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social customer experiences that deliver real business results@BRIANSOLIS1Remember when traditional marketing worked?24Editorial calendars, tech stunts and real-time marketing programs say the opposite of thoughtfulness. 5From Monologue to Dialogue678BrandWhat we say and doExperienceWhat people feel and shareExperience Divide911Your strategy is defined by the questions you ask and the answers you get.12ROIReturn on IgnoranceWhat is brand?14What is experience?1619#LEARNTO UNLEARNBehind every screen, every expression and impression, is a human beingnot a consumer.21WELCOME TO THE #EGOSYSTEMhttp://notable.ca/a-photographer-is-removing-phones-from-his-images-to-show-how-addicted-we-are/2223242526Master Total Re-CXingPeople look at their phones 1,500x each week.They spend 177 minutes on their phone per day.The Future of Experience in 1 Picture293034Micro-moments unfold through a variety of common I want scenarios that help people take steps or make decisions I want to learnI want to buyI want to knowI want to goI want to do90%of smartphone users are not absolutely certain of the specific brand they want to buy when they begin looking for information online.73%say getting useful information from a business is the most important attribute when selecting a brand.404142More Mindfulness, Less Strategy.Marketing as Social ObjectsImpressionDeepEngagementOut of Mind orConnected Experience43THE A.R.T. OF ENGAGEMENTCTIONSAEACTIONSRRANSACTIONST44Remember when you were told to stop daydreaming and how it made you feel? Please dont stop.We need dreamers (and doers) now more than ever.#dontquityourdaydream 46Brian Solis bsolis@prophet.comAltimeter Group, a Prophet Companybriansolis.com@briansolisLinkedin.com/influencer/briansolisFacebook.com/thebriansolis47You cannot move in a new direction if you dont lead the wayYou cant change anything if you change nothing to do so.