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Alcohol Consumption & Weight Gain. Alexandra Holzworth, Pauline Cornelius, Jessica Branch & Kali Gloer. Introductio n. Background Scientific Research Data from Relevant Studies A quarter of participants gained at least five pounds (Drew) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption & Weight Gain Alexandra Holzworth, Pauline Cornelius, Jessica Branch & Kali Gloer1IntroductionBackground Scientific ResearchData from Relevant Studies A quarter of participants gained at least five pounds (Drew) Alcohol causes an imbalance of energy chemicals in the body (Suter)

Research QuestionWhat attitudes do UGA undergraduates have towards weight gain as a result of alcohol consumption?

Research Based Hypothesis As UGA undergraduates weight gain as a result of alcohol consumption increases, UGA undergraduates attitude towards alcohol consumption with decrease. Negatively related

MethodSurvey45 questionsWeight Gain as a Result of Alcohol Consumption (IV)Weight GainAlcohol ConsumptionAttitude (DV)Influence/Reasons for Dinking Perceptions of Alcohol

MethodObservational Research Observer as Participant Variables of interestDemographicsPrice/Amount/Type of Alcohol Consumed Food Consumption

Method Focus GroupsTwo groups60 minute sessions4+ Participants per Group1+ Male (s), 1+ (s) Female

MethodHypothetical Experimental DesignStratified Random Sampling100 UGA Undergraduate Students50 Male, 50 Female Study Duration3 MonthsStudied FactorsWeight GainAcademic PerformanceMoney Spent

Results-QuantitativeSurvey74 Responses College students 18-2411 Male, 63 Female Chi-Square Findings Gender (IV) and Weight Gain (DV)Asymptote Sig. = .000Gender (IV) and Willingness to Consume (DV)Asymptote Sig. = .001Meaningful Difference between Expected and Observed

Results-QuantitativeSurveyCorrelation Tests Continuous Variables Willingness to Modify Frequency Alcohol Consumption vs. Willingness to Modify Caloric Intake(r = .664 and pCaloriesEating HabitsSurroundings Focus GroupSimilar SettingsVaried Alcohol Preferences Varied Consumption FrequenciesWeight GainPeer Pressure

DiscussionInterpretation UGA undergraduates have a negative toward weight gain as a result of alcohol consumptionHypothesis supported Contextual Importance Many UGA undergraduates consume alcohol Many UGA undergraduates gain weight Spread Awareness of Adverse Health EffectsInspire New Social NormsLimitations & Future Research LimitationsTime ConstraintOne-way ANOVASnowball Sampling

Limitations & Future Research Future Research Compare alcohol consumption in various college campuses in Georgia/USIn depth questions about what college students would/would not be willing to change Undergraduate behavior changes when given nutritional facts Age/Gender/Socio-economic comparisons



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