the origins of monasticism. the monastic impulse at the time of jesus there were jews living in the...

Download The Origins of Monasticism. The Monastic Impulse At the time of Jesus there were Jews living in the desert who are called Essenes

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  • The Origins of Monasticism

  • The Monastic ImpulseAt the time of Jesus there were Jews living in the desert who are called Essenes.

  • People went to the desert to meet God.

  • Jesus spent time in the desert.

  • A person goes to the desert to leave behind the distractions of common life and seek an encounter with the divine.

  • The First MonksSaint Anthony (251-356) is considered the father of monasticism.

  • To go to the desert was to give up your life.

  • The first monks were hermits. And sought through lives of intense prayer, meditation, and discipline to seek union with God.

  • Older monks often taught by example, by their presence rather than their words.

  • The goal of desert monasticism was to live lives of utter simplicity, love, and compassion.

  • Women came to the desert as well as men.

  • The Jesus PrayerLord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

  • Saint BenedictWhile Anthony is considered the founder of monasticism, almost all modern forms of Western monasticism stem from the Rule of Saint Benedict (480-543).

  • The monastery is to be a school of love, a school in the Lords service.

  • Monasteries had a tendency to become wealthy and eventually there were many reformations to bring back the original simplicity and purpose of the monastic life.

  • New Camaldoli HermitageMonasteries have become favored places of retreat.