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Syrian Refugee CrisisBy: Mariam JarjisWhen one man dies, thats a tragedy, when thousands die, thats a statistic.

Would you leave your country if every street you once walked on was now destroyed beyond repair?

Millions of Syrian refugees who have fled their homes, in hopes of sanctuary, need the kind support of their neighboring countries in order to find redemption.

The Syrian war has created the worst humanitarian crisis of all time.

More than half the countrys population, approximately 13.5 million people, have been killed or forced to abandon their homes.

Families are struggling to find safety in Syria or fleeing to neighboring countries in hopes of finding shelter.

So.. What Happened in Syria?The civil war crisis began in the year 2011. When people of Syria took a peaceful protest to the streets against the dictator Assad.As the people of Syria began looking for better economic rights, things began to take a downfall. The war has become more deadly since foreign powers joined the conflict.

war has become more deadly since foreign powers joined the conflict. Syria is disrupted by terrorists groups murdering millions of innocent people Many Syrians thought the best solutions would be to leave their homes and find refuge in other countries.

Syria is disrupted by terrorists groups murdering millions of innocent people. Many Syrians thought the best solutions would be to leave their homes and find refuge in other countries.

Violence- Since the civil war began, more than 240,000 people have been killed, including 12,000 children.

Collapsed Infrastructure-Within Syria, healthcare, education systems, and other infrastructure have been destroyed; the economy is shattered.Why Are they Fleeing?Childrens Safety-Syrian children have witnessed malicious crimes of violence and brutality as well as being victimized to much of it.

7.5 million Syrian children, inside and outside of the country, are in need of humanitarian aid.4 million Syrian refugees are spread across Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon. The rest are attempting to find refuge.More than 700,000 Syrians risked their lives to get to Europe this year.

Why Resettlement MattersResettlement saves refugee lives when no other protection is available.

When individuals flee persecution, they commonly have three avenues for protection: Repatriation, Local Integration and Resettlement. In fact, many refugees languish for years in precarious circumstances either in camps or on their own. Most refugees want to go home. Some refugees can start anew in countries where they seek refuge. But not all of them can. Of the millions of refugees worldwide, a small number around 1% - is resettled to a third country(Mercy Corps). The first country is the refugees homeland; the second country is the place where an individual first takes refuge; when refugees are resettled, they are taken in by a third country.

Resettlement from countries where refugees first flee helps boost international support for refugee assistance both material and protection. Countries are more likely to help refugees if they know the world will help shoulder the responsibility.

A Broken System and How to Fix It

1. Opening safe routes for sanctuary. This means allowing people to reunite with their relatives by receiving temporary visas without documents that are hard to maintain in the quick moment of fleeing. Countries should not worry about taking them in because refugees and immigrants are a positive economic investment for society,(StudeBaker) this is because many if not all have some valuable work skill to contribute to the country and can pay their way while staying there.2. Resettling the refugees. Giving those that need medical attention help, while providing them with a clean shelter and food. This also means helping children with their education. Making sure they do not lose their humanity in this crisis(Stone)

3. World leaders need to set aside the inhumane reluctancy of wasting their resources on people of different countries and give these refugees their basic international law right, that is, to receive shelter, aid, and food from countries in the event of fleeing from persecution. By denying them their rights Syrians often times get on boats with smugglers. While attempting to cross the Mediterranean to reach the border many often drown, in fact, the UNHCR reported that 3,740 lives had been lost so far in 2016.

Simple Ways to Help the Syrian Refugees- One way we can help Syrian refugees is to acknowledge the current situation they are in. Become informed of what is going on. We cannot forget they are human and need as much positive attention as possible (Kurzgesagt).- Anything is possible if the world comes together for a better change.- There are numerous simple ways to help such as donating clothes, sending boxes of food goods, toiletries, blankets and medical aid. - We can also donate money to legit charities such as UNICEF, Save The Children, and American Refugee Committee.

Whatll Happen If There is No SolutionThe bleak honest answer would be that those that do not get out will end up dead, tortured, or live in poverty. Those that do end up leaving will also end up dead or live in poverty. Civilians will look for desperate ways to flee persecution or poverty only to find dangerous routes that will only lead them to refuge if they are lucky. Thus, with no solution comes pure chaos. The war will continue to create destruction in Syria.

My OpinionI could spend all day talking about this subject matter as it is such a heartbreaking topic that does not seem to get much attention. Partly, because so many people are superficial and dont see it affecting their lives. You look at the news and think what can you do? Its not like you can charge down the government and tell them to let these poor people in. However, you also dont wanna sit back and see humans suffer because you have morals and sympathy- youre at a stalemate. I think that there should be some fund in Europe that helps bring Syrians on a ship to a secure spot for them to recover, but I can only pray, hope, or speak up about these issues.

ConclusionSyrian refugees rely on the aid of other countries to make it through this deplorable crisis. This is one of the worst tragedies to happen to mankind.The crisis could end if the people and nation change their outlook towards refugees.The whole world should stand together against the terrorists that have corrupt Syria and its people.

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