recognize, reward and motivate. why recognize & reward?

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  • Recognize, Reward and Motivate
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  • Why Recognize & Reward?
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  • Increase performance Establishes desired climate Encourage leadership qualities in others
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  • Recognition Concepts Formal / Informal Match the reward to the person Match the reward to the achievement Be timely and specific.
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  • Understanding Employee Personality types Myers Briggs Type Indicator 16 different types of people Kiersey Please Understand Me 4 types of personality/temperament (Kiersey Temperament Sorter) True Colors Based on Kiersey; 4 patterns of behavior or temperament Culture Generational differences
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  • Encouraging the Heart 1. Set clear standards 2. Expect the best 3. Pay attention 4. Personalize recognition 5. Tell the story 6. Celebrate together 7. Set the example
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  • ASAP Cubed As Soon As Sincere As Specific As Personal As Positive As Practical as Possible!
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  • I can live for two weeks on a good compliment. -- Mark Twain
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  • Take the Encouragement Index! 186 210 Youre doing great! 126 185 Theres room for improvement. 66 125 Wake up to the people around you 21 65 Be less harsh on yourself, and find new ways to learn recognition strategies
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  • Making Time for Recognition Number 1 stated barrier for recognition giving is time Recognize it takes seconds to very few minutes Prioritize relationships, then tasks Regular and spontaneous walks Plan into meetings Build into every interaction
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  • Newsletter & Other Public Recognitions Where? In-house / team Organization wide Community wide Beyond the community What? Newsletter Annual reports Advertisements Voice mail email
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  • Programs Focused on a certain aspect of employment (or not) Retention; service & longevity Time and attendance Wellness Safety Innovations Quality, customer satisfaction Connected to the work done
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  • Have Fun with Recognition for Specific Tasks or Activities Punctuality Was here on the dot, Got to work right off the bat Great Ideas Light bulb award, Going above and beyond Feather in Your Cap award Helium Balloon launch (or hot air balloon facsimile)
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  • Low Cost Recognition Saying thank you Face-to-face and written Scheduling flexibility surprise hour off you take over Dollar Store Re-fabs Activity
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  • Principles Revisited Employee recognition and reward increases performance Seven elements will encourage the heart Know YOUR Employee
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  • Conclusion
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  • Help Your Employees to Help Your Business
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