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  • 1. The Grind Lounge
    • Coffee
    • Bar
    • Entertainment
  • 2. The Problem
    • Do you wish you had a better hang out?
    • Does your coffee shop close too early?
    • Does it Serve alcohol?
    • Have storage?
  • 3. The SOlution
    • From Coffee Shop to Club without leaving!
    • Activities day and night
    • Bar open til 2 amPlace your purse or bag in The Vault
  • 4. Business Goals
    • Vision: To entertain customers around the world.
    • Mission: Our mission is to bring two businesses together along with security to provide a unique entertainment experience for our customers.
    • Value: We will provide a unique atmosphere, premium products and a secure area for belongings for our customers.
    • Strategy: Our strategy is to have an atmosphere and customer service that makes customers want to return to our businesses day after day and year after year.
  • 5. Industry and Target Market
    • In the Service Sector of the Food Industry:
      • Coffee bars are becoming the new trend in college towns.
      • There are currently no Coffee Bars in the Tampa Bay area.
    • Target Market:
      • College age students and anyone who wants a unique experience at a different type of coffee shop and bar.
  • 6. competition
    • Starbucks
      • National Chain with wifi
      • Not enough seating and wifi for customers
    • Seattles Best Coffee
      • linked with bookstores
      • those bookstores are closing due to the economy
    • McDonalds
      • Specialty coffee at a low price
      • No comfortable atmosphere
  • 7. marketing & sales
    • Products
    • Coffee, Pastries, Alcoholic beverages
    • Services
    • Games and special events.
    • Pricing
    • Drinks will range from $2.50 to $7.50 in both coffee shop and bar
    • Advertising and Promotion
    • Flyers, internet ads, facebook page, mobile app and word of mouth
    • Free events with Radio station broadcasts
  • 8. Business Model with financials
    • Expected Revenue- $7.50 x 4,200 customers/month x 12 months =
    • $378,00
    • Start up Costs Needed- $50,000
    • Monthly Expenses- $33, 130
    • Current Net Worth- $168,750
  • 9. management team
    • Team Members:
    • CEO/ Heidi
    • Partner
    • Coffee Shop Manager
    • Bar Manager
    • Coffee Shop Baristas
    • Coffee Shop Wait Staff
    • Bartender
    • Bar Wait Staff
    CEO/ Heidi Bar Manager Bartenders Partner Coffee Shop Baristas Coffee Shop Manager Bar Wait Staff Coffee Shop Wait Staff
  • 10.
    • Our Coffee Bar is the answer to your ordinary Coffee Shop or Bar. We are open late with daily exciting activities.
    • Stop by and experience the difference.
    2400 Drew Street Clearwater, FL 33765 727-555-0726 The Grind Lounge Call to Action
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