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Note: These are slides only. The recording is also available on Slideshare at: https://www.slideshare.net/Altimeter/the-rise-of-digital-influence-with-brian-solis-13017768 Digital Influence is one of the hottest trends in social media, yet is largely misunderstood. This webinar, expanding upon Brian's recent report, will discuss in greater detail what digital influence is and how businesses can leverage it to their advantage. How does influence spread online? How does it cause effect? What are the possible outcomes, and how can they be measured? Brian will answer these questions and others, as well as discuss a clear Action Plan to help businesses capitalize on Digital Influence. Brian's report, The Rise of Digital Influence, is available on the Altimeter Group website at: altimetergroup.com/research/reports/the-rise-of-digital-influence.


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11You are now marketing to an audience with an audience of audiences

22The Human Network =The Human Algorithm

Everyday people are now personal media networks that influence consumer behavior

4Welcome to the EGOSYSTEM@briansolis5Influence starts with the me in social media

http://klouchebag.com/7WE ARE MEASURED BY




9You are alreadyINDEXED10

What you say here contributes to your score






Its about striking a balance between our personal brand and the brand we represent13The State of Digital Influence Marketing

I only get my problems solved on Twitter because of my influence score. I feel sorry for those who dont have a high score.- Your customers already get it15

Klout and other influence scores are increasingly being adopted by analytics vendors and othersBadgeville also has a formal relationship with Klout.16


Chevrolet says it got 16,000 positive consumer mentions on social media; user-generated videos; three requests to take advantage of a special discount and one confirmed purchase.http://therealtimereport.com/2012/04/20/klout-roi-chevy-campaign-nets-1-confirmed-purchase/http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/172684/chevy-touts-volt-with-klout.html18

Two years ago, Salim at SAP inspired Priscilla Scala and I to work on Social Profiling. We brainstormed profile markers then wrote code that sorted SAP followers into dynamic buckets based on Influence and Bio categories. Jodee Rich, Kred Bloghttp://blog.kred.com/2011/11/the-makers-of-kred/19

Prior to running any influencer campaign, the team first identified who it is Microsoft is trying to reach, where they are, what media they consume, and how they behave. The research found that upwards of 70% of its target consumers are influenced by their peers. - Molly ODonnell, Director of Influencer Marketing at Microsoft20

It was our hope that people would come out of it as Windows Phone evangelists. Our objective wasnt to simply get tweets or updates, but instead measure whether or not this program changed familiarity or the likelihood to purchase a phone. - Molly ODonnell, Director of Influencer Marketing at Microsoft21

Social media amplification is off the charts we can see that programs that target influencers can change behavior.

- Molly ODonnell, Director of Influencer Marketing at Microsoft22

PeerIndex partnered with a number of brands to offer PeerPerks: high value exclusive offers that you can claim based on your PeerIndex rank and Topical PeerIndex rank http://www.peerindex.com/vip/crossfit23

http://www.peerindex.com/vip/abes-market24Understanding influence

Influence is the ability to cause effect or change behavior

26Understanding the importance of digital influence Requires answering important questions

27What is influence, and what makes someone influential?Who is influential in social networks and why?Why would they engage with us?How can I recognize influence or the capacity to influence?What effect does digital word of mouth have on my business?How can I measure successful engagement with influential consumers?


Research by: Robert CialdiniInfographic by: Tabjuice29

301. FormulationBrand StrengthIntroductionDiscoveryReviewsWord of MouthEngagement2. Pre-Commerce4. Post-CommercePost-purchase researchValidationSentimentLoyalist3. CommerceCommitmentSentimentAdvocateExpertInterruptionInfluence LoopThe Dynamic Customer JourneyFeedbackSelf-expressionPurchaseAwarenessConsiderationEvaluationExperienceLoyaltyBondPassiveInterruptionExperimentationReconsideration

1+1=Influencer engagement is additive to traditional one-to-many broadcast communication adding a 1-to-1-to-many layer32

Influencer Mapping HelpsBuild relationships with the right peopleBuild trustFoster advocacyShape experiences and reputationCause measurable outcomesBusinesses have a finite amount of money and time; therefore, they must identify the most connected people that can to help expand their reach. The value to businesses is that they can have access to the respective Rolodex of consumers and reward them as a result.

- Dr. Bernardo Huberman, Director of HP Labs

34The Problem with Measuring Influence

We live in a society obsessed with measurement, but the act of measuring often means that the thing being measured becomes illusive. When sociologists measure social capital, they do so from a distance precisely because people would try to game the measurement. But what's happening here isn't just measurement: it's trying to leverage measurement to do something. That's where it loses its role as a measurement process.

- danah boyd, Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research


What does the # really mean and why does it matter?37With executives increasing demand on ROI, brands must tread strategically as they experiment with influencer campaigns. 38When ROI = The Realization of InfluenceBrands cannot afford to make marketing or engagement decisions based on scores aloneDo these new services that capture social media scores equate to influence? Noand thats why were here todayIn digital influence, value is in the eye of the beholderIn the end, the true measure of influence is determined by an outcome or extent of change social capitalvs.influence40Social capital is the key that unlocks digital influence and new customer touch points.41Social Capital = The collective value of all 'social networks' and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other-Robert Putnam

42Social capital can be measured by the amount of trust and reciprocity in a community or between individuals-Robert Putnam



PLEASE?44The Pillars of Influence: Understanding the 3Rs

Reach: Relationships form the social graph and define how far information can travel across the social graph and communities at large. Reach is a measure of popularity, affinity, and potential impact. Relevance: Topical relevance forms the interest graph and the communities of focus. Individuals aligned through subject matter create a series of linked relationships that send information along communities of focusResonance: The measurement of the duration, rate, and level of interactivity around content, a topic, or conversations. High resonance ensures that more people will see each post or update. The New Era of Consumer Influence: When Nobodies Become Somebodies

Popularity: The state of being liked, admired, or supported by many people.

Proximity: The location of an individual is taken into consideration where effect is necessary within a particular setting or environment.

Goodwill: Increases appreciation and the probability for collaboration and action.Authority: Expert on subject matter. Authority prompts respect, which is a reward for expertise or specialty.

Trust: Difficult to measure, trust is a key trait in relationships. Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truthfulness, or ability of someone.

Affinity: A natural liking or sympathy for someone or something. Frequency: The rate a social object, topic, or person materializes in social streams.

Period: The length or portion of time it remains visible after the initial appearance.

Amplitude: The level of engagement within a network.RRSRelevance.Resonance.Significance4747How Social Capital Becomes Influence

A persons stature within each network can directly affect behavior or cause an effect.


50The size of networks to cause effect is irrelevant. The idea that only large networks can cause effect is a myth. David Armano, Executive Vice President, Edelman Digital


Engagement becomes a form of currency:The goal is to have influentials spend social capital on your brand








60Influence Action Plan

61Influence Action Plan

1. Start with the end in mindwhat do you want to effect or change?2. Identify your influencer archetypes and what they value 3. Define the engagement parameters and outcomes4. Review vendors and choose your partner/s5. Measure. Optimize62In the end, you are the true measure of influence63Download the report: http://www.slideshare.net/Altimeter/the-rise-of-digital-influence


Brian Solisbrian@altimetergroup.combriansolis.comTwitter: @briansolis

For more information & to buy the books,please visit: http://bit.ly/EndofBusiness http://bit.ly/engage2

2012 Altimeter Group

65[CL] Nice!

Know your business to be a resource to your community Understand the functionality, prevailing culture, and expectations within each communityEngageinside and outside you are the front line for future of your companyCreate experiences, design new journeys, and spark desired outcomesYou are the new influencer6767

68Influence = Unites Cause and EffectEffectCause69

Algorithms are unique to each networkbut there is no stronger force in commerce than that of the human algorithm. Influence is key to enlivening the deals that matter to the #interestgraph