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Syrian Refugee Crisis

Syrian Refugee Crisis Elham MohammedGeography 10218, December 15

What is happening in Syria?The civil war crisis all started in the year 2011. Things slowly began to get worse when the citizens of Syria were looking for better economic rights. The war has become more deadly since foreign powers joined the conflict. Once the situation began to get worse Syrian citizens thought it would be best to leave there home country to look for a better life.

Syrias war

Syria's reality

Syrian refugee children covered with dust arrive at the Jordanian border

Angelina Jolie visits Syrian Refugee children

Ways to help the Syrian refugeesOne way we can help Syrians is to acknowledge the current situation they are in. We can not forget they too are human and need as much positive attention as possible.Anything is possible if the world comes together for a better change.There are many simple ways to help the Syrians by donating clothes, sending boxed food goods, toiletries, blankets, and medical aid.



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