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  • my obsession: nick mantia

  • Pen & Ink ii

  • Pen & Ink 21

  • pen & ink

  • my obsession: nick mantia published by : mantia publishing inc . ,

    saint louis , missouri

  • Mantia Publishing, 2014 all rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission from the publisher. umsl Press 1 University Blvd St. Louis, Mo 63121 Printed and bound in the United States.

  • dedicated to all the type dorks out there.

  • Introduction i xii Various Book Covers 13 Eduardo Recife 4 - 7 Jackson Alves 8 17 Mateusz Witczak 18 - 23 Ginger Monkey 24 - 27 Xavier Casalta 28 - 33 Greg Coulton 34 - 39

  • Pen & Ink 21

    As far back as I can remember Ive always had

    an affinity for things that are hand-crafted. In a

    world where everything is mass-produced and

    over-saturated, something hand-made means

    that its one-of-a-kind and original. It also adds

    to the experience of the piece when you can look

    at the detailed line work and imagine the time

    the artist had poured into it. It makes the object

    more sentimental.

    I remember locking myself in my childhood

    bedroom for what seemed like days on end

    just drawing for hours. Usually I was drawing

    something from a car or bodybuilder magazine

    of my Dads.Id use pencil and sometimes colored

    pencils and would lose myself in the shading

    and fine detail. I had taken art classes at school,

    but most of the skill I developed was due to this

    practice. Although, I never thought of drawing as a discipline. I just did it, almost instinctively,

    because I enjoy it. After years of pencil work,

    once I felt my drawing and shading skills were

    advanced enough, I began to explore rendering

    in pen and ink.

    Pen and Ink intrigues me for so many

    reasons. First of all, and the most obvious, is that

    unlike drawing in pencil, you are unable to erase.

    There is no way of faking a steady hand or bad

    line work. What also intrigued me about pen

    and ink is the shading. Because you are working

    in one solid color, often black, it is impossible

    to shade from black to white like you can with

    a pencil. So I began to research mark-making.

    I quickly fell in love with the pain-staking process

    of cross-hatching or stippling a drawing to make

    grays. Later in life I would begin to pursue my

    career as a graphic designer, and as I furthered

    my design knowledge, I began to strive to find

    a connection between this style Id become so

    fond of and high design.

    A recent trend in culture and in design, is

    the revival of the hand-crafted typeforms, often

    using techniques from the 19th century. I believe

    this is currently trending due to the continuous

    rise in technology. The world has changed more

    in the past 100 years than it has in the previous

    thousand due to modern technological advances,

    and many people today spend a lot of their lives

    glued to the screen of their computer, tv or cell

    phone. But theres still a need that people have

    to touch a physical object and get a sense for it

    that they could not get by looking at a faximily of

    it online. While some of these technologies have

    revolutionized the way we live, others are actually

    hindering us and our environment.

    People who insist on hand-making things

    recognize that there are those out there who

    appreciate the process and the effort they

    put into crafting thats one of a kind, outside

    the realm of a screen. This book showcases

    designers who have made beautiful compositions

    by hand-lettering with pen and ink.

  • Pen & Ink 2

    the broom of the systemAuthor: David Foster Wallace

    Designer: Duke RileyArt director: Paul Buckley


    the best software writing Author: Joel SpolskyPublisher: ApressDesigner: Gary Cornell


  • Pen & Ink 21

    rendezvous with destinyAuthor: Eric F. GoldmanPublisher: VintageDesigner: Ben Shahn


    barraabas Author: Barros Ferreira

    Publisher: Clube Do Livro Designer: Vincent Di Grado

    Linha Design Brasil

  • Pen & Ink 6

  • Pen & Ink 21

    misprinted typeDesigner: Eduardo Recife

    Brazil 2009

    Atlas of Graphic Designers,

    Maia Francisco

  • Pen & Ink 10

  • Pen & Ink 21

    notre dame magazineDesigner: Jackson AlvesSau Paulo, Brazil2014 jacksonalves.com

  • Pen & Ink 12

    500th issue Designer: Jackson Alves

    Sau Paulo, Brazil2014


  • Pen & Ink 21

  • Pen & Ink 14

    popular mechanics Designer: Jackson Alves

    Sau Paulo, Brazil2014


  • Pen & Ink 21

  • Pen & Ink 16

    SOL Designer: Jackson Alves

    Sau Paulo, Brazil2014


  • Pen & Ink 21

  • Pen & Ink 20

  • Pen & Ink 21

    various hand-lettered postersDesigner: Mateusz Witczak

    Warsaw, Poland2013


  • Pen & Ink 22

  • Pen & Ink 21

    various logotypesDesigner: Mateusz WitczakWarsaw, Poland2013 mateuszwitczakdesigns.com

  • Pen & Ink 26

  • Pen & Ink 21

    masters of malt whiskeyDesigner: Ginger Monkey Bristol, UK2014 behance.net/darkness-whisky

  • Pen & Ink 30

  • Pen & Ink 21

    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Designer: Xavier Cosalta Paris, France2014 casaltaxavier.com

  • Pen & Ink 32

  • Pen & Ink 21

  • Pen & Ink 36

  • Pen & Ink 21

    call to action for prospective clients Designer: Greg CoultonParis, France2014


  • Pen & Ink 38

    seventy Designer: Greg CoultonParis, France2014


  • Pen & Ink 21

    mort lake Designer: Greg CoultonParis, France2014


  • This book was created by Nicholas Mantia under the supervision of Jen McKnight as an assignment in Advanced Problem 1 in the fall semester of 2014

    at the University of Missouri St. Louis.

    Pages were composed in Adobe InDesign, titles were hand drawn by Nicholas Mantia

    and polished in illustrator. Endsheets are typographic sketches by Mateusz Witczak.

    The typefaces displayed throughout are Amatic SC and Univers Lt Std.

    Book of 2.

  • Pen & Ink 42

  • Pen & Ink 21