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Startups die, they say!



2. Yes we got some term sheets(downloaded from Legalzoom!) 3. Just got off a great call with a customer!(who happened to show no interest in anything wedo!) 4. Sorry I cant meet you. Just pulled an all nighter!(Reading Quora) 5. This month has been particularly good for us!(Like the last month which was flat too!) 6. Oops. Id be on a plane that day. Sorry, cant make it!(Hey..I took a bus indeed. But thats to be in touchwith the zeitgeist) 7. I agree with your perspective as an investor. Wewould try that approach!(may be when you do your startup) 8. Yep. We are a lean startup.(We iterate on different startup ideas, on everymonth) 9. We plan to move to SFO, in the coming year!(or the next or the one after) 10. Content rules. I agree. SEO is dead.(Id secretly embalm it, just in case!) 11. Money has never been our motivation(Except the kind that investors give) 12. Relax. Say good bye to freelance sites & Google.The good mobile & web development agencies are here!POST A REQUIREMENT FIND AN AGENCYIts free & we are around if you need help!(See how life gets better with ContractIQ!)We made this deck to entertain you(and to say that we are launching a marketplace of awesome dev shops)Grab a special freebie, now! Email with title Freebie