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The Fundamentals Principles of UX Designfor an engaging mobile application

Mobile apps are designed and popularized by different business organizations as it is an ideal medium for business promotion and taking a product to the customers.

Companies contend to bring new and exciting mobile apps that create an eagerness among people to download.

Unfortunately, only a few among them remains in the users mobiles for long.

Most of them are uninstalled after a month.

TheUX designprinciples have come up with revolutionary ideas for sustaining the usage of mobile apps.

Features of Mobile Apps

Following are some of the basic qualities that users look for in an appUser friendlinessSimplicityGood performanceAttractive designSecurityImmediate feedbackCompatibilityRegular updatesOffline support

Distinguishing between CX and UX

CX stands for customer experience and UX stands foruser experience. Although CX and UX have different meanings and goals, they are interlinked. An organization should improve both CX and UX for effective communication with the customers.

Elements of UX design

The UserUser is the most important element in UX design. The designer must keep the target audience in his/her mind while designing the apps.

Task AnalysisTask analysis is a critical process in designing mobile apps. It is a step-by-step procedure which evaluates the tasks which are to be accomplished by the users from their own perspective.

Smartphone displayThe applications must be designed in a way so that they have a better display in mobile phones.

Clear communication :Communicating the various usability and advantages of the app is an important aspect that the designers are to be careful about.

Methods to Transform Mobile UX

Improved user interfaceSimple sign-up processSeamlessin-app purchasesProvide user guidanceProvide feedback

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