making material for black rings which will remain as flawless and polished like the day you bought it than ceramic. 11. Black Ceramic Wedding bands are the new black and heres why in short. Scratch resistant Black color is not coated Harder than all metals except Tungsten Wont corrode or tarnish in salt water or acid Light weight 12. Ceramic is a very hard material coming in at 7 on the Mohs Scale and its also resistant to heat. Ceramic rings are super high in the awesomeness of scratch resistance being pretty much the same as tungsten but a Black Ceramic ring is NOT coated or dipped. If the ring does get a scratch, there will be no other color or different material showing through. This is excellent for those guys who love the black color but know they might be more harsh on the ring, making ceramic a better options that black tungsten which can need re-coating.Remember this? 13. In addition to being scratch resistant, harder than most metal, and super sleek in black, Ceramic is also non corrosive by sea water and acids and therefore will not tarnish.Low low low maintenance - some might even say Maintenance Free!! 14. Bold Onyx Finish The Black Ceramic rings come in a bold onyx finish or a matte brushed finish. Either will remain flawless and never fade. The ceramic rings are also a good match for carbon fibre inlays or a dual material ring when combining it with our other awesome tungsten products. The designs and styles are always evolving as the jewelers experiment with new looks which will give you a unique ring combined with a traditional wedding band. 15. Lightweight Ceramic is a lightweight material and because of this the rings are also a little lighter than tungsten metal rings. I guess its up to you if you think this is a pro or a con. Some prefer that their ring have a bit more weight to it, others dont mind. But what we can tell you if that if its the black look youre after and you know your harsh on your jewelry then a Black Ceramic Wedding Band is the way to go. 16. Black Tungsten vs Black Ceramic 17. Black Tungsten vs Black Ceramic Naturally tungsten is a grey-ish color which means to make the ring black the tungsten carbide ring has a black titanium coating applied. Titanium is not as scratch resistant as tungsten as you saw on the Mohs Scale, but its still harder than gold or silver. What does this mean for you? The black titanium coating can scratch off which means these rings have to be taken care of a little bit more than tungsten rings as there are more materials which can damage the rings coating. This is universal in all black tungsten rings and if this is a concern for you then please consider a Black Ceramic ring instead. 18. Diamond Wedding Bands Long before we were born an awesome female copywriter Frances Gerety coined the phrase A Diamond Is Forever and today after 66 years we still have a fascination of these shiny little gemstones. By adding diamonds to your ring, you will create an even more spectacular Wedding Band. But what do you need to know before choosing to do this? Knowing how the diamond is set into the wedding band and how it may work with the various jewelry materials is important. By working with harder materials like tungsten or ceramic rather than gold or silver means your ring wont ever bend out of shaping, reducing the risk of the diamond getting damaged or ever worse lost if it falls out. 19. The more parts your ring has the greater the chance there is a weak points in the ring, which can lead to the ring damaging easier. Know that if you purchase one of our Tungsten Wedding Bands with a diamond in the inlay (like the Torretto2 on the right), the Tungsten Carbide ring is one single piece. The channel for the inlay is carved around the tungsten square which the diamond will be set into. This means no gluing pieces together which is awesome news for you. 20. Inlay Details (The Resin) Designs which have an inlay, also have resin. A deep groove within the Wedding Band is cut for the inlay material and then protected by a layer of resin. The resin is not as tough as the tungsten or ceramic so it may scratch a little easier. However it is the best material to use to seal the material/design, stopping it from getting scratched or wearing away, whilst not impacting on the fantastic true colors of the inlay underneath. 21. 4 costly misconceptions about Wedding Bands Tungsten and Ceramic can be resized Tungsten is Unbreakable Metal rings can cause allergies All rings need costly maintenance 22. Tungsten and Ceramic can be resized Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic will never bend out of shape, but you might if you lose or gain weight. I guess it depends if married life agrees with you or not. Due to the hardness of the material the ring cannot be resized. However, under our Lifetime Warranty it can be replaced with another size. Just get in touch and well help you out. Not all retailer offer the same resizing terms and conditions, so you need to be sure that who you purchase from offer this service for free or at least at a minimal change. I wish I had known about a service like this when purchasing my ring, as my wedding band no longer fits and now I have to wear it on a chain around my neck; I didnt have resizing coverage. 23. Tungsten is Unbreakable