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  • 1. Osenovlashki MonasteryVirgin Mary

2. The Osenovlashki Monastery, popular also asSedemte Prestola (i.e. the Seven Altars) issituated in the picturesque valley of the riverGabrovitsa in the skirts of the northern BalkanMountainRange.Location 3. Osenovlashki Monastery 4. History of the monasteryThe legend says that theestablishment of the OsenovlashkiMonastery (the Seven Altars) is relatedto the name of the famous Bulgarianboyar Petar Deliyan and the rebellionagainst the Byzantine rule in 1040.According to another legend, the holycloister was set up in the 11th centuryby 7 boyars, who are believed to havecome from Besarabia and they settledtogether with their Slav families in theBalkan. 5. In the time of the NationalLiberation struggles of Bulgariannation, the OsenovlashkiMonastery was repeatedly ashelter for revolutionaries. Theretheir protection found Bulchanvoevoda, Sofronii Vrachanskiand the Apostle of FreedomVassil Levski. 6. Architecture and presentconditionCurrently the OsenovlashkiMonastery is functional and it welcomesvisitors. The monastery consists of highstone wall and the church is situated inthe middle of the inner courtyard. Thecomplex includes also a church towerand two residential buildings, most ofwhich are guest rooms. The courtyard isquite impressive for every visitorbecause of its well-maintained gardenwith many flowers, blooming bushesand old trees, one of which his one-century sequoia. 7. The belltower consists of two bells andwooden and metal clappers the latter made ofmetal taken from the Roman fortress in 1799.TheMonasterys church dates back to the 11th-12dcentury, but due to its numerous renovationsduring the past centuries, it has lost its authenticarchitecture. However, its architecture is uniqueand incomparable to none. The Monastery alsohouses its own library which keeps old Orthodoxbooks, including one which is a gift from theRussian Empress Ekaterina the Great. 8. The four main altars form a cross andare separated from the main hall by insidewalls. The other two altars are closer tothe door and are even more isolated. The7th altar, though, is the one situated justto the opposite of the entrance of thechurch.Each altar represents a separatechapel with its own wall paintings andiconostasis and is dedicated to aBulgarian saint (or saints). All wall-paintings in the church are more than 100years old. Besides the altars, the visitorwill be amazed with the massive wood-carved and painted chandelier. 9. 1.- Altar2- Altar3.- Altar4.- Altar5.- Altar6.- Altar7.- Altar 10. Lilia Ivanova Hristova XI classHope you enjoy and the monastery is definitely a placeyou have to visit!