The Human Soul - Reincarnation - Divine Truth The Human...The Human Soul The Truth About Reincarnation Introduction What is reincarnation ... That the human soul is the spirit body False “Reincarnation” Evidence

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<ul><li><p>DIVINE TRUTH SEMINAR TOPICS OUTLINE LAST UPDATED 23RD JANUARY 2009 </p><p>1 </p><p>The Human Soul </p><p>The Truth About Reincarnation </p><p>Introduction What is reincarnation (or transmigration of the soul) as taught currently on earth? </p><p>Reincarnation, literally "to be made flesh again" </p><p>Karma is the fruit of your actions (what you sow you reap) </p><p>That each soul (person in a spirit body) incarnates into a human form in order to release Karma </p><p>That incarnation happens 100s or 1000s of time before Karmic release is complete </p><p>When Karmic release is complete, the soul has reached Nirvana (or paradise) and does not reincarnate </p><p>That the human soul incarnates into both female and male forms depending on Karmic issues </p><p>That the human soul may incarnate into animal forms depending on Karmic issues </p><p>Buddhism rejects the concept of one eternal soul and self, but the soul is reborn into a different being </p><p>Buddhism rejects the concept of the Universal Creator (God) </p><p>Most other religious movements (including New Age) believe in one-self </p><p>Reincarnation is a central tenet within the majority of Indian religious traditions, such as Hinduism (including </p><p>Yoga, Vaishnavism, and Shaivism), Jainism, and Sikhism. The idea was also entertained by some ancient Greek </p><p>philosophers. Modern Pagans also believe in reincarnation as do New Age movements, followers of Spiritism, </p><p>practitioners of certain African traditions, and students of esoteric philosophies such as Kabbalah, Sufism and </p><p>Gnostic and Esoteric Christianity. The Buddhist concept of Rebirth differs significantly from the Hindu-based </p><p>traditions and New Age movements in that there is no unchanging "soul" (or eternal self) to reincarnate. </p><p>Love Determines All Truth Love will determine whether there is truth in the reincarnation teachings currently on earth </p><p>Truth will answer all questions logically regarding so-called reincarnation evidence </p><p>False Reincarnation Beliefs (examine from the point of view of Love) That Karma (whatever you sow, you shall reap) is paid during many lifetimes </p><p>That the human soul reincarnates after a life review (that cannot be remembered) in the spirit world </p><p>That the human soul eventually becomes pure through a series of hundreds of incarnations </p><p>That the human soul cannot progress in the spirit world, reincarnation is the only form of progression </p><p>That the human soul reincarnates into female or male forms depending on Karmic debt </p><p>That the human soul reincarnates into a lesser form if the Karma has been regressive </p><p>That the human soul reincarnates into a more painful experience if the Karma has been regressive </p><p>That human life ultimately leads to or contains pain and suffering for purification purposes </p><p>That physical illnesses and genetic deformities and diseases are Karmic debt from past lifetimes </p><p>That the human soul is the spirit body </p><p>False Reincarnation Evidence Children speaking wisdom from old, remembering past life experiences, or imitating dead relatives </p><p>People with physical maladies that mirror the maladies of a person who has recently past </p><p>General memories of previous life experiences (mostly previous passing/death experiences) </p><p>Psychics or mediums sensing previous life personalities and experiences, talking of old souls </p><p>Psychics or mediums channeling information from spirits about past life memories of a client </p><p>People having instant emotional connections with other people that they have not previously met </p><p>Dj vu experiences, and Near Death experiences </p><p>Past life regression therapy experiences and Past Life experiences under hypnosis </p><p>Some Negative Effects Of False Reincarnation Beliefs (there are many more) Spirits in poor condition trying to reincarnate rather than work through soul emotional issues, or heavily </p><p>influencing the person they are connected to by the person on earths belief in reincarnation </p><p>Some are malevolent, and therefore very harmful to the person they are connecting to </p><p>All are generally unwilling to experience the effect of their own lawless actions when previously on earth </p><p>Many spirits want to continue their life choices (drugs, alcohol, sex, murder, rape etc) and influence the </p><p>person on earth to act out their desires, and they remain earth-bound rather than progressing </p></li><li><p>DIVINE TRUTH SEMINAR TOPICS OUTLINE LAST UPDATED 23RD JANUARY 2009 </p><p>2 </p><p>Persons on earth being heavily influenced by spirits in poor condition by believing that they themselves were </p><p>the spirit in a previous life </p><p>This often prevents the person on earth from fully facing his or her own emotional condition </p><p>The person on earth often justifies their emotional condition through the spirits experience </p><p>Practices that are based around beliefs in reincarnation, such as Past Life Regression, actually encourage </p><p>deeper and more complete spirit influence </p><p>Many hundreds of spirits surround a Past Life Regression Therapist </p><p>These practices generally disconnect a person from their own emotions, and focus on the past life </p><p>These practices generally confuse a person already in emotional confusion </p><p>These practices encourage permanent links between a spirit in poor condition and a person on earth </p><p>without the person on earth really being aware of what is happening </p><p>Many spirits sincerely believe in reincarnation as taught on earth, but as a result, fail to progress or find </p><p>happiness for many centuries or millennia in the spirit world </p><p>When a spirit does progress from the 1st to 2nd sphere, the spirits left behind often feel confused and </p><p>upset thinking the person has reincarnated </p><p>Many spirits in the 1st sphere and up to the 6th sphere teach reincarnation beliefs to mediums on earth </p><p>Teachings taught by these spirits often cannot be un-done easily </p><p>Many spirits in the 6th sphere are aware that reincarnation has occurred since 1962, but do not understand how, </p><p>and their teachings impressed on earth cause more confusion (both in the spirit world and on earth) </p><p>Many of these spirits believe that reincarnation is the only way to transform the soul into a new </p><p>creature, that reincarnation is the only way to the 7th sphere and above, have intensified their teachings </p><p>that are misleading, and cause the truth of progression (Divine Truth) to be distorted </p><p>Many people on earth looking for an explanation of the pain and suffering on earth, have erroneously settled on </p><p>reincarnation as an answer to their own difficulties </p><p>This distracts from working on emotions, and from developing a desire for Divine Love </p><p>Many spirits in lower development cannot see the guides and guardians that surround a person on earth, and so </p><p>therefore assume that the feelings they feel surrounding the person are the persons past lives </p><p>A misunderstanding of truth therefore causes them to make assumptions that are false regarding </p><p>reincarnation, and also regarding the so-called past lives of the person on earth </p><p>The Truth Regarding Soul Progression Soul progression is possible from any location on earth, in the hells, or any other location in the spirit world </p><p>Soul progression is NOT dependent upon reincarnation, and is NOT linked to reincarnation in ANY WAY </p><p>Soul progression is only dependent upon the person growing in lessons of Natural Love or Divine Love </p><p>The Truth Regarding Reincarnation Reincarnation is only possible once a soul has progressed into the Soul-Union condition </p><p>Soul-Union is only attainable after both halves of the soul have entered at-one-ment condition with God </p><p>Soul-Union requires each half of the soul to be born-again </p><p>The only motive for reincarnation is Love </p><p>Reincarnation is a free-will choice, and can only be performed once all soul Karma is released </p><p>Reincarnation on this earth began in 1962, and up until 1987 only 7 soul pairs reincarnated </p><p>Positive Effects Of The Truth Regarding Reincarnation The truth causes us to take more self-responsibility in the following areas: </p><p>The clearance of our own emotions, the desire for Gods Love, the desire to live in love </p><p>The truth regarding reincarnation demystifies life, and adds hope </p><p>Love is magnified on earth by those who know the truth, rather than causing more confusion </p><p>People who return can teach Divine Truth and Divine Love from personal experience </p><p>References Reference: Divine Love Divine Truth, Reincarnation &amp; Divine Love by Alan J Miller </p></li></ul>


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