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This is a project I did for my Islamic class last year.


  • 1. Alcohol in Islam By Dana AsaadClass: 9B

2. What is Alcohol? Alcohol is a substance that includes a chemicalsubstance called ethanol. Grains, fruits or vegetablesare used to produce alcohol. The process of makingalcohol is fermentation and that is when yeast orbacteria reacts with the sugars in the food. Spirits alsogo through a process called distillation where theamount of water is removed, causing the flavor ofalcohol to have a stronger concentration. 3. What can Alcohol do to you ifingested?1)From the moment you drink even a little bit of alcohol, it will affect your bodyand mind. After one or two drinks it will cause your behavior to change and willmake you more sociable. If too much is ingested, then many serious and largechanged will start to occur. For example, the way the person walks, talks, orbehaves can change. You might even start sayings you dont mean which isbad because you could hurt a lot of people.2)How is this bad in Islam?a) This is bad in Islam for many reasons. Firstly, when a person is drunk, it meansthey will become out of control. They will not be able to maintainthemselves, and therefore do bad things without even thinking. b) Getting drunk can affect your health brutally. Some drugs last for a couple of hours but others might have long term effects.c) If you have no control of your bodies, you can do crimes without even noticing it atthe time. Alcohol can make you do things you wouldnt normally do if you weresober. Thats why it is good to stay away from it. 4. A large amount of alcohol being ingested. 5. What can Alcohol do to you ifingested?2)Alcohol can trigger something in the brain which increases the risk of depression. Alcohol is also associated with several mental health issues and can even cause them to get worse! A British survey shows that people who suffer from anxiety or depression is twice as likely to occur if the person is a heavy drinker.How is this bad in Islam?a) This is bad in Islam for many reasons. Firstly, every human being is blessed as Allah has given most of us a good health. Taking Alcohol can affect your health for no reason and cause you to be sick. In the Quran, Allah doesnt specify everything that is haram but it is said that, if something is bad and can affect your health in a negative way, stay away from it. This means that alcohol is haram considering it is very harmful to the human body.b) Getting drunk can affect your health brutally. Some drugs last for a couple of hours but others might have long term effects, which could even last permanently . 6. How Alcohol Affects TheBody 7. What can Alcohol do to you if ingested?3) Alcohol can cause memory loss and make you forget about all the events that have happened the night before. Some events might slowly start to come back, but many of the knowledge will be gone.How is this bad in Islam? a) If the person has no memory of the night or day before, then it means that anything could have happened. You could have committed a crime without even realizing!b) When flashbacks come back, it will get scary because you wont be able to know what else happened. Its always good to have an open mind about things that occur in your life. You shouldnt have to ask anybody or try to remember what happened because if you do, then something bad must have happened. Killing a person, stealing, or lying is haram in Islam, but if you have no idea what happened, then any of these things could have occurred.c) If a person has memory loss, then they will forget their prayers which is very bad because it is one of the things Allah told us to not leave. 8. What can Alcohol do to you ifingested? 4) Ingesting too much alcohol can cause a person to black out, or even vomit. If a person is at this stage, then it is possible that they might die from drug overdose. If a person is drunk and starts vomiting, then it means their body is trying to get rid of poisonous liquid from killing them. But even though our bodies have the ability to do this, the life of the person will still be at risk as choking on the vomit is still possible. The reason poisoning happens from alcohol is because it can lower the delicate pH balance of your blood, making it toxic to your body.How is this bad in Islam?a) If the person has a family or kids, then they will become orphans and struggle in life to get an education, job, and money to make a living.b) In the Quran it says that, alcohol contains some good and some evil, but the evil is greater than the good (2:219).Allah has blessed us with a good health but taking alcohol is just too much of a risk, for no reason. It is not worth having one good night if it will affect the rest of your life if not kill you. Also, even though there is some good in drinking alcohol, there are more limitations. 9. What can Alcohol do to you if ingested?5) Alcohol can make you do things you dont want to do, or you wouldnt usually do if sober.How is this bad in Islam?a) There are many things haram in Islam like having sexual relationships before marriage and even gambling. So if you are drunk and you do crazy things, then it is possible to lose all your money from gambling or even getting a woman pregnant without being ready. If the parents are not ready, this could cause the child to be orphaned or left alone because his father or mother wont want him. Many young people get drunk, then leave their kids up for adoption because they think life will be better for them like that. One limitation about that is, there will be nobody to teach the children right from wrong and the religion of Islam. They also wont be able to attend a good school and get a good education meaning they will suffer later on in their lives too all because of their parents mistakes. 10. What can Alcohol do to you if ingested?6) Quran outlines that it is the intoxication, which makes a person forgetful of God and prayer, and that is very harmful.How is this bad in Islam? a) One of the most important parts in Islam is praying and worshiping god. If a person drinks once, they will think it is okay to drink again. This will cause them to forget about what is haram and what is not and even if they do know, they will not care. This is one of the main reasons why alcohol is forbidden in Islam. 11. Other Limitations1) Allah will not accept your prayer if you are drunken.2) Alcohol is addictive and can make you want more even when you know you shouldnt.3) Alcohol can make you go crazy and get angry. All your emotions are let out when you are drunk, so it is possible to hurt your wife, friends, or family without even meaning to.4) Buying alcohol is very expensive, so if you are addicted, you will need to buy alcohol even though it is not actually the thing you need to survive.5) The lungs and liver can get affected and that may cause cancer in the future. 12. More Evidence From The Quran and Sunnah1) dont drink wine for it is the key to every evil. From Hadith Al- Tirmidhi 1) "O Allah! Clarify for us the [matter of] alcohol with a clear statement," so the verse was revealed, "so will you not refrain?!" Umar said, "We refrain.1) In the Quran it says: They ask you regarding wine and gambling. Say, in both of them is major sin, and there is some benefit for men, but the sin of them is far greater than benefit (SurahBaqarah)2) In Surah Al Maadidah verse 90, Ye who believe! Intoxicants and Gambling, Sacrificing to Stones, and (divination by) Arrows, are an abomination, of Satans handiwork; Keep away from such, that Ye may Prosper. 13. There is a lot of evidence in the Quran, fromAllah warning us about the dangers of drinking 14. Final AnalysisTo conclude this power point, it is clearthat alcohol use is very harmful and haram. Eventhough there might be a few good things aboutit, there are ten times more, limitations. Theconsumption of Alcohol can destroyfamilies, communities and the whole society.Alcohol is very addictive so a few drops can leadto a full cup and then eventually, a whole bottle!After this it is going to be very hard to stop! This iswhy we must refrain as one of the sahabas said.The ones who refrain, will be rewarded in alakhira. 15. Bibliography


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