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Spanish Monastery. Fairchild Gardens. Coconut Grove Cemetery. Vizcaya Gardens. The Hard Rock Casino. Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. Villa Paula. Bayside Marketplace. Adrienne Arsht Center. Van Dyke Cafe. The Biltmore. Coral Castle. WHAT DO THESE IMAGES HAVE IN COMMON?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Spanish Monastery

Fairchild Gardens

Coconut Grove Cemetery

Vizcaya Gardens

The Hard Rock Casino

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

Villa Paula

Bayside Marketplace

Adrienne Arsht Center

Van Dyke Cafe

The Biltmore

Coral CastleWHAT DO THESE IMAGES HAVE IN COMMON?Components of the Informative Essay Surprising Reversal Technique Assignment Sheet

Purpose - The purpose of your assignment is to write an essay that educates, interests and surprises the reader about a specific place in South Florida. Your essay should present your reader with first hand observation and description of your location - this is known as primary research. Your essay will also require secondary research in order to obtain background and/or historical information about your location.In the first essay, you were asked to explore yourself through a literacy narrative. You used rhetorical contexts, such as audience, purpose, and genre, and rhetorical appeals, such as ethos, pathos, and logos, to compose your essay. In the second essay, you will be using these same contexts and appeals, but you will be writing with the aim to inform or educate the audience on a given location.Components of the Informative Essay Surprising Reversal Technique Assignment Sheet

Unit ObjectivesAfter completing this assignment, you will learn how to:Effectively observe and incorporate your observation into your essay using descriptive language2. Compose a logically structured essay3. Navigate successfully between open and closed forms Design a surprising reversal thesis that gives shape and purpose to your informative essay Understand rhetorical contexts: audience, purpose, and genre and rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos and logosDevelop an understanding of style that is appropriate and effective in your informative essay.Understand and incorporate primary and secondary research in the essay effectively8. Demonstrate your writing process: drafting, revisions, editing and proofreading

Components of the Informative Essay Surprising Reversal Technique Assignment Sheet

Topic - A place in South FloridaSince you will be required to observe this place, the location you choose should be accessible and close enough to visit.Your location should be small enough for a focused essay. For example, do not choose an entire city or large area. Your location should be specific. Some examples of specific locations include, but are not limited to: a part of a beach, a restaurant, a house of worship, or any other interesting and significant location. You may choose a location at FIU, but make sure that your location is small and focused.

Your essay should be interesting and surprising. For the purpose of this essay, you must make use of the surprising reversal technique to capture and hold your readers attention.Audience - Your classmates and instructors, and the larger FIU communityPrimary research:

An observation log. You will use your observation log to help you record the details that you observe, and to write about your location in a descriptive, interesting, and significant way.

Secondary Research

At least one secondary source. This may include but is not limited to local newspapers, local magazines, scholarly journals, and books. Do not use encyclopedic sources and only use Internet sources if they are credible. You will use your source to deepen your understanding of your location. You may discover new and surprising things about your location through your research. Your location may have an interesting history or cultural significance, or you may find that an interesting event takes place in your locationComponents of the Informative Essay Surprising Reversal Technique Assignment Sheet

Research Requirements:

FOR EXAMPLE, did you know that the Coconut Grove Cemetery is a historical location where the very first Bahamian immigrants were buried, and that it was used in Michael Jacksons Thriller?

Unit Assignment Activity Invention

Is this location specific enough for a focused essay? Why or why not?

What makes this location significant and interesting?

Is there anything about this location that people may not know or that may be surprising?

What kinds of things might I want to look up to find out more information about this location?Unit Assignment Activity

Discussion Points Informative Essay Unit Plan BinderIncludes:Syllabus for ENC 1101

Informative Essay Unit assignment

Informative Essay Grading Rubric

Student schedule of events, daily learning objectives, and homework for Informative Essay Unit

Instructor schedule of events and complete lesson plans

Suggested Reading for Instructors

12 Week overview of informative essay unit Class 2INFORMATIVE ESSAY & INVENTIONPURPOSE

Students will learn the conventions of an informative essay through group discussion and hands on activities. In groups, students will work to brainstorm possible topics for their essays.


Understand the conventions of an informative essay

Establish approaches for students essays

Invent possible topics for each students essay

Work together to help narrow down possible topics to two per student

INFORMATIVE ESSAY Students discuss the ways to build an informative essay

Students discuss the Crazy Things Seem Normal, Normal Things Seem Crazy in relation to informative structures and incorporating observations.

33INVENTION TECHNIQUESThe class practices observation techniques by observing the beginning stages of class, and discusses and analyzes the data they obtain.

The class uses the previous nights homework to discuss possible place topics, choosing the two most promising topics for each group member.


Through interactive class discussion, students will learn the importance of research questions, as well as, the best way to create a research question. They will work towards creating a research question of their own.


Understand the uses of research questions

Establish possible research questions

Better understand observations techniques


*Seeing other perspectivesStudents get into pairs and swap chosen places, providing background information if necessary

Each student free writes on his or her partners chosen place

Students discuss their partners responses to their topics.

Students change partners and redo this exercise

Students enter their partners suspicions and questions into their observation journal


Class discusses formation of research questionsClass looks at example research questions and establishes their worthIn groups, students discuss each members five possible research questions from previous nights homework worth as potential research questionsStudents may work on establishing their actual research question based on group discussion

37Class 4Using Secondary Sources and Avoiding PlagiarismPurpose:

Using both class discussion and small group work, students will work on understanding and using secondary sources effectively. Students will also work on using attributive tags to separate their own ideas from their source materialIn addition, students will discuss plagiarism and its effect on their own writing.Goals:Understand three ways to use sources in an informative essay: quotation, paraphrase, and summary.Clarify the difference between these sources and identify when they can be used effectively.Understand the difference between plagiarism and patch writing.Clarify the importance of avoiding plagiarism and patch writing in academic writing.Different Kinds of Secondary SourcesBooks


Magazines and Journals

Secondary SourcesDiscussionThe Class discusses the difference between quotation, paraphrase, and summary.

Group WorkshopsGroups use articles from their homework to discuss examples of quotation, paraphrase, and summary and the use of attributive tags.

PresentationsEach group has an opportunity to present their groups ideas.PlagiarismIs plagiarism stealing?JournalThe class writes in their journals, answering questions about plagiarism.

DiscussionThe class discusses plagiarism and strategies for avoiding plagiarism.The class discusses the differences between plagiarism and patchwriting.


Students will learn how to use observations and the double-entry notebook as tools for their informative essay. Goal 1: Understand how to use the double entry notebook as a tool for finding surprising insights and perspectives

Goal 2: Understand how to use descriptive details that show rather than tell

Goal 3: Analyze sample descriptive essay to practically understand how to use good observations

Double Entry Notebook

Using Behind Stone Walls student essay (pg. 182 Allyn & Bacon), identify show words

Discuss the essay with your group.In the group, write the show words down on a piece of paperOn the board, write down the show wordsDiscuss with the class how the specific words help describe the placeUsing diagram 4.2, page 73, discuss where on the scale of abstraction Carps essay fits

Group Activity: Features of Good ObservationAnswer these three questions about surprising reversal on page 184, Allyn and Bacon:

What is the audience that Cheryl Carp imagines?

For this audience, what is the common view of prisoners that Cheryl Carp attempts to reverse