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  • 1. A forum where entire Recruitment Task Force got together to plan the recruitment project and alsolearnt how to do effective promotions across colleges to attract the right talent.Why do a Recruitment Eve?Objectives - Not all LC members were present at NLS so the idea is to bring everyone on the same page in terms of recruitment how to package experiences in order to bring right people in the organisation The idea is also to do a correct expectation setting/training of recruitments task force, so that they effectively promote recrutiments The end result of all this will be that your LC does a brilliant recruitment and at the same time not fall in terms of LC performance in other areas like exchanges, events and other engagement activities. One of the major purpose was to bring an external perspective in regards to selling/marketing of AIESEC .Agenda Introduction and excitement for Recruitment Eve - LCP Recruitment Eve agenda explanation - VP TM Recruitment Experience sharing < Our Core OC has members which were part of recruitment earlier ,their perspective on how effective promotions need to be, what are dos and donts involved during personal selling and class room presentation> Why I will /wont buy a form AIESEC Alumini Ronaq Malhotra ( VP BD 2011) External Session by Amit Hans , Director -EduCorp Consultancy Services Private Limited Sales

2. 1 Effective Promotions from the core RTF desk Session focussed on pre-requisites required before selling-how professionally and uniquely we need to pitch our talk Know your product and your target audience ( the kind of people we are in search for ) Importance from a seller perspective in knowing your golden circle ( Why- What- How ) Indulge in a conversation, keeping it short and simple. Tell your story ,Class Room Presentation effective way of doing it!Resources : Selling Ppt- Click to download Class Room Presentations- Click here 2 Why I will / wont buy a form? AIESEC Alumini ( Ronaq Malhotra, VP ER 2011) Multifaceted and dynamic change AIESEC has encountered requires a fresh approach to deal with recruitments particularly selling.Conventional processes like personal selling, class room presentation, similar sales talk wont help in attracting the right talent.Why we failYou are so boringYou are not seriousUnprepared Value Concept most of the universities are reluctant to give permissions because we approach them with a motive of selling forms (indirectly pitching value to their students), selling and providing value are continuous process. Lead sessions, help in college festivities , events in support with educational institutions will add value to external environment and indirectly help recruitments every year. Resources :- Why I will/wont buy form ppt- click here 3. 3 External Interaction Recruitment Training (Mr. Amit Hans, Director EduCorp India )Amit Hans being our corporate mentor gave an external perspective with regards to recruitment asa pivotal process for any organisation.100 minutes of his valuable interaction covered all aspects onour approach towards recruitment: Recruitment willApproach - canditatesdecide where weselect you, not thewant to be at end of other way aroundthis yearError Approach 1 It is also biggest Alpha Error ( itemsfeedback in regards to that were supposedperception of your to be rejected gotorganisation selected) 2 Beta Error How finance and( Items that werehuman resource are supposed to beinter-related and howselected got rejected)they become a lifeline Alpha error is afor an organisationconcern while selling products and Beta error while recruiting ApproachTowards Importance ofRecruitment- ARecruitments shift needed! Selling - An art ! Key factors Beware of thin line Have Aspirational valuebetween selling and Pick up people who areover-selling" dark horses" Use effective tools - Eg. Deliver something whatPlanned Spontaniety audience wants - not Focus on personal what you want to .branding - representingBrand Positioning -AIESEC whilestrongest tool ofpromoting.advertisementWhat is the perception of our organisation February recruitments will define it .Recruitments apartfrom being internally utmost important will be most important feedback mechanism in terms ofexternal environment ( especially since its focussing on our student sector outreach ) 4. Feedback : I agree Learning is a never ending process and we should keep on learning new things each and every day. This session gave us lot of aspects of our organisation externally and internally. And also I am glad that Amit Sir will there with us throughout to guide us as this is going to be a great learning experience for us as well as for our MB. We think of changing things and we do have plans in our mind but sometimes we dont know how to take things forward and set the things right, so such external training is really helpful and beneficial for us.Deeksha MaggoDirector OGX,AIESEC Chandigarh Mr Amit and his team really believe in what we are doing here, most surprisingly, he came so close to what we envision even after not having a wholesome input of how things work in AIESEC. This initiative apart from training RTF successfully also made the MBs(EB included) vision clearer, as it tends to fog periodically due to operations we run. I hope he remains engaged with us for rest of the year.Abhijeet SinghVP GCDP ICX, AIESEC Chandigarh..Recruitment Eve