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Rhyme of Rain. By: John Holmes. Made by: Febri , Andrew, Erina , Leon, Luvin , Jordy. Empire State Building. Height: 1250 feet ( 381 meter ) It’s name is device from the nick name for New York Empirestate Cost: $41.000.000. Think it Through. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Empire State BuildingHeight: 1250 feet ( 381 meter ) Its name is device from the nick name for New York EmpirestateCost: $41.000.000

  • Think it Through

  • PoemsFifty stories more to fall,Nothing in our way at all,Said a raindrop to its mate,Falling near the Empire State.Said the second, Here we go!Thats Fifth Avenue below.Said the first one, Theres a hat.Watch me land myself on that.Forty stories isnt far Thirty seven- here we are Twenty, sixteen, thirteen, ten If we make this trip again,Said the second, we must fallNear a building twice as tall.What a time to think of that,Said the first, and missed the hat.

  • 50 lantai lebih jatuh,Tidak ada orang di jalan ituKata tetesan hujan ke temannya,Jatuh dekat Empire State.Kata tetesan hujan yang kedua, ayo kita pergi!Itu jalan Avenue 5 dibawah.Kata tetesan air yang pertama, ada topi.Lihat saya mendarat di topi itu.40 lantai tidak jatuh37 disini kita20,16,13,10 ---Jika kita jalan lagi,Kata tetesan air yang kedua,kita harus jatuhDi dekat gedung yang 2 kali lipat lebih tinggi.Tak ada waktu untuk memikirkan itu,Kata tetesan hujan yang pertama, dan merindukan topi.

  • WORKBOOKHow many strong beats does the first line have? Two

    Which word has both a weak and a strong beat? Never

    Look at the word at the end of each line. Which word rhymes with bones? stones