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Smoking Addictions

Explaining The Health Problems.One of the health problems in the Philippines is smoking. By the age of 10 to 15 teenagers has been starting to smoke. Some start at the age of eight to nine which is unhealthy for children. And most people in the Philippines ask the same questions why do markets or shopping malls let children under the age of 90 buy cigarettes? And its been one of the causes of deaths in this country. People dont know that their getting lung disease and lung cancer.

WHR is higher in smokers than in non-smokers and there is a dose-response relation between WHR and the number of cigarettes smoked.

Smokers tend to have a larger waist circumference and a smaller hip circumference than do nonsmokers, which some consider aparadox.Smoking increase Waist-to-Hip Ratio(WHR)

Heavy smokers weight more than light smokers Age-adjusted Male Female Smoking status, Body weight and Mortality Mortality (%) Percentages of the participants who died between age 40 and 70.Starting Age Comparison Not only the Philippines has the problem of smoking there are three other countries that has the same problems about smoking. Countries: 1-Nepal 2-Thailand3-Japan

The graph below this slide shows what age teenagers and children start smoking in these country.

These are the starting age of people smoking.

Philippines- Age 18Thailand- Age 20Nepal- Age 22Japan- Age 2070% young boys smoke at the age of 12-1420% young girls smoke at the age of 10-1399% teen boys smoke at the age of 1560% of teen girls smoke at the age of 17All four countries has the similar comparison

Influenced By?Almost one fifth of young Filipinos start smoking before the age of 10. (Influenced by adults that takes drugs)Some children dont just randomly start smoking. Its either because they have been forced or influenced by friends , parents. And

Why Do Teenagers Smoke?They smoke because they think that it makes them look cool.They smoke because their friends smokes.They smoke because it makes them look mature.They smoke because they do not notice what is happening to their health and lives.They smoke because no one encourages them to stop smoking. Mature Cool

Populations ChangesAs we all know smoking is a major public problem for Philippines, Nepal, Thailand and Japan. And its also a world wide problem to. More Filipinos die by tobacco uses and are expected to increase from four million in 2009 to 10 million in 2030. Tobacco uses is expected to cause more deaths in these countries. Tobacco uses are also expected to cause more premature deaths and disabilities than other single causes. They are also known as very dangerous things.

Things We Can Do. There are lots of things that we can do you solve the health problem in the Philippines.we can use half of the money to make a public hospital for people that has been having problems.We can have a conversation with the government about making a new polices about young people buying cigarette.And asking them to make the rule that people that wants to buy a cigarette has to have a license showing that they are 20 and aboveThey need to pay 900 peso to get this license.

We can and we can also use some of the money to make a campaign about smoking and using the other rest to the money we can use it to show people what smoking is doing to their health and their lives. And why the should stop smoking for a good reason before its to late.