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Lectures - Concerts - Classes - Seminars - The Mitchell Gallery. Here is the calendar of events for St. John's College in Annapolis. All events are held at St. John’s College, 60 College Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland unless otherwise noted. All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.


  • LecturesConcertsClasses

    SeminarsThe Mitchell Gallery




    Friday night lectures are heldin the Francis Scott KeyAuditorium at 8 p.m.Community members areinvited to attend the questionperiod that follows eachlecture.

    August 28 Deans Lecture. LifeBefore Us, by Pamela Kraus,dean, St. Johns College

    September 4 Anxious Faith inDon Quixote, by AndreBarbera, St. Johns Collegetutor

    September 11 Dante and theHeros Quest for Healing, byJames Bailey, professor ofmedicine, American College ofPhysicians

    September 18 The UnitedStates Constitution: BreathingSpirit into Human Clay, byDavid Townsend, St. JohnsCollege tutor

    October 2 On Hegel, by AndyDavis, assistant professor ofphilosophy, Belmont University

    October 16 What makes aliberal education liberal? byDan Harrell, St. Johns Collegetutor

    October 23 On Aristotles DeAnima, by John Sisko,professor, The College of NewJersey

    November 6 Music and the Ideaof a World: On Plato andSchopenhauer, by PeterKalkavage, St. Johns Collegetutor

    All events are held at St. Johns College60 College Avenue

    Annapolis, Marylandunless otherwise noted.

    All events are free andopen to the public unless otherwise noted.

    The Calendar of Eventsis published by the Communications Office

    during the academic year.

    For more information call the Communications Office

    at 410-626-2539.

    Gregory Shook,

    Jennifer Behrensart director

    St. Johns College does not discriminate in appointments, conditions of employment,

    admissions, educational policy, financial aid programs,athletics, or other activities on the basis of race,

    religion, age, sex, national origin, color, disability and/orhandicap, sexual orientation, or other characteristics

    protected by any applicable federal, state or local law.


    COVER IMAGE: The Circular Dining Room at Carlton House, London (Detail)

    Charles Wild (English, 17811835) England, 1819Brush and watercolor and gouache on white paper

    Photo: Matt Flynn. Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

    Chris Owyoung

  • November 20 TBA, by GregoryRecco, St. Johns College tutor

    CONCERTSNew York PolyphonySeptember 25, 8 p.m.Francis Scott Key AuditoriumNew York Polyphony is regardedas one of the finest vocalchamber ensembles in the world.The four men will perform ALily Among Thorns, music ofsensual poetry, including motetsfrom the Early EnglishRenaissance and newly craftedcompositions. Their dedication toinnovative programming, as wellas a focus on rare andrediscovered Renaissance andmedieval works, has not onlyearned them critical acclaim, butalso helped to move early musicinto the classical mainstream.

    The Parker QuartetOctober 30, 8 p.m.Francis Scott Key AuditoriumThe Parker Quartet, hailed by theNew York Times as somethingextraordinary and by the BostonGlobe for their fiercelycommitted performances,returns to St. Johns College. TheParkersas they areaffectionately called by theirdevoted listenershave

    distinguished themselves as oneof the preeminent ensembles oftheir generation. Appearing at St.Johns for the eighth consecutiveyear, they are establishedaudience favorites.

    CONTINUING EDUCATIONCLASSES AND FINE ARTSCLASSES (CEFA)A rich tradition since 1937,continuing education classes atSt. Johns College offer membersof the Annapolis community theopportunity to read and discussgreat works during a singleweekend or in weekly seminars.This fall, seminars includeShakespeares Toxic Couples,Great Short Works of LeoTolstoy, and The Lyrics of ColePorter, among others. The FineArts program offers workshopsin painting, drawing, pottery, andwriting. Classes begin inSeptember. To register and formore information, contactChristine Tolson at 410-626-2881or, orvisit


    House Proud: Nineteenth-CenturyWatercolor Interiors from the Thaw CollectionAugust 26 October 11This exhibition showcases Eugene (St. Johns College, Class of 1947) andClare Thaws collection of 19th-centurywatercolor drawings, their generousgift to the Cooper Hewitt, SmithsonianDesign Museum. These worksmeticulously detail the eras interiorfurnishings and document the social,cultural, and aesthetic development ofEuropean domestic life.

    House Proud: Nineteenth-CenturyWatercolor Interiors from the ThawCollection was organized by CooperHewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.

    August 28 Members PreviewReception, from 5 to 7 p.m. Byinvitation only. To become a member:410-295-5551

    August 30 Opening Reception, from3:30 to 5 p.m.

    September 10 Thursday Try-It. New!Matt Klos, associate professor ofpainting and drawing at AACC, willgive a workshop on drafting principles

    for interior spaces associated withHouse Proud, from 3 to 4:30 p.m.Materials provided. Registration isrequired: 410-626-2556

    September 16 Curators Lecture.Curator Gail Davidson will lecture onCompetitive Decorating: 19th-Century Themed Interiors at 6 p.m. inthe Conversation Room, across fromthe Gallery.

    September 30 Art Express LunchtimeTour, from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m.

    October 1 Book Club. Take a docenttour of the House Proud exhibitionfollowed by a discussion of At Homewith the Soanes: Upstairs, Downstairsin 19th Century London by SusanPalmer, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.Registration is required: 410-626-2530

    October 11 Sunday Afternoon Lecture.Art Educator Lucinda Edinberg willlead an exhibition tour at 3 p.m.

  • Chagall: The Early Etchings from the 1920sOctober 23 December 17This selection of 65 prints by MarcChagall illustrates two popular literaryworks: Nikolai Gogols (1809-1852)classic novel Dead Souls, and Fables,Aesop-like tales by Jean de LaFontaine (1621-1695).

    This exhibition was organized byContemporary and Modern PrintExhibitions.

    October 25 Opening Reception, from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

    November 4 Lecture. Christopher With,educator, National Gallery of Art(retired), will lecture on Time is aRiver without Banks: Marc Chagall andBook Illustrations, 1925-1930 at 5:30 p.m. in the Conversation Room.

    November 8 Movie. TBA.

    November 10 Tuesday Try-It. New!Guided by author and teacher LynnSchwartz, write a short fable in thestyle of Fables of La Fontaine, from3 to 4:30 p.m. Materials provided.Registration is required: 410-626-2556

    November 18 Art Express LunchtimeTour, from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m.

    December 3 Book Club. Take a docenttour of the exhibition followed by adiscussion of the novel Dead Souls byNikolai Gogol, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.Registration is required: 410-626-2530

    December 13 Sunday AfternoonLecture. Art Educator LucindaEdinberg will lead an exhibition tourat 3 p.m.

    The Mitchell Gallery at St. Johns College features museum-quality exhibits and is aresource for viewing, discussing, and learning about the visual arts. For moreinformation, hours, docent tours, and event registration: 410-626-2556. Thanks to thesupport of members, gallery programs are free and open to the public. To become amember, call 410-295-5551 or visit

    The Mitchell Gallery Hours and Admission | Noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday,and 6:45 to 7:45 p.m. Friday. Closed Monday. Docent tours Thursdays noon to 3 p.m.

    Left: The Queens Sitting Room at Buckingham Palace (Detail). James Roberts (English, ca. 18001867) England, August 1848. Brush and watercolor,gouache, gum Arabic graphite on white wove paper. Photo: Matt Flynn. Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.Top: Marc Chagall, Le Cheval s'tant voulu venger du Cerf (Stag Hunting in the Forest), 1927-30, etching.

  • COURAGE AND AMBITION: ST. JOHNS COLLEGE EXECUTIVE SEMINARSExecutive Seminars aim to address fundamental questions of thehuman condition through a close reading and discussion of timelessworks of literature, philosophy, and political discourse. A new theme isexplored each year. In 2015-16, the Executive Seminar will examine theancient virtue of courage and its relation to ambition. ExecutiveSeminars are held at various locations in the Mid-Atlantic region.Seminars begin in September. To register and for more information,contact Christine Tolson at 410-626-2881 or, or visit

    10 THINGS TO DO AT ST. JOHNS COLLEGEConcerts: Attend a performance in the St. Johns College Concert Series.

    Theater: Attend a play performed by St. Johns student thespians, The KingWilliam Players.

    Executive Seminars: Busy professionals meet once a month in tutor-led seminarsto explore timeless readings and questions.

    Walking Tour: Relive history by taking a self-guided tour of the campus grounds,buildings, and monuments.

    Fine Arts Workshops: Paint, sculpt, and write by enrolling in Continuing Educationand Fine Arts (CEFA) classes.

    Saturday Seminars: Read and discuss great works with friends and colleaguesduring this annual event.

    Graduate Institute: Earn a masters of liberal arts through part-time or full-timegraduate study based on the principles of the St. Johns undergraduate program.

    Mitchell Gallery: Explore world-class traveling museum exhibitions, curator talks,receptions, and hands-on activities.

    Caritas Society: Join community members who host special events each year toraise funds for students in need.

    Formal Lectures: Join the college community for Friday night lectures on topicsthat relate to the program of study.


    Caring for Studentsand Community


    Caritas Society members promote relationships between St. John's

    College and the larger Annapolis community while raising