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AIESEC 2015 session designed by me for AIESEC Nigeria Members


<ul><li>1.AIESEC 2015UNDERSTANDING OUR POSITION TOWARDS ACHIEVING A SUSTAINABLE IMPACT</li></ul> <p>2. Objectives We understand what is AIESEC 2015.Reality Check on what AIESEC 2015 means for AIESEC Nigeria, Your LC and YOU.We understand how we can achieve AIESEC 2015 3. Happy WomanJoy's Mid GoalMs Joy UkwuRich ManJohns Mid Term GoalMr. John MichaelPeace and Fulfilment of Humankind s PotentialAIESECs Mid GoalMr. AIESEC 4. Our Midterm GoalJoyJohnSuccessful AIESEC experienceMBA from HarvardHuge network of friendsJob in Big 4Participation in various NGOsInvestments in Real Estate and Stocks 5. AIESEC Midterm Ambition First choice partner s Global Youth Voice Positive Impact 6. So how does AIESEC Plan to achieve this ? 7. How does AIESEC do that? 8. How does AIESEC do that? 9. Break Up Into Groups of 5 Lets reflect onAIESEC Nigeria in 2015 10. We are recognized across sectors as the first-choice partner for our ability to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership 11. How do you picture Nigeria being the first choice partner in 2015? (9 min) 12. Our collaborative environment empowers every member to live a high-quality AIESEC experience, creating a cross generational positive impact on society 13. What do you understand by high quality AIESEC experience?(9 min) 14. Our growing physical and virtual reach makes us the most credible and diverse global youth voice 15. Is AIESEC Nigeria growing in physical and virtual reach? Evaluate(9 min) 16. AIESEC 2015 MoSWe translate our why into concrete promises for young people.How does AIESEC do that? 17. We should not be afraid talking about goals and numbers as long as we believe in the why behind.How does AIESEC do that? 18. What We Envision: Peace &amp; Fulfillment of Human Kinds PotentialAIESEC 2015 MoSOur Impact Model Develop Leadership by providing Experiential Leadership Development Opportunities for Young PeopleHow does AIESEC do that? 19. 2015Our promise of providing young people worldwide nearlyTotal exchange ONE realised &gt;&gt; What MILLION is this ?? leadership development experiences till 20151948 How does AIESEC do that?20142013 2012 2011 20. To develop LEADERSHIP for 1,000,000 young people throughour Experiences for a positive impact on society.How does AIESEC do that? 21. NOW !!! Moving towards AIESEC Nigeria in 2015 22. Is our Ambition Relevant? WHY ? (4 min)Are we engaging every young Nigerian? (4 min) 23. What is the relevance of AIESEC 2015 for your LC? (4 min) 24. What is the image of a successful AIESEC Nigeria in 2015 for you? (4 min) 25. What is the image of a successful LC (The LC that you belong to) in 2015 for you? (4 min) 26. What is your contribution to it as member of your LC in 2012 moving towards 2015? (4 min) </p>