the hutchins school ict at hutchins for students– 2013

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The Hutchins School ICT at Hutchins For Students– 2013. Housekeeping Exits | Emergency Procedure | Amenities | Wake Up & Stretch | Make Yourself Comfortable …. Getting Help. Email for technical requests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Hutchins SchoolICT at HutchinsFor Students 2013

  • HousekeepingExits | Emergency Procedure | Amenities | Wake Up & Stretch | Make Yourself Comfortable

  • Getting HelpEmail for technical requests

    Mr Sam Murray Computer Technician x313 Matt Ralph Computer Systems Officer x305 Ian MacRae IT Manager x290 IT Leaders find them, ask them, help them, join them.

    IT Knowledgebase:

  • PasswordsMinimum 8 characters long Needs at least two of the following:An uppercase letterA numberA wild character ~`!@#$%^&*()_-+=|\Also, cant use your name, partial name or previous 6 passwords

    All computer passwords expire every 60 days

  • Email

    Were now back to

    Year 9 Laptops full client of Outlook (email program)

    Start -> type Outlook in search box -> follow the prompts to set up, put your password in and check the box to remember it

    Settings on mobile devices: All taken care of by MobileIron App [NEXT]

  • App to manage Wireless Networks, Certificates (needed for secure site access, e.g.,, Email Settings

    Instructions on Intranet Home Page:


  • Dont save to the Desktop!If you want to keep your documents, dont save to the desktop.If you have already, drag them into:SkyDrive: - link on homepageSign in with***NOTE***: Email is different

  • Saving to SkyDrive

    TIP: Keep file names simple

    A couple file name restrictions:Doesnt like wild characters in file name: &~`!@#$%^*()+=|\/?;:Doesnt like double full stops .. OR double spaces in file names

    Size restrictions:Individual files limited to 300MB size (but 7GB quota, save as many and as much as you want)

  • Hutchins Central (SharePoint)The Hutchins School Intranet (our internal web pages)

    Central repository for almost everything digital at Hutchins (your files, shared files, subject/year level sites, submissions)

    If accessing outside of school, sign in with:hutchins\your_computer_usernameyour_computer_password

  • FronterOur VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) class materials

  • ID Cards, Photocopiers, Library BorrowingID Card has your student ID number ID card used for borrowing items from the librariesIt is also your photocopier access card in Nettlefold Library

  • Passwords, Crisis or Opportunity?Your chance to get creative (samples only):Blink183$1Cheezburgrz2$PorscheMadeA#OfItKaPow!*#BamRIPCobain94@notherPWDgrrr

  • Windows 7Find anything: documents, programs, emailsby clicking here and typing.Right click on programs to add to Start Menu, Task Bar or send shortcut to desktop

  • WirelessPersonal devices iPhones, iPads, Android devices, student and staff owned devices use HutchinsOpen we encourage mobile tech use

    Visitors from Universities may use the Eduroam network with their University computer logon details. Hutchins staff senior students can use eduroam at Universities username: and your_hutchins_password

  • Internet at HutchinsWe are a customer of AARNet (Australian Academic and Research Network) same network all Australian Universities use, the CSIRO and some other independent schools around Australia

    1GB Fibre connection (very fast)Student Quota: 500MB per day*note: we monitor download amounts, if excessive, we require justification of educational useIf a site is blocked that you need to access, get your teacher to email helpdesk

  • Internet at HutchinsWe use an internet filtering product:Netbox Blue

    This requires a logonHutchins username and passwordChoose option automatically connectInternet sites need this initial logon

  • OMG How Am I Going to Remember All This?Communication we love you. Talk to us. Tell us if its broken, not working, dont have a clue, want training - a go you need to give yourself more credit, you are better with technology than you think. Have a go, use the force, get the gut feeling thing happening.Ask the next guy if theyre right there, why not?Emergency call us, but remember prevention is best - planning for important events that use ICT is critical

  • online video training registration instructions on Intranet home page Atomic Learning video training, same place

    **One exit, women and children first, bathrooms upstairs near staff room, *Private Documents stored on Hutchins Central, accessible 247, anywhere in world with an Internet ConnectionTwice in past six months most staffs desktops have been irrecoverably deleted Back Up! Or save elsewhere*File name restrictions - most of the time you wont notice, wont be a problemMost common problem is & - just need to use and *Fronter We are working with Fronter on getting single sign-on same password as computer. As at 24.01.13, we still have a separate password for Fronter.*JFK was incorrect in his use of - wi j - the Chinese word for crisis. It does not also mean opportunity, as claimed in his speech that has since been widely adopted by management gurus. Its a nice idea, though, just nothing to do with the Chinese word:

    *I havent *We have some exceptionally talented boys at Hutchins, many of whom are IT Leaders. A great resource for you to draw on for things like connecting projectors, general troubleshooting, basic how to information great experience and a lift for them to be able to demonstrate their skills when you ask them to assist.*The next level go on, you know you want toDemo of Lynda.comMicrosoft Word, Audio Design, PhotoShop, Digital Photography, Lynda iOS AppEvery staff and student at Hutchins has access. Short specific videos, Course History, Certificates. Note: this is a school. Everyone should be learning, all the time, not because you have to but because you want to. We promote use of mobile technologies for learning. I like languages. On my iPhone and iPad I have the best free app I have ever found called duolingo and am learning French. It also supports other languages such as German, Italian and Portuguese. MindSnacks is also another great language app $5 and plays like a game great for kids learning languages such as French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese.I have found these a great alternative to Angry Birds and Plants Versus Zombies.*


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