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  • 1. Taktshang Monastery

2. HISTORY Taktsang is located on a high cliff towards the north of Paro town. It was first built in 1692, but in 1998 a tragic fire destroyed most of the original buildings - which have since been painstakingly restored to their former glory. Taktsang was established as a sacred place for meditation by Guru Rimpoche. The monastery it is also known as "Tiger's Nest because it is believed that Guru Rimpoche flew to this location on the back of a tigress. Today, the monastery is an important holy place for 3. M O N A S T I C L I F E 4. MONASTERY LIFE Monastic life is wonderful but is important recognize is not a lifestyle that all people can and should adopted. Inside of the Buddhism bring ethical conduct is something basic but this conduct doesnt follow just Budas say it a practitioner of Buddhism strives to act with ethic after analyzing with logic the results of their actions. 5. SPIRITUALISM Their spritualism is based on: Meditate. Pray. Exercise. Practice tai-chi and Kung fu 6. PERSONAL GOALS Buddhism helps people to fulfill their personal goals It does it by instilling discipline in people Path of the 8 points