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St. John's College Annapolis Calendar of Events Dec 13-Jan 14


  • Lectures





    The Mitchell Gallery




    January 10 Resentment,Injustice, and the Appeal toProvidence in Adam SmithsTheory of Moral Sentiments,by John T. Scott, professor,Department of PoliticalScience, University ofCalifornia, Davis

    January 17 Steiner Lecture,T.S. Eliot: More Than OneWaste Land, by ChristopherRicks, professor, BostonUniversity

    January 24 Why DoesHeidegger Matter?: LeoStrausss View, by RichardVelkley, professor,Department of Philosophy,Tulane University

    February 7 Teleology asDeath Wish: A NietzscheanCritique of Aristotle, byDavid Roochnik, professor,Department of Philosophy,Boston University

    All events are held at St. Johns College60 College Avenue

    Annapolis, Marylandunless otherwise noted.

    All events are free andopen to the public unless otherwise noted.

    The Calendar of Eventsis published by the Communications Office

    during the academic year.

    For more information call the Communications Office

    at 410-626-2539.

    Gregory Shook,

    Jennifer Behrensart director

    St. Johns College does not discriminate in appointments, conditions of employment,

    admissions, educational policy, financial aid programs,athletics, or other activities on the basis of race,

    religion, age, sex, national origin, color, disability and/orhandicap, sexual orientation, or other characteristics

    protected by any applicable federal, state or local law.

    COVER IMAGE: Frank E. Schoonover (American 1877-1972),Evangeline, 1908 from "The Children's Longfellow."

    Oil on canvas.


  • February 21 DantesOntology: What the FlorentinePoet Can TeachContemporary Philosophers,by Graham Harman,professor, Department ofPhilosophy, AmericanUniversity in Cairo


    The King William Players, theSt. Johns student theatertroupe, typically presents twoperformances each semester.Unless otherwise noted, allplays take place in the FrancisScott Key Auditorium and arefree and open to the public.For more

    December 6 & 7 A Door Madeof Frosted Glass at 8 p.m.


    In Vino VeritasAn Exceptional Wine Event

    Premiere: Friday, April 25

    Grand Tasting and Workshops:Saturday, April 26

    Sponsored by The Friends ofSt. Johns College incooperation with Bay RidgeWine and Spirits, this annualfundraiser event features avariety of tastings andworkshops, and showcasesSt. Johns alumni winemakerswho discuss their craft. For more call 410-626-2530

    A Celebratory Peal

    The bell in the cupola at St. Johns Colleges McDowellHall has been keeping time andringing for more than a century.Providing a cheerful andconstant presence to students -ringing 10 minutes beforeclass begins, at the beginning ofclass, and at the end of classthe historic bell also plays animportant role in a rite ofpassage for St. Johns seniors.

    Every February, seniors turn inan annual essay in which theyexplore their own questionsraised by the texts they havebeen discussing in seminar.Culminating in months of hardwork, this years seniors willturn in their completed essaysbefore midnight on February 1to Chris Nelson, president, St. Johns, Annapolis.Afterward, they climb thenarrow stairs in the cupolaroom of McDowell Hall wherethey press a red button to ringthe bell. In the past, each seniorrang the bell once for everypage of their essay. Nowadaysthey celebrate the milestonewith a single celebratory peal.After ringing the bell, theseniors descend the bell towerwhere they are greeted by joyfulcheers from their classmates,congratulating them onaccomplishing the crowningessay of their St. Johns career.

    Genevieve DuFour-Allen (A12)


    Reflections and Undercurrents:Ernest Roth and Printmaking inVenice, 1900-1940On view through December 13This exhibition brings together35 prints and drawings of Rothsmost important Venetian views.

    December 5 Book Club. Joinmembers of the Mitchell GalleryBook Club for a docent tour ofthe Printmaking in Veniceexhibition followed by adiscussion of Death in Venice byThomas Mann from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. The discussion will beled by tutor DavidTownsend. Registration isrequired. Contact Kathy Dulisseat 410-626-2530.

    Chasing the Moment: Works fromAnnapolis Senior High School January 10 to 19The Mitchell Gallery is pleased toannounce this collaborativeexhibition with the AnnapolisSenior High School that gives artstudents the opportunity to showtheir work in a museum setting.

    Annapolis Senior High Schooloffers advanced art classes forstudents interested in art in avariety of media. This juried

    exhibition of approximately 60 works includes paintings,drawings, photographs, andthree-dimensional works createdby students in the AdvancedPlacement classes, InternationalBaccalaureate Programme, andthe Performing/Visual ArtsProgram.

    January 10 Artists OpeningReception. Join us to celebratethe high school artists work onview from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

    Dialogues: Words and Images inArt, 1500-1924January 31 to April 6This exhibition surveys thehistory of the word-imagerelationship in art from theRenaissance to the aftermath ofthe First World War. Thisexhibition will encompass simpletitles for works of art, theinclusion of words withinimages, literary descriptions ofobjects, visual illustrations oftexts, and embedded textsinseparable from images.

    This exhibition is curated byDavid Gariff, senior lecturer atthe National Gallery of Art, withassistance from Mitchell Gallery

  • Art Educator LucindaEdinberg.

    January 31MembersPreview Reception. Bethe first to view theDialogues exhibition at this elegant wine and hors doeuvresreception from 5 to 7 p.m.By invitation only.Become a member!

    February 2 Opening Reception &Family Program. Art EducatorLucinda Edinberg will lead a tourof the Dialogues exhibition,followed by a hands-onworkshop from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

    February 10 Sunday AfternoonTour. Art Educator LucindaEdinberg will lead a tour of theDialogues exhibition at 3 p.m.

    February 11 Lecture. CuratorDavid Gariff will lecture on the

    Dialogues exhibition at 5:30 p.m. Mitchell Gallerymembers are invited to a wineand cheese receptionimmediately following thelecture.

    February 26 Art Express. ArtEducator Lucinda Edinberg willgive the first of two lunchtimegallery talks for the Dialoguesexhibition from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m.

    For more information aboutexhibition related

    The Mitchell Gallery at St. Johns College is a hidden treasure in historicAnnapolis. Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums in 2012, theMitchell Gallery is dedicated to bringing art of world renown to the Annapolisand wider communities since it opened in 1989. The gallery attracts morethan 10,000 visitors a year to its museum-quality exhibits and is aresource for viewing, discussing, and learning about the visual arts.

    Unless otherwise noted, all exhibits and events take place in theMitchell Gallery. For more information, hours, docent tours, and eventregistration: 410-626-2556. Thanks to the support of members, galleryprograms are free and open to the public. To become a member, call 410-295-5551 or visit

    The Mitchell Gallery Hours and AdmissionNoon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, and 6:45 to 7:45 p.m. Friday. Closed Monday. Docent tours Thursdays noon to 3 p.m.

    Left: John Taylor Arms, Venetian Mirror, 1935. Etching. Above: John Raphael Smith after Henry Fuseli, Lear and Cordelia, 1784. Mezzotint on laid paper.


    February 22 (snow date: March 8)What is a Saturday Seminar? Itis a conversation among 15-20participants who explore ideasraised by the text. Participantschoose one of the topics listed,read the assigned text inadvance, and then join withothers on seminar day in adiscussion of the work. Noprevious knowledge of thesubject or author is required.No outside research on thetopic is expected. Sponsoredby the Friends of St. JohnsCollege.

    The discussions will be led by aSt. Johns tutor (facultymember) who has selected thereadingeither a classic workdrawn from the St. Johnscurriculum or a reading chosenfor the authors thoughts andideas which have universalrelevance. Saturday Seminarsattract participants from variedages and walks of life; nodegrees are required, only aninterest in thoughtful reading.Seminar participants are

    responsible for theirown text.Participants maycontinuediscussions over abuffet luncheonfollowing theseminars. Cost: $50

    For moreinformation,including seminarofferings, schedule,and registration: click on SaturdaySeminars. For moreinformation: 410-295-5544


    This winter the St. JohnsContinuing Education & FineArts program offerings beginon February 8 and includeseminars and art classes thatmeet both weekly and overthe course of a singleweekend.

    For more information,including schedule, class descriptions, andinstructor bios, click on ContinuingEducation and Fine Arts.(Class schedule andregistration will be availableon the St. Johns website inDecember.)

  • On Campus: CarrollBarrister House

    During the Revolution therewere at least four CharlesCarrolls who were active onthe side of the patriots.Charles Carroll, the Barrister,as he became known, wasborn March 22, 1724