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Selling Sports and Entertainment. By: Parker Bean, Tyler Sterner, Shane Swearman, Jaleel Grosvenor . The Sales Process. Chapter 12.1. The Six Steps Involved in the Sales Process. The Pre-Approach The Approach *The first contact with the customer *Create a favorable first impression - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Selling Sports and EntertainmentBy: Parker Bean, Tyler Sterner, Shane Swearman, Jaleel Grosvenor The Sales Process

Chapter 12.1The Six Steps Involved in the Sales ProcessThe Pre-ApproachThe Approach*The first contact with the customer*Create a favorable first impressionDemonstration*Enthusiastically present the product*The products features and benefits should be highlightedAnswering Questions*Providing additional information to counter any objections that the customer may haveClosing the Sale*Customers make the decision to buy*Offer a discount or an incentive gift for buying the product that dayFollow-Up*Salesperson contacts customers to ensure they are satisfied with their recent purchasePre-ApproachSalespeople learn everything possible about the products and services offered, the target market, and the competition. Salespeople must be knowledgeable about what they are selling and understand the wants and needs of target customers.

Suggestion SellingIt occurs when salespeople ask customers if they want to purchase related products

Cold CallingInvolves contacting potential customers at random without researching customers' needs first

LeadsIt is what is gathered about prospective customers who have shown interest in the product or service and/or meet the definition of the target market

Customer ManagementBuilding a customer base and carefully scheduling time spend with customers

What are the management skills and necessary knowledge to be a successful salesperson?

Know the product*Salespeople must effectively communicate product information, including benefits and unique features, to customersKnow the customer*Carefully determine customer needs in order to present the most appropriate products to meet those needsKnow the competition*Salespeople must be able to explain the differences between their products and competitors products and offer solid evidence why their products are the better choice to meet customer needs.Familiar with all parts of the marketing mix- product, price, distribution, and promotionMust effectively communicate the product information, including benefits and unique features, to customers

Ticket Sales

Chapter 12.2Ticket Brokers

Registered businesses that legally buy and sell tickets to a variety of entertainment events and guarantee ticket authenticity.

Ticket Scalpers

Sell tickets to major sporting events often outside the venue on the day of the event at inflated prices.

What are the differences between ticket brokers and ticket scalpers?

Ticket Brokers are legal businesses and ticket scalpers are illegal in most states and individual.

What is the ticket economy and what are strategies for getting highly sought tickets?

You can buy them over the internet, you can also go on the internet and keep clicking reload until the exact moment you can buy the tickets.

Group and Corporate Sales

Chapter 12.1What are the sales strategies for attracting groups to sports and entertainment venues?

Special group and corporate promotions are used to fill the standsSpecial promotions are offered to church groups, senior citizens, schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Little League baseball teams, and student organizations to sell tickets during slow periodsSometimes additional entertainment, such as live music and a fireworks display, is added during breaks and immediately after an event to appeal to special groups

How do corporations use sports and entertainment to motivate employees and impress clients?

Corporate groups may have a picnic followed by an evening at a professional sporting eventCorporate employees are often rewarded for meeting sales quotas or reaching other corporate goalsThe reward for high performance is travel to exotic places like Hawaii or tickets to highly sought-after sporting eventsThe impress clients with the best seats available at sporting events

What are group packages?

Offer special ticket prices to members of a group when tickets are purchased in large quantities, such as 15 or more

What are luxury boxes?

Also known as luxury suites, they are fancy rooms inside stadiums and arenas that allow corporate executives and some wealthy private individuals to entertain clients and friends while watching the events.

What are club seats?

Premium stadium seats that provide another source of high revenue for the owners

Extra ( )

Companies that sell to sports and entertainment centers need to adapt to meet changing consumer needsSales managers need to be careful to strike a balance between encouraging individual performance and maintaining a team atmosphereDon't neglect the fact that sports and entertainment center owners are often sensitive to team dynamics and may react negatively to sales reps who seem overly disconnected from their sales unit.sales reps tend to be highly motivated performers who are accustomed to working under tight deadlines

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