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  • Choosing a Live Band For Your Wedding

  • Choosing a live band for your weddingMarriages are made grand by the celebrations. People gather at the wedding to entertain themselves besides blessing the couples. The wedding music adds to these celebrations making the marriage even happier and fun filled. The ultimate cause of wedding is to create a bond between the bride and groom in a perfect ambience.

    Traditional Indian wedding takes place with Indian wedding music played with traditional instruments. They include tambura, flute etc. These are played are very fast at the time of tying the nuptial knot at the wedding.Page 2 of 9

  • Choosing a live band for your weddingHow to choose a live band

    It is important to make the best selection of band or orchestra with wedding guitarist for your wedding. Online websites provide a great help in short listing the band available at large. Surf the internet to find out the best group of members to play the wedding music.

    You can also get suggestions from your friends and relatives regarding the wedding guitarist available at your place.Page 3 of 9

  • Choosing a live band for your weddingNegotiate the cost

    Once you have decided the music band, the next step is to negotiate the cost and charges. Ask for any discounts and offers. Make the band with less number of musicians rather than crowding the stage. Also try to get the reviews of their previous performances in traditional Indian weddings. See to that proper accommodation facilities are made for the band head and its members. Sometimes they charge more and demand rooms in star hotels. So it is better to discuss properly with the band head regarding their demands to avoid future problems.Page 4 of 9

  • Choosing a live band for your weddingGet the list

    Once the cost is fixed, get the wedding music list ready. Inform them clearly about the dos and don'ts of the wedding music. Avoid vulgar songs and very slow music. It is better to prepare music for weddings from the list available from the band. Make the atmosphere lively with both fast beat and slow beat songs. Also make the band to play both old and new songs from the wedding music list.Page 5 of 9

  • Choosing a live band for your weddingBe concerned about the space

    Once the venue is fixed, see to that enough space is available to be occupied by the wedding music band. If the wedding hall is not spacious then make arrangements for the band in open space where people can enjoy and dance to the tunes being played. In Indian wedding music lyrics are also given importance and the guests also start to sing the song along with the band.Page 6 of 9

  • Choosing a live band for your weddingCake cutting ceremony

    The couples are made to cut the cake especially made for them at the reception. It is thoughtful to provide the wedding music list beforehand to the music band so that it matches to the ceremony with excellent background.Page 7 of 9

  • Choosing a live band for your weddingMusic for weddings

    While selecting the music for weddings see to that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Make it interesting and entertaining. Your guests must feel elated by the end of the wedding reception. Give the couple's enough freedom to express their love by dancing and singing. Celebrity band can also be arranged to entertain the invitees.Page 8 of 9

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