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  1. 1. Mobile UX: Effective Onboarding for Apps Mobile DC Full Stack DC Startup Central
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  13. 13. Agenda Intro App Demos Design Q & A
  14. 14. App Demos
  15. 15. Key Takeaways Onboarding = Money Know your numbers Confirm your hypotheses with A/B tests Onboarding requires a multidisciplinary team Best time for onboarding design Rough idea - beginning of the project Finished flow - end of the project
  16. 16. Why Are We Here? User Experience a defining factor in apps success App Onboarding a critical piece of overall user experience
  17. 17. Data point By 2016, mobile projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 6-to-1. * Source: Gartner
  18. 18. What is Onboarding? Opportunity to make a great first impression Summary of core values Executive summary of an app Demonstration of interesting features Opportunity for conversions
  19. 19. In a single word... Onboarding = Money
  20. 20. Effective Onboarding generates: Better user engagement More in-app purchases Better reviews in the app store, which leads to Increased sales in the app store Deeper social media coverage, outside the app store Why is this important? Because app discoverability is a big issue, so outside coverage is always wanted
  21. 21. But... Dont Take My Word Because I am Biased
  22. 22. Measure it for yourself.
  23. 23. Many apps begin their NUX (new user experience) with a navigation or functionality tour, which come in all sorts of formats and flavors. Figure out which format works best for your app, by measuring it.
  24. 24. Metrics to track: Near-term engagement - first 10 days Sign-ups Number of carousel swipes before registration and engagement through the tour flow Taps on skip buttons Social sign-on vs. email
  25. 25. In summary... Know your numbers
  26. 26. A/B split testing Create three variants of your app First, with no onboarding - this will be your baseline Second version - with onboarding scenario 1 Third version - with onboarding scenario 2 Optimizely - mobile A/B testing platform
  27. 27. Randomize onboarding scenarios and track along with user sign ups and attrition When you reach a statistically significant data pool, quantify the true value of onboarding Remember the extra benefits that cant be easily quantified Good user karma Evangelist users Better app store reviews Increased sales because of better reviews Better social media coverage (mentions, blog posts) Increased sales due to user-generated content A/B split testing
  28. 28. Said in another way... Confirm your assumptions
  29. 29. Onboarding showcase
  30. 30. Onboarding patterns Show me the future - SigFig Interactive, feature-driven onboarding - Noted Benefits-based onboarding - Spring Screenshots vs. stock images - Airbnb Demonstrating features - Clear, Mailbox Beginning vs. inside the app - Spring Animations, engagement - Flickr, Carousel Voice and video - Facebook Paper
  31. 31. How to design an Onboarding scenario
  32. 32. Mobile analytics Focus groups Industry trends Wheres the dropout? At what rate? When do users take the desired action (goal) After a notification? After a particular screen? After a data event? 1 RESEARCH
  33. 33. Product Management UX Engineering Design Marketing Advertising 2 ASSEMBLE THE RIGHT TEAM
  34. 34. Wireframes - Balsamiq, Cacoo Mockups - Sketch, Affinity Designer Prototype - Framer, AppGyver Composer, Ionic Creator, Polymer Designer 3 BUILD A WORKING PROTOTYPE
  35. 35. CACOO
  37. 37. FRAMER
  39. 39. Hypothesis Test data Metrics and methodology 4 CREATE VARIATIONS
  40. 40. Internal testers - company resources External testers - 5 TEST WORKING PROTOTYPE
  41. 41. Randomized sequence of scenarios Analyze real-time data Metrics and analytics 6 PERFORM A/B TESTS
  42. 42. Sign-up rates Engagement Scenario abandonment 7 MONITOR USER BEHAVIOR Repeat usage App store reviews External data links (social media, blogs)
  43. 43. Best time to think about onboarding Onboarding is the executive summary of a mobile app At the beginning of the project? At the end of the project?
  44. 44. In closing... Onboarding = Money Know Your Numbers Each App is Different Experiment Until You Find A Formula That Works For Your App
  45. 45. Thank you @gursesl
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