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Part One of a blueprint for raising awareness in your city, campus, community or company about the importance of happiness! Make It Happy partners with The Happiness Initiative to raise awareness of the importance of happiness in our personal lives and for our policy makers


  • 1.Make Seattle Happy Report: A Blueprint for Raising Awareness in Your Community about the importance of happiness as a guide for the future of our nation, neighborhoods and personal life PART ONE: RAISING AWARENESS

2. Part One: Raising Awareness Our goal: to increase awareness of the importance of happiness as a guide for public policy and social change 3. Guiding us for this work: UN Resolution 65/309 Towards a Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development adopted August 23 2011. An invitation to replace Gross Domestic Product with Happiness on a national level. 4. The Make Seattle Happy Project Conducted by Make It Happy and The Happiness Initiative 5. Step One: Ask People What Makes Your City a Happy Place? find a public place with lots of traffic wear a sandwich board with the question on it offer people a post it and sharpie pen collect the post-its on your board take lots of pictures shoot lots of video This step is part of Make It Happys Happy Post project. 6. We took over 100 photos check them out at www.flickr.com/photos/thehappinessinitiative and click on the set raising awareness 7. We produced videos. view the videos at www.happycounts.org/raiseawareness 8. Step Two: The Data we created a word cloud, which shows graphically which words were used most frequently other ways include lists, clusters, posters NOTE: It is important to communicate that the data collected is not from a scientific sample, and for raising awareness only! 9. What Makes Seattle Happy? A Word Cloud from 500 peoples responses 10. community culture education & learning environment governance material well-being health psychological well-being social connection time balance Word Clouds in the Domains of Gross National Happiness 11. Step Three: Communication we held a panel discussion where we shot videos of the panelists and participants we created a poster of all the post-its as a backdrop for our panel discussion there are many other ways to communicate social media, world-caf style events, TEDx style talks, etc. 12. Videos of panelists and participants: view the videos at www.happycounts.org/raiseawarenessreport 13. What about negative media? Sometimes happiness work elicits negative media. If this happens: Fly high Rather than respond directly, issue a press release stating the purpose of your project, linking it to the importance of happiness for government, and the current status of society and the environment with a system guided primarily by consumption, money and economic growth. Camps you cant win in: Fly higher. As much as they may try to incite, keep to your purpose. 14. What next? Part Two: Measuring Happiness Part Three: Policy Recommendations Visit happycounts.org to gather tools and resources for grassroots activism in your community towards a new economic paradigm your happiness counts. count your happiness 15. Make Seattle Happy: A Blueprint for Raising Awareness in Your Community. Please use these materials to raise awareness about the importance of happiness and well-being, the happiness movement and the aim of a new economic paradigm. These materials may be used or reproduced for any non- commercial use. For more information, inquiries or comments, please email info@happycounts.org or visit happycounts.org Report compiled by: Laura Musikanski, JD, MBA Editing team: Eldan Goldenberg, James Bradbury Copyright The Happiness Initiative 2013