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St. John's College Calendar of Events Fall 2010


  • CALENDAR OF EVENTSSt. Johns College

    August September October November 2010






    Art Exhibitions

  • calendarLectures

    Friday night lectures are held in the Francis

    Scott Key Auditorium at 8:15 p.m.

    August 27 The Beginning of the Beginning:

    Reflections on Cartesian Method, by Pamela

    Kraus, dean of St. Johns College, Annapolis

    September 3 Does Beauty Have a Place in

    Liberal Education? by Dan Harrell, St. Johns


    September 10 Some Reflections on the

    Phenomenon of the Beautiful, by Jim Carey,

    St. Johns tutor

    September 17 On Reading the U.S.

    Constitution as a Great Book, by William

    Braithwaite, St. Johns tutor

    September 24 Dialectic, Virtue and

    Recollection in Platos Meno, by Larry Berns,

    St. Johns tutor emeritus

    October 1 Hearing the Irrational: Music and

    the Development of the Modern Concept of

    Number, by Peter Pesic, St. Johns tutor

    October 15 Tears of the Hero, Gilgamesh

    and Aeneas: Experiences with Translation, by

    David Ferry, Sophie Chantal Hart Professor

    Emeritus of English at Wellesley College

    October 22 Topic to be announced, by

    Richard McComb, St. Johns tutor

    November 12 The Tocquevillean Moment,

    by Wilfred McClay, SunTrust Chair of

    Humanities, University of Tennessee at



    These concerts will be held in the Francis Scott

    Key Auditorium at 8:15 p.m.

    October 29 St. Johns College Concert Series

    presents acclaimed pianist Awadagin Pratt, who

    will perform Franz Liszts Piano Sonata in B

    minor and music of Schumann, Mompou, and

    Chopin. In addition to his international

    concerts, Pratt has performed at the White

    House and on national television and radio


    November 19 St. Johns College Concert

    Series presents The Happy Journey: An

    American Music Celebration, performed by

    the Western Wind, a vocal sextet devoted to a

    wide range of a capella music. The sextet will

    perform early American folk music, spirituals,

    new American music, pop and jazz.

    All events are held at

    St. Johns College

    60 College Avenue

    Annapolis, Maryland

    All events are free and

    open to the public unless

    otherwise noted.

  • MEEt thE AuthOr:

    DAN OkrENt

    During his 40-year career, Daniel Okrent

    founded the award-winning New England

    Monthly and was chief editor of the

    monthly Life. He was an editor at Knopf,

    Viking, and Harcourt. He was also the

    rst public editor of the New York Times.

    Okrent has appeared on television, in

    documentaries, and even in a speaking

    role in a Woody Allen lm, Sweet and

    Lowdown. Okrent will talk about his new

    book on Prohibition, Last Call, at the

    Caritas Societys Meet the Authors.

    Q: Novelist Kevin Baker in Publishers

    Weekly describes you as one of our

    most interesting and eclectic writers of

    nonction over the past 25 years. Do

    you agree? Why?

    DO: It would be awfully vain of me to

    endorse Bakers comment, but Im certainly flattered by it. One of

    the blessings of writing books is being able to write about

    whatever interests me, and I guess my tastes are fairly eclectic

    or, some might say, eccentric!

    Q: Any especially remarkable epiphanies while researching Last

    Call? What surprised you about this period in American history?

    DO: What was most surprisingout of hundreds of surprises

    was coming to understand the breadth of the coalition that

    supported passage of the 18th Amendment. It stretched from the

    Ku Klux Klan (which was motivated by its intense xenophobia) to

    the Industrial Workers of the World (who believed alcohol to be

    a tool used by capitalists to suppress the working classes), and

    attracted the womens

    suffrage movement, the

    Progressive Party, and

    many other reform

    groups along the way.

    Q: Any memorable

    individuals you met

    during the course of your


    DO: Three in particular:

    Wayne B. Wheeler, the

    political genius who

    engineered the

    enactment of the 18th

    Amendment; Mabel

    Walker Willebrandt, undoubtedly the

    most powerful woman in the country

    during her eight years as assistant

    attorney general in charge of

    Prohibition enforcement; and Pauline

    Morton Sabin, an heiress, socialite, and

    Republican Party dignitary whose

    vocal, visible, and ardent support for

    Repeal made the entire Repeal cause


    Q: Were you compelled at any point

    to make Last Call a work of ction?

    DO: Not for a second. Fiction could

    never be as bizarre as the true story

    of Prohibition! If I had a character in a

    novel buying a prescription for

    medicinal alcohol for $3 from his

    physician, taking it to the pharmacy

    and for another $3 purchasing a pint

    of brand name whiskey, I dont think

    youd believe me. Yet millions of

    Americans did exactly that throughout the 14 years of


    Q: Is the world of printed books and magazines approaching

    extinction, to be replaced by electronic readers? Will this change

    the way authors write and readers read?

    DO: I think it isthough not by the e-readers that we use today,

    which resemble whats coming in the next decade about as much

    as a chisel and stone tablet resemble a modern printing press.

    But the economic argument is overwhelmingly stacked against

    print: if you believe even remotely in the efciency of markets,

    eliminating the physical costs of manufacturing and distribution is

    just too strong a force to resist. But what wont disappear are the

    words, sentences, paragraphs, thoughts, ideas, and arguments that

    are the substance of printed communications. Physical books will

    remain for those who treasure them, but theyll be

    correspondingly expensive. I think itll be similar to taste in boats:

    if you have enough money, youll always be able to buy a wooden

    sloopbut if you want to get from one place to another, youll

    get a motor.

    Q: Whats on your summer reading list?

    DO: Among many other books, believe it or not, The Brothers

    Karamazov, which Ive never read. Now, if I had only gone to

    St. Johns....

    The Caritas Society presents Meet the Authors. November 14, Francis

    Scott Key Auditorium, 4 p.m. See Special Events for details.












    COMMuNity tO CAMPuS

    when she taught philosophy at catholic University in the

    1980s, pamela Kraus occasionally attended Friday night lectures

    at st. Johns. she didnt imagine then that two decades later she

    would be chosen by her colleagues to be dean. as dean

    ms. Kraus delivers the opening lecture for the academic year

    and selects the slate of Friday night lecturers.

    ms. Kraus, who became a tutor at st. Johns in 1985, is the

    second woman to serve as dean of the college. pamela will be

    an outstanding dean. one of the advantages this college enjoys

    is the opportunity to appoint a dean from within the college

    who knows the college best. i have had the good fortune of

    teaching with her when i was a rookie president many years

    ago, and i have continued to learn from her since, says

    president christopher Nelson.

    as dean ms. Kraus warmly welcomes the greater

    annapolis community on campus. ive met people who,

    when they see the undergraduate reading list, tell me they

    wish they had attended st. Johns, says Kraus. here

    community members can read and discuss great works of

    philosophy, literature, history, and science through saturday

    seminars, the continuing education & Fine arts program,

    and the Graduate institute of Liberal education. i nd that

    there is a hunger for this kind of education. people who

    are busy in both ordinary and extraordinary jobs want to

    know more, read more.

    ms. Kraus is entering the rst year of her ve-year term as

    dean. she holds doctoral degrees from the catholic

    University of america.

    Annapolis Dean Pamela Kraus delivers the opening lecture ofthe academic year August 27, Francis Scott Key Auditorium,8:15 p.m.


    author, translator and poet David Ferry will deliver the annual

    steiner Lecture at st. Johns college on Friday, october 15.

    he will speak on tears of the hero, Gilgamesh and aeneas:

    experiences with translation. on wednesday, october 13,

    he will also give a public reading of his poetry (time to be


    David Ferry is the author of Of No Country I Know: New and

    Selected Poems and Translations, winner of the 2000 rebekah

    Johnson bobbitt National prize for poetry, the Library of

    congress, and the academy of american poets Lenore

    marshall poetry prize. he is the translator of Gilgamesh (1992),

    The Odes of Horace (1998), The Eclogues of Virgil (1999), The

    Epistles of Horace (2001), and The Georgics of Virgil (2005), all published by Farrar, straus and Giroux. he is currently

    completing a new book of poems and is translating Virgils

    Aeneid and horaces Satires.

    Ferrys other awards include the sixtieth Fellowship of the

    academy of american poets, the teasdale prize for poetry,