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Recption booklet for 11-12



    Visa process

    We are so happy you have chosen Ukraine for the internship. Be sure you will get the best memories, the best friends, the

    chance to live one of the best parts of your life here.

    So, after you are matched and got the invitation letter, you will have to go to Ukrainian embassy in your country and apply for

    visa. But, not all the countries need to do that. In the following you can read whether you need to apply for visa or not.

    -Visas are not required for EU or Swiss citizens who enter Ukraine or transit through its territory for the period of time of

    up to 90 days with a valid travel passport.

    -Visas to Ukraine are not required for the US and Canadian citizens who enter Ukraine within six months after their

    previous trip to Ukraine or transit through its territory for a period of up to 90 days with a valid American travel passport.

    -The US citizens need to make sure that their current medical insurance has coverage in Ukraine.

    -Visas to Ukraine are not required for the Japanese citizens who enter Ukraine or transit through its territory for a period

    time of up to 90 days with a valid Japanese travel passport.

    -If you are a citizen of any other country or the rules above do not apply to your situation, then you need to apply for a

    Ukrainian visa at the consulate. No invitation letters are required for citizens of the US, Canada, Japan and Turkey for

    obtaining official, business, private, cultural, or sports visas.

    -No visas are required for citizens of Mongolia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (except


    You may apply for visa to Ukraine at the Consular/Visa Section of the Embassy of Ukraine. For the list of Ukrainian

    Embassies ->

    For all types of visas (transit, short- and long-term) the following documents should be submitted:

    -completed visa application form for each applicant holding a separate passport or being included in the joint passport;

    -fully valid passport/travel document ;

    -two recent passport sized photographs;


    -two separate postal orders (or company cheques) covering the handling charge and visa fee;

    -contact telephone numbers of all applicants (work, home or mobile). The period of visa processing is 3-10 working days.

    The visa requirements may change, so it would be better if you call the embassy and make sure whether you need visa or


  • Packing the luggage or what clothes you have to take.

    Here, in Kyiv, we have continental humid climate. Through the year we have 4 seasons: winter (with the average

    temperature -4 to -10 C), spring (with the average temperature +10 to +15), summer (the hottest season, the

    temperature may go from +15 to +30), autumn (average temperature is like in spring). But the above temperature is only

    average and may vary. So, the real warm/hot season starts in the middle may and lasts till the beginning of September.

    During this season we usually wear t-shirts, shorts, light jeans, sandals, light jackets. Then it becomes colder in the

    middle of September and till the middle of November and also kind of the same is in the middle of March till end of

    April/beginning of May. During this time we may wear sweaters, jackets, boots, jeans, sometimes hats. And the coldest

    time are all winter months and March and also November. This when you want to have warm jacket on, sweater, warm

    boots, hat etc.

    Considering not only the cloths it would be nice if you take the linens with you and the towel. You really do not need to

    take all the bath stuff, it is possible and actually better to buy all those here.

    Electricity 220 volts, 50Hz is the standard electrical voltage throughout Ukraine. To use electrical appliances you will need a

    converter as well as an Eastern-European plug adapter.

    The time here

    The Ukrainian time is +2 GMT. And starting this year it stays like this all over the year. Though before this year we were

    advancing the time by 1 hour each last April Sunday and till the last October Sunday.


    The Ukrainian national currency is the Gryvnya. However, it is possible to bring Euro or USA dollars with you. You can

    exchange them in any major bank or at any exchange point around the city.

    Changing U.S. dollars for Ukrainian Gryvnyas or another currency is legal only at banks, currency exchange desks at

    hotels and at licensed exchange booths. Beware of changing money on the streets or with private individuals: it's illegal

    and it can be dangerous. Remember however that old or damaged bill may not be accepted or accepted under the lower

    rate. The "hard currency" stores only accept Gryvnyas but almost all of them have a money exchange booth on the


    To learn the current exchange rate of gryvnya (UAH) to almost any currency check the following link:

    You may also bring credit cards with you. It is very easy to find an ATM. And it would also be right to bring the visa one,

    because they are the ones that work in every bank and every ATM.

    What is different here:

    Home and family in Ukraine

    Ukrainian culture has agrarian roots. Just two generations ago the urban population was a fraction of what it is

    today after the Soviets' experiment in forced industrialization and urbanization. Almost everyone has grandparents

    or relatives that live in the countryside. Until perestroika, country folk weren't allowed to move to the city. People

  • still do not move around as much as in the West, especially the middle-aged and elderly. Often one or both

    grandparents will live with their children and help take care of small children. This was a necessity during Soviet

    times, when women were drawn into the workforce en masse.

    Superstitions and mysticism

    Ukrainians have preserved superstitions and omens about things like shaking hands through a doorway, whistling

    indoors, and other things. Everyone knows these omens and jokes about them, but they avoid breaking them all the

    same. Western society is more rational not only in this regard, but in every other. Ukrainians' religious views

    (especially in areas where Orthodoxy dominates) have elements of mysticism and uncertainty, while Western

    Christians tend to think in terms such as, "to get to heaven you need to do A, B, and C."

    Body language

    On average Ukrainians' personal space is smaller than in Germanic and Anglo-saxon cultures. Some people touch

    each other quite a bit during conversations if they are standing. Greeting women with a kiss on the cheek is

    common. On the gesticulation scale Ukrainians are more subdued than southern Europeans but more animate than

    Scandinavians. Gestures tend to be smallerno American arm-flapping here! Also, smiling is usually reserved for


    Ukrainian hospitality

    In Ukraine guests are given lots of attention. If you are someone's house guest, your hosts will likely take you

    around town and show you the sights for several days. Traditional Ukrainian attitudes dictate that guests be well-

    fed and entertained for as long as they stay at your home. Offering a guest a glass of ice water (common behavior in

    the U.S.) seems an absurdity to Ukrainians, the more so because ice water is thought to cause colds. In the business

    world, however, drinking bottled water has started to catch on, and being offered a glass of water is no longer an

    extreme rarity.

    I think that Ukrainian alphabet will be something new and interesting for you! It has 32 letters and completely

    differs from any other alphabet. BUT, if u know the alphabet, it will be easier for you to orient in Kyiv and get help in

    case. So lets check it out.

    Letter Transliteration As it is pronounced

    A Car

    B Boy

    V Vast

    G Good

    D Day

    E Well

    Ye Yet

    Zhe Regime

    Ze Zone

    Y Mykyta

    I Feed

    Yi Yield

    Y Young

    K Keep

  • L Love

    M May

    N No

    O Occasionally

    P Pin

    R Rain

    S Sun

    T Tutor

    U Put

    F Fine

    Kh Help

    Ts Nets

    Ch Check

    Sh Shop

    Shch Shcheck

    - Makes the previous letter soft

    Yu You

    Ya Yard

    So, GOOD LUCK in learning the alphabet=)

    Now, after you got all the documents, packed the things, LEARNED the alphabet you ready to go to Ukraine.

    Depending what type of transport you take to Ukraine, you may arrive to Borispol airport, Zhulyany airport, Railway

    station. Lets look through all those and the ways you can get to the city.


    This one is the biggest in Ukraine and almost all planes land in this airport. The Borispol airport is about 40 minutes

    away from Kyiv. When you are in Borispol, take your luggage, go through security and after that go outside of the

    airport. There you will see busses #322. Take one of those. It will take you to the railway station (the last stop)

    , where somebody from AIESEC will be waiting for you with a BIG smile=)


    This airport primary works as internal one but sometimes flights from border countries are taken. If you land in

    ZHULYANY then the AIESEC member will be able to meet you. But still make sure. If no one is able to meet you in