SYRIAN REFUGEES IN EUROPE Samaritan’s Purse response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

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Title LayoutSYRIAN REFUGEES IN EUROPESamaritans Purse response to the Syrian refugee crisisThe journey from Syria to safety is a long one 2,500 miles; like walking from London to John OGroats 4 timesWhen they come off the boat they incur injuries; Sprained ankles, broken limbs as they scramble ashore. The very young and very old suffer dehydration and exhaustion, some are disabled.Samaritans Purse have acquired a van so that urgent medical cases can be transported to a safe reception centre.Left: Dan & Neil, SP staff, helping medical cases to safe transportThe refugees dont want to leave the groups they are travelling with so we are are helping with vital medical aid along the road.THE REFUGEES JOURNEYBorders are closing as desperate refugees continue their headlong flight. Some are put into football stadiums and camps and dont even know which country they are in. Samaritans Purse, working with local Christian partners along the route, provides food, water clothing, blankets and ponchos as the cold weather approaches. BACKPACK DISTRIBUTIONS The families can only take what they can easily carry so the goods we distribute are packed in robust backpacksPlease help Samaritans Purse, through the generosity of their donors are providing physical and spiritual support to those who have lost their homes, their jobs, everything. Please stand with us in prayer and giving so that we can do even more.HOW YOU CAN HELPShare: to give: DART01 5 to 70070How you can prayPlease pray for:The safety of those moving through Europe now, and ask God to bless our work as we seek to provide physical relief and share the love of Christ with them;Wisdom for Samaritans Purse staff around the world as our response continues to develop;Our personnel on the ground and our local Christian partners.


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