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You want to sell your IT solutions better? Are you prepared for the changes in customer situation and the market?


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2. The typical sales process of IT WhatWhodo youare What need?we?can we do? monotony! Selling IT better 3. FocusingYou have a solution!Is there alsoa matching problem?Many IT companies can not argue theirsolution enough! Selling IT better 4. Added valueYou have a solution!What is the added valuefor the customer?The value of IT solution is not clear when youspeak about technology only! Selling IT better 5. ComprehensibilityYou have a solution!Is your solution easy &understandable?presented? Solutions are not well understood by the customer, if it is too complicated! Selling IT better 6. Business OrientationYou have a solution!How does your Solutionsupport your customer?IT solutions should support the customer and not primarily be a technical solution! Selling IT better 7. The basics for successfulselling not only of IT Selling IT better 8. What does your What isWhat could becustomer need NOW?unnecessary?important later? Every client is unique! Make customized offers instead presentingyour belly shop! Selling IT better 9. Current situation inget to knowconsider changes the companyStrategies and goals Show your USP!There are many products and services - what makes your offer unique? Selling IT better 10. Solutions support Individualize insteadinstead of Products rather than selling standardizeLook at your customer! Get to know the customer just before the visit! Selling IT better 11. CIOConsultingTeamIT-Know How Management Skills Emotional IntelligenceWe support you!Bernd HilgenbergLeipziger Str. 3842859 Remscheidphone: +49 2191 8427228Mail: hilgenberg@cioct.deVisit us at: