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  • OVERVIEW / HISTORY2000 the Romanian customs administration initiates the program for the formation and use of canine teams, as a part of the UNDCP-Phare program; four canine teams, specialized in the detection of drugs, were prepared with the support of the German and French customs authorities.2001 Within the same UNDCP-Phare program, the Romanian customs administration increases the number of its canine members, by six more anti-drug dogs. The new canine teams were formed at the National School of Customs Brigades LaRochelle, France.2004 Based upon the analysis of drug trafficking and consumption in Romania, the customs administration adopts a policy meant to strengthen the anti-drug control, which is why it establishes the Dog Training Centre - Giurgiu. The main purpose of this training centre is to form canine teams and to maintain their professional training level at all times.2005-2008 Twenty canine anti-drug teams are prepared.

  • 2008 After Romanias accession to the European Union, a substantial part of the national border has become also the border of the Community customs territory. This has determined an increase of the illicit trade and smuggling with cigarettes and tobacco products in the relevant areas.In order to be able to fight against these phenomena, securing thereby the protection of the national and the Community economic interests, the Romanian customs administration has aimed at the improvement, diversification and extension of the available operational fighting methods, by developing a project of formation of canine teams - specialized in the detection of cigarettes and tobacco products, specifically the formation of ten canine anti-tobacco teams.This project was launched at the end of 2008, as a result of the financial support granted by British American Tobacco (Romania) and of the cooperation with the customs administration in Hungary, which has provided the formation of three canine teams.OVERVIEW / HISTORY

  • 2010 Within the same project, financed by British American Tobacco (Romania), seven more canine anti-tobacco teams were formed at the dog training centre of the Romanian customs administration; The initiation of a new project, financed by Japan Tobacco International (Romania), having as objective the formation of 30 canine anti-tobacco teams:- 2011 the formation of 20 anti-tobacco teams- 2012 the formation of 10 anti-tobacco teams2011 Twenty canine anti-tobacco teams were formed, as a part of the project financed by JT International (Romania); A Cooperation Protocol was concluded with the National Prison Administration for training personnel specialized in fighting against drug and mobile phone trafficking in prisons, under which technical support for selecting the service dogs was granted;OVERVIEW / HISTORY

  • 2012 Eight canine anti-tobacco teams were formed, as a part of the project financed by Japan Tobacco International (Romania); Eight canine anti-drug teams were formed, for the National Prison Administration in Romania;2013 Based upon the same cooperation protocol, the customs administration has formed eight other canine teams specialized in the detection of mobile phones, for the National Prison Administration in Romania.OVERVIEW / HISTORY

  • Canine teams are a means to effectively fight drug trafficking and directed against specific controls are used on all transport vectors and enclosures: road (both border customs offices and on the road, in the work of the mobile teams) naval - aircraft (cargo and passenger) rail (especially train travel) postal and courier references under- deposits- house searches (actions with police)CANINE TEAMS A PART OF OPERATING STRUCTURES


    InspectionsConfiscated cigarettesConfiscated alcoholConfiscated tobaccoOther confiscated / seized goodsConfiscated carsPVCValue of the fines(RON)FeloniesProhibited drugs /substances(pcs.)(RON value)(litre)(RON value)(kg)(RON value)(No)(RON value)1969125111201574763998148404613608311884- metal detector parts- seized goods (L344)amounting to EUR4,801,692 + USD 87,195- confiscated goodsamounting to RON756,79363646228477178745366- 160.4 g of hashish- 48 pots ofCannabis plants- 10.7 g cannabis resin- 30 tb steroids- 1560 tb anabolicsubstances- 175 ampoules ofTestosterone

    TOTAL VALUE OF FINES AND CONFISCATED GOODSConfiscated cigarettes RON 1,574,763 = EUR 349,947Confiscated alcohol RON 484,046 = EUR 107,565Confiscated tobacco RON 311,884 = EUR 69,307Cars RON 646,228 = EUR 143,606Fines total value RON 1,787,453 = EUR 397,211Other confiscated goods RON 756,793 = EUR 168,176TOTAL RON 5,561,167 = EUR 1,235,812

  • Furthermore, in 2013, the activity of the canine teams was materialized in 9 detections of drugs and substances having a special regime (prohibited). The acknowledgement of the high quality level of the professional training of the customs canine teams, proven by the detection of drugs / cigarettes and by the conduct expressed during the inspections, have determined the institutions having duties with regard to the fight against the drug trade and fiscal evasion, specifically the directions and departments of the Ministry of Justice and of the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs, to require support for the development of operative interventions and for the training of their own canine teams. We would like to specify that in 2013, the customs administration has operated a professional training program for the National Prison Administration, under which eight canine teams were formed, specialized in the detection of mobile phones, such program being a first in Romania. Considering the results obtained by the canine teams in 2013, in relation with the costs incurred for supporting their activity, we might conclude that the canine teams represent an efficient method for preventing and fighting against the customs frauds, drug trafficking and smuggling in general:CONCLUSIONS

    CanineteamsThe value of the fines charged and goodsconfiscated by the customs officers who are partof the canine teamsThe costs for supporting the control activity performed by the canine teams 43EURO 1.235.812EURO 101.446

  • Strengthening the fighting capacity of the General Customs Direction against the illicit drug trade and cigarette smuggling, by increasing the number of canine teams. For this goal, we have a project in course of development, financed by JT International (Romania), under which 12 canine teams with double specialization the detection of drugs and cigarettes - shall be formed. PERSPECTIVES FOR 2014-2015


    Autoritatea Naional a Vmilor se organizeaz i funcioneaz ca organ de specialitate al administraiei publice centrale, cu personalitate juridic, cu buget i patrimoniu proprii, n subordinea Ministerului Finanelor Publice, n cadrul Ageniei Naionale de AdAutoritatea Naional a Vmilor asigur aplicarea politicii vamale i n domeniul accizelor i exercit atribuiile stabilite prin lege.ministrare FiscalAutoritatea Naional a Vmilor asigur aplicarea legislaiei n domeniul vamal i pentru accize, n mod uniform, imparial, transparent i nediscriminatoriu, tuturor persoanelor fizice i juridice, indiferent de statutul lor juridic i de forma de organizare i funcionare a acestoraAutoritatea Naional a Vmilor este condus de un vicepreedinte al Ageniei Naionale de Administrare Fiscal, cu rang de subsecretar de stat, numit prin decizie a primului-ministru. n subordinea vicepreedintelui Ageniei Naionale de Administrare Fiscal care conduce Autoritatea Naional a Vmilor se organizeaz i funcioneaz, potrivit legii, cabinetul demnitarului

    Aparate cu raze X pentru controlul marfurilor paletate si obiectelor mari 9 bucAparate cu raze X pentru controlul bagajelor 24 de bucAparate cu raze X portabile pentru depistarea compartimentelor ascunse 9 buc Perimetral SurveillanceVehicle entries on roadway protected by heavy duty barriers or road blockersVehicle passes through stationary radioactivity gatesSignpost at border to show entry into a Member State

    Automatic perimeter intrusion detection system with intelligent fence technologies (sensitive cable, microwave and infrared barriers) integrated in the software database and application

    Video surveillance of the perimeter, border point area, traffic lanes and control areas.The video surveillance offers the possibility of live streaming in distributed locations inside the border point network and also via encrypted and secured connection to remote locations ( like the Customs Hq). Also all the video streams are recorded locally on a special scalable storage system and are backed-up periodically on magnetic tapes


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