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Digital marketing training for Arco

Mobile Marketing10 common mistakesand a 10 step planOn the Edge DigitalLondon 1st October 2013

Dr Dave Chaffey CEO:

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#Why mobile matters

Source: Forrester6.8% mobile phone (exc Tablet) of all Ecommerce sales 6 billionUK#What do you need to knowabout mobile?!Q. Should we ignore this for now?Q. Basics how to go about this?Q. B2B Focus?Q. Everything!Q. Design, problem solving?

I know nothing on this subject!Q. Increase knowledge in general?#10 Mobile Marketing Mistakes1. Being driven by the heart/HiPPO not the head:> 1. Assess customer demand and business case2. Starting with platforms rather than customer value proposition> 2. Define the Mobile Value Proposition3. Not considering cross-channel journeys and marketing outcomes> 3. Integrating mobile into customer journeys and sales funnels4. Creating a separate site4. Review suitability of responsive and adaptive design5. Thinking an app is essential (it may be)5. Review relevance and propositions for apps#Running case study:Debenhams strategic pillarsConsistentbrandexperienceDeviceSpecificfunctionalityMultichannel journeyAgiledevelopmentSource: With thanks to Sarah Bailie,Mobile commerce manager at DebenhamsPractical Mobile Tip: Define the Pillars of your Mobile strategy#1. Assess customer demandand business caseVolume:Desktop/Tablet/SmartphoneUnique visitorsVisitsPage viewsQuality:Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone40% bounce rate5% conversion rateValueDesktop/Tablet/Smartphone

Number of sales or leadsAverage order value or selling priceGoal value per visit > Page valueRevenue per visit (E-commerce) > Page valueCostDesktop/Tablet/Smartphone

Cost per thousand (CPM)Cost per click (CPC)Cost per acquisition (CPA)Cost per sale (CPS)#

Practical Mobile Tip: Segment by mobile devices#Consumer digital platform demand at DebenhamsSource: With thanks to Sarah Bailie,Mobile commerce manager at DebenhamsPractical Mobile Tip: Review dayparts of customer access#Some rules of thumb for your business caseA mobile-optimised site will convert at around half the rate of a desktop site, however... A non mobile-optimised site will convert at around half the rate of the mobile-optimised site Of people who research on their mobile device, 39% go onto to purchase on their desktop device and 24% go onto purchase in store Around 30% of consumers use their mobile in store to inform purchases through in-store wifi or scanning barcodes Overall mobile optimised will give a 2% increment in sales from creating a mobile optimised site

Source: Source: Damon Mannion, Venda#88% Debenhams customers use mobile to browse vs. 12% purchaseExample: Mobile Browse vs BuySource: With thanks to Sarah Bailie,Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams#12North AmericanQ2 2013Retail clientsMonetateEcommerce Conversion rates by desktop and mobileMonetate Quarterly Benchmarking


Published / Surveyed:Sample:Source:Original source: #Craig Sullivan on mobile tracking

Source: Slideshare#2. Define the mobile Value Prop

Source: Rob Thurner, Burner Mobile#

#Create mobile personas

Tribal drinkers

Buzz seekers

Regular blokesMale traditionalistsDetached moderatesParty girls

Career guysCareful femalesRoutine strugglers

Source: Rob Thurner, Burner Mobile#17Autoglass mobile optimised site Mobile Value Proposition (MVP) #Betfairs Mobile Value Proposition (MVP) Betfairs mobile app generated 1 billion of bets in the last financial year. 168,000 used its app, a 122 percent increase.For 2012 c 2 billion, 15% of revenue 275,000 app users. Half of all UK customers have placed bet.Practical Mobile Tip: Consider SMS activation#Ben Carter 193. Integrate customer journeys & ROPO!

Source: Boston Consulting Group#Access to mobile in stores (these are market stats, not Debenhams)

Debenhams app:Price checkingSize availabilityOrder straight from their phoneCustomer reviewsBeauty Club: Collect points & redeem rewards via mobilePush notifications driving footfall in store & awareness of promotionsShoppers who use a retailers dedicated app are 21% more likely to make a purchase than those who dontCustomers who read reviews are 2x more likely to convertSource: With thanks to Sarah Bailie,Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams#Barcode scanner driving mobile interactions in store

Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie,Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams#4. Review suitability of responsive and adaptive design

#The 3 Mobile site options

(adaptive)Source: Aleyda Solis Mobile SEO Resources(different mobile site)#Source: Aleyda Solis Mobile SEO ResourcesMobile SEODecision tree

#W3C One-web alternativesApproachAdvantagesDisadvantagesResponsive Web Design (RWD)CSS Media Queries modify presentation for device type and resolutionSingle template for all devices gives speed and cost benefitsBigger page weightCompromises experience for higher resolutions?Client-sideAdaptiveJavascript on the users device loads different templates based on device resolutionComplete rebuild of CSS not neededOnly resources needed loadedExperience customised for devicesMaintenance of additional codeServer-side AdaptiveDynamic serving of styles based on device detection. Smaller mobile pages than other approaches

Multiple templates must be maintained#26Retail responsive design

#27Retail responsive 2

Search > Browse > BuyPractical Mobile Tip: Make sure site is upwardly responsive#28



Twitter Bootstrap Gallery#5. Evaluate app relevance oreffectiveness

#Promoting apps on mobile homepage


#10 mobile marketing mistakes6. Ignoring mobile SEO6. Follow Googles Mobile SEO options?7. Ignoring Mobile AdWords 7. Review AdWords advanced campaigns8. Ignoring Mobile Display8. Mobile display options9. Denying the importance of mobile email9. Create Email responsive designs10. Not optimising10. Optimise!

#6. Mobile SEO

Source: Smart Insights#

#7. Evaluate mobile AdWords 4 Enhanced campaigns changes 1. Campaigns now run across all devices2. Tablet bidding strategies aligned to desktop3. Mobile bids adjusted at campaign level by Mobile bid adjustments, e.g. -30%4. Location-based bid enhancements

Mobile-specific sitelinks Click-to-call Ad extension#AdWords example Vehicle parts

Source: Wordstream#8. Review the mobile display options

#IAB UK Display spend

#WorldwideJuly 2013Feb 2012-June 2013Collected from 250 million email opensLitmus% Email Opens across desktop and mobileLitmus blog

The importance of mobile emailLocation:

Published / Surveyed:Sample:Source:Original source: #Responsive email examples B2C


Responsive email examples B2B#10. Mobile CRO


Recommendation: Review leads, sales from different device, resolution Advanced Segments#

Speed matters!

#Lets Connect! Questions & discussion