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  • Deleted AVI RecoveryHow To Recover Deleted AVI Videos From SD Card

  • Videos are wonderful source of capturing your beautiful moment of life. In fact videos are the series of your still images properly managed in motion. You can save your video files in various file formats. AVI is also an important video format and multimedia container introduced by Microsoft. It can store both video and audio files, and save files with ".avi" extension.

  • Many people store AVI files in SD cards, so that they can carry their videos anywhere easily. However, when these video files get deleted or lost then it becomes a severe problem for the user. If you are also one of them who wants to recover deleted AVI videos from SD cards then read this guide carefully.

  • Reasons Behind Video LossAccidental deletion. Repartitioning. Reformatting.Unintentional formatting.Abrupt system shutdown.Virus or malware attack.Move or cut and paste operations.Interrupted read or write operations.

  • How To Avoid Video LossAlways safely remove SD card from your system.Do not eject memory card during data transfer process.Always scan your SD card for viruses and malware.Do not scratch your memory card on rough surface.Always make backup of your videos.

    Note :- If anyhow your AVI videos got deleted or lost then you can easily recover them if you do not overwrite your SD card.

  • How To Recover Deleted AVI Videos From SD Card

    For deleted AVI recovery, first you should properly remove your SD card and check for any Physical Damage. It is not broken or damaged then try to connect it with any other device and access your videos. If still you are not able to access your video then you must use a third party recovery software before the problem became more severe.