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Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption & Weight Gain Alexandra Holzworth, Pauline Cornelius, Jessica Branch & Kali Gloer1Research QuestionWhat attitudes do UGA undergraduates have towards weight gain as a result of alcohol consumption?

IntroductionBackground Scientific ResearchData from Relevant Studies A quarter of participants gained at least five pounds (Drew) Alcohol causes an imbalance of energy chemicals in the body (Suter)

Research Based Hypothesis As UGA undergraduates weight gain as a result of alcohol consumption increases, UGA undergraduates attitude towards alcohol consumption with decrease. Negatively related

MethodSurvey45 questionsWeight Gain as a Result of Alcohol Consumption (IV)Weight GainAlcohol ConsumptionAttitude (DV)Influence/Reasons for Dinking Perceptions of Alcohol

MethodObservational Research Observer as Participant Variables of interestDemographicsPrice/Amount/Type of Alcohol Consumed Food Consumption

Method Focus GroupsTwo groups60 minute sessions4+ Participants per Group1+ Male (s), 1+ (s) Female

MethodHypothetical Experimental DesignStratified Random Sampling100 UGA Undergraduate Students50 Male, 50 Female Study Duration3 MonthsStudied FactorsWeight GainAcademic PerformanceMoney Spent

Results-QuantitativeSurvey74 Responses College students 18-2411 Male, 63 Female Chi-Square Findings Gender (IV) and Weight Gain (DV)Asymptote Sig. = .000Gender (IV) and Willingness to Consume (DV)Asymptote Sig. = .001Meaningful Difference between Expected and Observed

Results-QuantitativeSurveyCorrelation Tests Continuous Variables Willingness to Modify Frequency Alcohol Consumption vs. Willingness to Modify Caloric Intake(r = .664 and pCaloriesEating HabitsSurroundings Focus GroupSimilar SettingsVaried Alcohol Preferences Varied Consumption FrequenciesWeight GainPeer Pressure

DiscussionInterpretation Hypothesis supported UGA undergraduates have a negative attitude towards weight gain as a result of alcohol consumptionContextual Importance Many UGA undergraduates consume alcohol Many UGA undergraduates gain weight Spread Awareness of Adverse Health EffectsInspire New Social NormsLimitations & Future Research LimitationsTime ConstraintOne-way ANOVASnowball Sampling

Limitations & Future Research Future Research Compare alcohol consumption in various college campuses in Georgia/USIn depth questions about what college students would/would not be willing to change Undergraduate behavior changes when given nutritional facts Age/Gender/Socio-economic comparisons