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  • SKINNY TRINI Skinny Trini Trinidad Brought To You
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  • PROBLEM/UNMET NEED Skinny Trini was created to provide quality, tasty Trinidadian beef pies for an affordable price
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  • SOLUTION/HOW BUSINESS FILLS NEED Skinny Trini fills the need/ want by providing a quality, tasty, filling Trinidadian-style beef pie.
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  • MISSION AND SOCIAL IMPACT Providing home cooked food from Trinidad and a warm Caribbean vibe to every customer. I plan on giving back to the community by giving out all of my daily left overs to the homeless around New Haven right before closing time. I will also give out an annual percentage of my gross income to the Yale New Haven Smilow Cancer Hospital.
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  • DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE I am selling traditional Trinidadian Beef Pies. My recipe is 100% original and was passed down from my grandmother, to my mother, and onto me. My food will be freshly cooked for every customer and if you do not like it, I will make you a new fresh pie.
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  • BUSINESS MODEL Description of Expenses Variable Material Expenses Total: $ Item$ Materials1.07 Packaging.10 Fixed ExpensesTotal: $ Item$ Salary800 Advertising10 Interest150 Depreciation50 Utilities100 Economics of One Unit Selling Price$2.50 Cost of var. materials exp. $1.07 Cost of labor 0 Other variable costs.10 Total COGS/ COSS$1.17 Contribution Margin $.91 Definition of One Unit One unit= 1 Beef pie Monthly Break Even Units $1100 = 1209 $3,023 $.91
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  • MARKET ANALYSIS Description of Target Consumer DemographicsGeographics I found that the ages 16- 35 buy the most from food trucks. I learned that food trucks that are placed on the corner of streets or in a certain location earn the most money. PsychographicsBuying Patterns People enjoy going out and buying food when the whether is warmer. When it is cold, people enjoy more delivery and take- out. When it is warmer outside, people tend to buy from the food trucks more. when the weather is not warm outside, people tend to not buy food from food trucks as often. Total Population Target Market Population 129,893 Market Size (based on survey) Target Market Size Market Statistics Industry Name: Food Truck Industry Annual Industry Sales: $857M 40,000 Small
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  • MARKETING AND SALES Word of mouth Flyers Urban Radio Announcements Point of Sale Colors of the Food Cart
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  • COMPETITION Skinny Trini Factor 1: Price Low Factor 2: Location Mobile Factor 3: Quality of Food Excellent Your Competitive Advantages 1.No one else makes or sells Trinidadian Beef Pies Original 2.Mobile I can move to where the people are
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  • QUALIFICATIONS All of the food I can cook on my own Im Trinidadian I am currently a business student at Hill Regional Career High School and I am passing with flying colors Im determined to succeed, I dont settle for second Leadership skills Marketing I and Accounting I Captain of the Soccer Team
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  • SALES PROJECTIONS Total Units 6825 Gross Revenue $13,983.75 Net Profit $3,519.64
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  • START-UP FUNDS ItemWhy NeededCost Food permitIts required$30 Parking PermitIts required30 Food TruckWhat am I going to sell my food out of? $10,000 EquiptmentHow am I going to prepare the food?$1,180 Total Startup Expenditures$11240 Emergency Fund5620 Reserve for Fixed Expenses4875 Total Startup Investment$21735 ROI: Return on Investment $3519.64 = 16.2% $4,089.82 $21675 ROS: Return on Sales $3519.64 = 25.3% $4,413.62 %13893.75
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  • FUTURE PLANS Skinny Trini is going to be difficult to run at first. There Is always a risk involved when investing in a business. The next steps I see myself taking toward a fully operational business is buying a food truck and getting some equipment. I also see myself getting in contact with the Yale New Haven Hospital and trying to work something out in terms of location and partnerships. In order to accomplish these goals, I need to go to business school and further my education to give myself a step in the right direction. I do not want to have to take out an extreme amount of loans so I plan on getting a very good job outside of college and then saving up enough money to start up my business on my own. If any one wants to invest in me then feel free and contact me but as of right now, I dont want to rely on anyone else.
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  • SKINNY TRINI Skinny Trini Trinidad Brought To You