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  • 1. Show Off Your Skills!A Digital Footprints Production

2. Issues Economic outcomes for new immigrants to Canada Immigrants are being underpaid and underemployedrelative to their skill levels Debate whether there are quality differences amongforeign and Canadian education Language proficiency differences are a primary reasonfor unemployment and wage differentials 3. Potential for improved OutcomesDiscovering sources ofemploymentgapsImprovingIncreasing English Self-EsteemSkillsEnhance Expression of Skills and Attributesthrough Re- Invention 4. How? Click on the image to watch the video (Internet connection is required) 5. Channels Government and Organizations Community Social MediaVideo Pitchopens aWindow toSociety and Employers 6. Benefits Understandwhat Networking meansFocused language EmpowermentlearningReduce Isolation 7. Pilot Group Show Off Your Skills! Workshop Victoria Hills Community Centre March-May 2012 Sponsored by: The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation United Way of Kitchener Waterloo & Area With additional support from: City of Kitchener Victoria Hills Neighborhood Association The Dwelling Place 8. Statistics 15 participants New ideas for the future4.5 43.5 32.5 2#Answers1.5 10.5 0no ideassome ideas many ideas 9. Statistics (2) 15 participants 10. Statistics (3) 15 participants 11. Feedback 15 participants 12. Feedback (2) 15 participants 13. Feedback (3) 14. Products of the workshop Click on the image to watch the video (Internet connection is required) 15. Next Steps Refine and solidify our methodology Branding and marketing Build reputation Partner with: Government Organizations that help newcomers Settle and Integrate Charitable Organizations Develop a Business Model 16. Thank YouDigital Footprints Project