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<ul><li><p>0102.9546</p><p>RECONNAISSANCE GEOPHYSICAL SURVEYS VINCENT TOWNSHIP-CLAIMS #8^5986-84-5990 CAYUGA SYNDICATE</p></li><li><p>-1-</p><p>I INTRODUCTION; The following pages are a concise attempt to </p><p>present the results of Geophysical surveys completed on Claims </p><p>#845986 to #845990 inclusive,within Vincent Township. Included </p><p>here is the location and present holders of the property,instruments </p><p>used,with a brief explaination of field procedures,previous surveys </p><p>done on the property,and finally an interpretation of the results. </p><p>Also enclosed with this report are seperate profiles of each </p><p>line,as well as a complete map of each survey.</p></li><li><p>-2-</p><p>HOLDERS of CLAIMS; The, report presented here was written by </p><p>the technical personal of the Cayuga Syndicate,which is </p><p>headquartered at 360 Main St. ,V/innipeg,Manitoba. This organization </p><p>are the present holders of this property.</p><p>LOCATION: The claims surveyed are located in the north-east </p><p>sector of Vincent Township(NTS Map 42E12) and are registered as </p><p>#8/15986 to #845990 respectively,within the Thunder Bay Mining </p><p>District(Fig.l). The claims are accessible by way of Highway #11 and </p><p>various foot trails.</p><p>EQUIPMENT and PROCEDURE; The geophysical methods used on </p><p>these claims were of the reconnaissance type,that is ground based </p><p>magnetometer and VLF-EM. The surveys were conducted between June </p><p>and August 1986.</p><p>The instruments used were a Geometrics portable proton </p><p>magnetometer,model G-8l6 and a Geonics EM16 VLF-EM system. </p><p>Specifications for both instruments are given in figures 2 and 3. </p><p>A Geometrics G-856B portable magnetometer was used as a magnetic </p><p>base station.</p><p>As this report is concerned basically with recording data </p><p>for assessment purposes,no attempt will be made to probe the </p><p>theoretical aspects of the Magnetic or Electromagnetic methodology </p><p>or equipment design. A list of suitable references is supplied to </p><p>the reader wishing to pursue this line of thought.</p><p>A brief procedure used in these surveys is as follows. </p><p>For the magnetic survey,the first step is to get the base station </p><p>functioning. The base station is necessary to correct for diurnal </p><p>and micropulsation time variations. The base station is tuned in</p><p>order to acquire the best magnetic signal. This magnetic base was</p></li><li><p>-3-</p><p>found to be 60300 Gammas. The sychronization of the base clock </p><p>with the operators field clock and a time interval for readings </p><p>is then established. This interval was 60 seconds. Finally the </p><p>Auto switch is activated and the diurnal station monitor is </p><p>operational. The operator then proceeds down the line,takes and </p><p>records a reading at the station to the nearest minute. The </p><p>stations are at 25 meter intervals along north-south trending </p><p>lines,which are 100 meters apart. The total number of stations </p><p>for all five claims is 331.</p><p>The VLF-EM survey is performed by first orientating the </p><p>instrument perpendicular to the survey line in order to establish </p><p>a transmitting station for the best coupling effect. In this case </p><p>the transmitter is NAA originating from Cutler,Maine at a </p><p>frequency of 2^.0 kHz. The transmitter direction is determined </p><p>when the sound intensity is at a minimum. The next move is to </p><p>orientate the reference coil along magnetic lines,by slowly </p><p>moving the instrument back and forth until minimum sound intensity </p><p>and adjust the Out of Phase(Quadrature) component dial to further </p><p>minimize the sound. Read and record the number on the inclinometer </p><p>and the Out of Phase component dial. The operator must always face </p><p>north or in the case of north-south trending strike,one must face </p><p>west. This is necessary in order for the polarities to remain </p><p>constant through every line.</p><p>PREVIOUS WORK: As far as can be ascertained no published </p><p>evidence is available of prior work executed on these particular </p><p>claims. In the field however,there is evidence that some trenching </p><p>was done some time ago.</p></li><li><p>-i).-</p><p>I INTERPRETATION; The magnetic profiles (Fig. 4-2?) indicate </p><p>in general,a low magnetic response. There are points which show </p><p>major peaks both high and low. The magnetic anomalies that are </p><p>present imply that the structure causing them,is narrow and steeply </p><p>dipping. The structure seems to trend along strike,that is in a </p><p>east-west direction and is located,in general between lines 0+00 </p><p>and 18+00 West,covering a width of 100 meters,from stations 0+00 </p><p>to 1+00 South. There is a southern magnetic anomaly located between </p><p>stations 4+00 and 5+00 South,along lines 18+00 to 23+00 West. The </p><p>magnetic anomalies do not correspond exactly to the VLF conductors </p><p>noted below,but they are adjacent and thus they are most likly the </p><p>result of the same geological structure.</p><p>The VLF survey shows two conductive bodies trending </p><p>roughly in a east-west direction. The northern response is found </p><p>from line 0+00 and trends north-westerly to line 18+00 West and </p><p>probably continues further beyond the boundary of these claims in </p><p>the same general direction. This conductor seems to weaken toward </p><p>the eastern portion of the property.</p><p>The southern conductor is found between lines 14+00 </p><p>and 23+00 West (Fig.28-43). It trends in a east-west direction and </p><p>most likly continues further east. The two conductors are </p><p>approximately 200 meters apart. These conductors are very similar </p><p>in response,in that both the Inphase and Out Phase components show </p><p>in general,a complementary repetative pattern through all lines. The </p><p>profiles also suggest that the dip of the southern conducting </p><p>structure is relatively steep and to the north. The response </p><p>signal is in general of moderate strength and sharp,hinting at a </p><p>shallow structure in depth. The northern conductor has relatively</p></li><li><p>-5-</p><p>physical characteristics as the southern response,implying </p><p>that both conductors are the result of parallel geologic features. </p><p>From the geological evidence,there seems to be,contained </p><p>within the volcanic flows a thin belt of Iron Formation. This zone </p><p>is observable at random locations on surface between line 10+00 and </p><p>17+00 West and approximatly between stations 50 to 100 South. This </p><p>formation contains some sulphides but its magnetic susceptibility </p><p>is low. A few meters south of these exposures is found,again at </p><p>random shear zones containing up to 53d pyrite. These shear zones </p><p>are in line with an apparent topographic lineament. Both of these </p><p>structures may account for the geophysical responses encountered </p><p>on the northern portion of these claims. Therefore a possible fault </p><p>structure trending in general in a east-west direction maybe </p><p>contained within this property.</p><p>The southern conductor is not quite as obvious. Some </p><p>Carbonized Iron rich rock was observed near station J++00 South on </p><p>line 16+00 West. This may have some strike length to it. There are </p><p>also many intrusive rocks within this southern region,and the </p><p>anomaly may be a result of a lithological change.</p><p>CONCLUSIONS; The anomalous zones within these claims </p><p>will be explored in more detail in up coming field seasons. This </p><p>v/ill involve trenching and X-ray drilling. It seems however that </p><p>a major concentration of economic minerals is not likly in this </p><p>type of environment,as the large discoveries seem to occur in </p><p>general near volcanic-sedimentary contacts. This property is near </p><p>some major showings and it is for this reason that it v/ill also be </p><p>examined in future exploration programs.</p><p>Respectively Submitted</p></li><li><p>2M</p><p>4w4^^^^ * G^V^VmS' i</p><p>Scale: l cm. s 7.84 M.(A) .s 13.7 km.,___________ ^"'^ J1 fX * j.......*""* \ J-^J1 ri r ___ __ __ JBJ.</p><p>showing position of Vincent Township J ~ Mining district and location of claims </p><p>[within, township. ^^^^</p><p>Map within</p><p>(B)</p></li><li><p>Fig 2</p><p>SPECIFICATIONS</p><p>Sensitivity: 1 gamma throughout range</p><p>Range: 20,000 to 90,000 gammas (worldwide)</p><p>Tuning: Multi-position switch with signal amplitude indi cator light on display</p><p>Gradient Exceeds 300 gammas/ft (increased gradient to!- Tolerance: erance to 800 gammas/ft upon request)</p><p>Sampling Rate: Manual push-button, one reading each 6 seconds</p><p>Output: 5 digit numeric display with readout directly in gammas</p><p>Power Requirements:</p><p>Temperature Range:</p><p>Accuracy (Total Field):</p><p>Twelve self-contained 1.5 volt "O" cell, univer sally available flashlight-type batteries. Charge state or replacement signified by flashing indi cator light on display.</p><p>Battery TypeAlkalinePremium Carbon ZincStandard Flashlight</p><p>Number of Readings over 10,000 over 4,000 over 1,500</p><p>NOTE: Battery life decreases with low temper ature operation.</p><p>Console and sensor: -40" to *850 C</p><p>Battery Pack: O" to *50"C (limited use to -15 0 C; lower tempera ture battery belt opera tion optional)</p><p> l gamma through O0 to *50"C temperature range</p><p>Sensor: High signal, noise cancelling, interchangeably mounted on separate staff or attached to carry ing harness</p><p>Size: Console: 3.5 x 7 x 10.5 inches (9 x 18 x 27 cm) Sensor: 4.5 x 6 inches (11 x 15 cm) Staff: l inch diameter x 8 tt lenght </p><p>(3 cm x 2.44 m)</p><p>Weight:Console (w/barteries): Sensor A signal cable: Aluminum staff:.</p><p>Lbs. 5,5 4</p><p>Total: 11.5</p><p>Kgs.</p><p>TT</p></li><li><p>Fig 3</p><p>EM16 SPECIFICATIONS</p><p>MEASURED QUANTITY</p><p>SENSITIVITY</p><p>RESOLUTION </p><p>OUTPUT</p><p>OPERATING FREQUENCY</p><p>OPERATOR CONTROLS</p><p>POWER SUPPLY</p><p>DIMENSIONS</p><p>WEIGHT</p><p>In-phase and quad-phase components of vertical magnetic field as a percentage of horizontal primary field, (i.e. tangent of the tilt angle and ellipticity) .</p><p>In-phase : 150S; Quad-phase : 4(H</p><p>Nulling by audio tone. In-phase indication from mechanical inclino meter and quad-phase from a graduated dial.</p><p>15-25 kHz VLF Radio Band. Station selection done by means of plug-in units .</p><p>On/Off switch, battery test push button, station selector switch, audio volume control, quadrature dial, inclinometer.</p><p>6 disposable 'AA 1 cells. </p><p>42 x 14 x 9cm</p><p>Instrument: 1.6 kg Shipping : 4 . 5 kg</p></li><li><p>636001 Fig 4</p><p>6200CH</p><p>61^00 ]</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 J</p><p>6020CH</p><p>LINE 0 +00</p><p>59800 J</p><p>59400</p><p>59000</p><p>Marjietic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-8^5990 l</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcn^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocm^ 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600-</p><p>62000-</p><p>fig 5</p><p>61400 A</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 J</p><p>60200^LINE 1+OOW.</p><p>59800 J</p><p>59400-1</p><p>59000</p><p>Maf^netic ProfilesVINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-845990 ____________1EGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcm^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - \ ,0c^ 2 00 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600-</p><p>62000-</p><p>61400 -</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-</p><p>Fig6</p><p>^ i i___AMj</p><p>,et'Cnott*</p><p>2S 5 ISLINE 2, f QO W.</p><p>59800.</p><p>59^00-</p><p>59000-</p><p>Magnetic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP tflaims #845986-845990</p><p>1EGENDHorizontal Scale- I 0 0cm^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocms 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>63600-</p><p>62000-</p><p>Fig?</p><p>6l 400 -</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-</p><p>59800.</p><p>59400</p><p>59000</p><p>1 ifc ' ' ' 6 LINE 3+00 W'</p><p>Magnetic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-845990</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcn^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.0cm= 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600-</p><p>62000-</p><p>6 i ooo -</p><p>60600 .</p><p>'02 O OH</p><p>59800.</p><p>59^00</p><p>59000</p><p>Fig 8</p><p>-JllllllllllllU LINE 4+00</p><p>Magnetic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims </p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcm* 50 Meters Vertical Scale - ItOcm^ 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600-</p><p>62000-</p><p>Fig.9</p><p>6l400 -</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-</p><p>/2S!</p><p>l i l LINE 5+00</p><p>59800.</p><p>59400-</p><p>59000-</p><p>Magnetic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-845990:______ 'LEGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcm^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocn^ 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>636001</p><p>6200CH</p><p>61*100 ]</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 J</p><p>602004</p><p>59800 J</p><p>59000</p><p>t l l t</p><p>Rg.lO</p><p>i i i i i i i iii2S 1 S O</p><p>LINE 6+00</p><p>not*</p><p>Magnetic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-845990</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- l 0 0cn^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocms 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600-</p><p>62000-</p><p>61^00 -</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-\ ...i.,</p><p>2S.,T5</p><p>LINE 7 +00 W.</p><p>59800.</p><p>59^00</p><p>59000-</p><p>Marmotic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims'</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcrn^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l t Ocm= 2 00 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600</p><p>62000-</p><p>61000</p><p>60600-.</p><p>60200-</p><p>59800.</p><p>59^00</p><p>59000</p><p>Fig. 12</p><p>2S ISi i A LINE 8+00 W.</p><p>Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Glaims ^845986-8-^5990</p><p>1EGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcm^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocms 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62800-</p><p>62400-</p><p>62000-</p><p>Fig.13</p><p>6UOO-</p><p>61000-</p><p>60600- '\</p><p>60200-s 25 LINE 9 00</p><p>59800^</p><p>___________Magnetic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims //843986-90</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- 1.0cm.^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale- 1.0cm - 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>S1000</p><p>Fig 14</p><p>i/ i i LINE 1 0+OOW.</p><p>Magnetic Prof 53 enVINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- loO Vertical Scale - l .0 Magnetic Base ~ 60300</p><p>#845986-845990-</p><p>cm^ 50 Meters crn^ 200 Gammas Gammas</p></li><li><p>Fig. 15</p><p>LINE 1 1+OOW</p><p>etic ProfilesVINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims //B459B6-8') 5990</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- l 0 0cm^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l .Ocrn^ 200 Gammas Magnetic Base- 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>6a6oo-Fig 17</p><p>62000-</p><p>61400 -</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-^Lllt.. -J3S 2S</p><p>LINE 13+OOW</p><p>59800.</p><p>59400</p><p>59000</p><p>Magnetic ProfilesVINCENT TOWNSHIPTlaiins ^845986-845990_____________LEGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcMt^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocm^ 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>63600-Fig. 18</p><p>59800.</p><p>59400</p><p>59000</p><p>LINE 1 *H-00 W.</p><p>Magnetic ProfilesVINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-845990 </p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcm= 50 Meters Vertical Scale - 1.Ocm* 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600-</p><p>62000-</p><p>Fig. 19</p><p>61^00</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-</p><p>y N.---v /' ' '2S- '-'"Ife LINE 15+00 W.</p><p>59800.</p><p>59^00</p><p>59000</p><p>Maraietic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-8^5990</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- lcOcrr^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocms 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>63600-</p><p>62000-</p><p>fig.20</p><p>61^00 -</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-LINE 16+00 w.</p><p>59800.</p><p>59^00</p><p>59000</p><p>Magnetic ProfilesVINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-8*15990 </p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- l.Ocm* 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocm^ 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600-</p><p>62000</p><p>61*100 -</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-</p><p>59800.</p><p>LINE 17+00</p><p>59000</p><p>Fig. 21</p><p>Maroetic ProfilesVINCENT TOWNSHIP claims #84598J^845990, ____________JEGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcn^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocm* 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600-</p><p>62000-</p><p>61^00 -</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-</p><p>74S is LINE 18-HOO</p><p>59800.</p><p>59^00</p><p>59000</p><p>VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claim 1EGEND</p><p>Profiles//84 5986-8^5990</p><p>Horizontal Scale- loOc!n= 50 Meters Vertical Scale - 1.0cm= 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>63600</p><p>62000</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-</p><p>59800.</p><p>5S3S</p><p>i t i25*</p><p>\ X1 15</p><p>Fig. 23</p><p>i9*-oo w.</p><p>59^00</p><p>59000</p><p>Magnetic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims ^8^5986-8^5990</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- loOcrr^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l.Ocms 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>63600</p><p>62000</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200</p><p>59800.</p><p>59^00-</p><p>59000-</p><p>Fig. 24</p><p>nor</p><p>LINE 20+00 W.</p><p>Mafmetic Profiles VINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-8^5990</p><p>LEGENDHorizontal Scale- l oOcms 50 Nloters Vertical Scale - l.Ocm* 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600</p><p>62000-</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200-</p><p>59800.</p><p>59^00</p><p>59000</p><p>LINE 21*00 W.</p><p>Rg. 25</p><p>Mametic ProfilesVINCENT TOWNSHIP ClaimsrffBfr 5986-8^5990 _________ LEGEND^-^Horizontal Scale- IcOcm^ 50 Meters Vertical Scale - l .0crn= 200 Gammas Magnetic Base - 60300 Gammas</p></li><li><p>62600 Fig.26</p><p>62000</p><p>61*4.00</p><p>61000</p><p>60600 .</p><p>60200LINE 22+00 W,</p><p>59800.</p><p>59400-</p><p>59000</p><p>tic ProfilesVINCENT TOWNSHIP Claims #845986-845990____________LEGEND...</p></li></ul>


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