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The triumph of digital media means the DEATH of good design


The triumph of digital means the DEATH of good design

AGREELowest common denominator typefacesNo kerning control (or even line break)No ownership of designsDISAGREEFreedom of expressionCommunication on a massive scaleMulti-media team collaborationsGlobal open design community

BOTHERED?Changing landscape changing expectations of grads

WHO am i?WHY should I know?

BECKY McOwen-WilsonCreative

Foundation: Middlesex Uni



TVRadioOnlineEvents/experientialPressOutdoorDMSales promotionCRM

Above the line?Through the line?

WHAT line.

Silver ISP(2 x bronze)IDM AwardGlobesBronze DMA

The triumph of digital means the DEATH of good design



Online banners search websites social media & WOMMobile

Touch-screen and surface technology

Interactive television

GOOD designGood design in relation to graphic design must ACHIEVE certain outcomes.A design is nothing more than visual noise if it fails to COMMUNICATE the intended marketing statement to the specific target audience. The design should MAXIMISE COMPREHENSION,retention and action, with minimal effort from its audience, while utilising only those resourcesand timeframes allocated to its production.dzinemonkey

Relationship BETWEEN the two

Big ideas presented to clientDesignDigital (ideas and tech)Creative briefCopywriterArt DirectorBrief to agencyAccount teamPlanning dept

GOOD NEWS Design now higher up process

SEAT Cupra launch

Poetry in motion

BACKGROUNDRacing car now available on the roadMale 20-40 yr old petrol-heads(love to drive and the feeling of power)Digital natives

BUSINESS CHALLENGEBuild anticipation to the launch Maximise every opportunity to talk and shift metal

HOWEVERSEATs are not very well known (less than 3.5% market share)so had to stand out from more well known (and bigger spending) marques

Could the combination of design and digital give us the EDGE

ENGAGE the fans - online

Joining the conversations onlineSeeding leaked footage

ENGAGE the fans at home

ENGAGE the fans at home

ENGAGE the fans at home

DISAGREE:Digital allowed the design to FLOURISH and move naturally from an in-home to online experience

Its all UFOs and no skill

After initial seduction of online, the pendulum is now swinging back

HAND-FINISHING element to the designs getting your hands dirty & craft skills are still vital

Getting the BASICS right - typography and layout

Know the rules in order to break the rules

Using SPECIALISTs to augment your own skills

DISAGREE:Digital is doing offline comms a FAVOUR

As more mass market, low cost stuff is going online, paper-based comms become a higher value, targetted, bespoke channeli.e. with more s per pack

Digital is the ONLY answer everything else is dead

W.O.M. is the new HOLY GRAIL surely that leaves design out in the cold?

EmailsArticles and tips websitesWeekly blog

Single campaign INCLUDED:search facility, reward programme, product packaging, website, blogs, email

Our designs reached over 7.5million people!All driven by WOM as media spend = 0

DISAGREE:Great campaigns are where all channels pull TOGETHER to create a story The CHALLENGE for a designer is to consider how you can translate an idea across many media


The triumph of digital means the DEATH of good design

SUMMATION Digital can allow the design to FLOURISH

Digital is doing offline comms a FAVOUR

Design SURPASSES all channels and is the lifeblood that connects all of the different elements

CONCLUSIONDigital is NOT a threat to good design but thinking its the only answer IS.

The internet and digital technology have been so INSTRUMENTAL in the changing ad environment, that digital capability has become the glue of integrated thought.

Good design TRANCENDS channelsDigital helps it live and breathe

Other factors that AFFECT us (particularly design in the world of advertising)

Having explored the relationship between digital and design lets have a look at other factors 75


News/culture/eventsFashionFilmMusicAdvertising& designArts

News/culture/eventsFashionFilmMusicAdvertising& designArts

From deference to REFERENCE

Brands can no longer dictate - its all about conversations, with others and the brand itself

We look to other people for definitions and verification NO LONGER to the brands themselves


Its not just what brands cost any more its What else they can give me?Were an adventurous lot and money cant buy is what were after.

eg O2 treatsblue roomprioritythe domeOrange WednesdaysBacardi rooms

Badge ofHONOUR

Its no longer cheap to search for the best deal its something were proud of

Haggling, research all things we may have hidden in the past are now shows of how astute you are and when you find a bargain you now want to tell everyone!

INSTANT gratification

Everything is NOWFacebook, Twitter, Flickr, IM, Google Wave etc

We want to know everything NOWWe want everyone to see what were doing NOWLook how clever, funny, caring, socially responsible I am

But there is a down side will anywhere be NEW again?

Alan the day before he lost his Law placement

SIMPLIFY and purify

Faced with fast-paced modern living we are looking for convenience AND simplicity

As we take control of our lives we demand open and honest communicationFrom understandable ingredients to clear company practices, we want complete transparency

Lastminute.comhave respondedto this trend:MAXIMISERS vs SATIFICERSActive limitation of behaviour and choiceOther examplesFreedom limits time on internet to specified amount/dayVeg boxes frees you from selection options


5 From deference to REFERENCE4 EXPERIENCE economy3 Badge of HONOUR2 INSTANT gratification1 SIMPLIFY and purify

Where to FIND trend reports (and on twitter) (sign up for weekly email) trade press

OBSESSIONThe DARK SIDE of being a professional creative



Where else would you find so many challenges, so much variety, doing something you love (that also drives you NUTS) and they pay you for!