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    R O B I N S H A R M A

    D I S C O V E R Y O U R D E S T I N Y

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    Robin Sharma

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  • Acknowledgements

    I am blessed to be surrounded by many extraordinary peoplein my life. Without them, it would not be possible for me to dowhat I do and to advance my mission of helping people livetheir highest lives. For all who have helped in the shaping ofmy ideas, encouraged me to dream big dreams and aided inthe spread of my message, I am deeply grateful.

    I must offer special thanks to my team at Sharma LeadershipInternational. In particular, thanks go to Marie Witten, mywonderful executive assistant; Al Moscardelli, whom I counton in so very many ways; and Marnie Ballane, whose enthusi-asm always inspires me.

    It is also important to express my gratitude to the entireHarperCollins team, which has been so supportive of mywork. Thanks to Iris Tupholme, David Kent, Akka Janssen,Kevin Hanson, Noelle Zitzer, Lisa Zaritzky, Martha Watson,Lloyd Kelly, David Millar, Kristin Cochrane, Michaela Cornell,Neil Erickson, Alan Jones and Ian Murray, along with theaccount representatives who have helped get each of thebooks in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari series out to mymuch-valued readers.


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  • I also wish to acknowledge the outstanding work of myeditor, Nicole Langlois, who has been with me from a veryearly point. You have been a true pleasure to work with on eachoccasion. Of course, I also must thank Sharma LeadershipInternationals corporate clients who allow me the privilege ofsharing my ideas on leadership, elite performance and self-mastery with your employees as a management consultant,executive coach and keynote speaker. I should say, as well, thatI feel very fortunate to have the reader support that I do. Allthat I do, I do for the readers of my books, and I offer heartfeltthanks to each and every one of you for the belief you have inme. Thank you for giving me the chance to live my destiny.

    My family has encouraged me from day one. When I hadnothing but a self-published book and faced many closed doors,they offered me a foundation of inspiration and unforgettablesupport. I am blessed to have the parents that I have, two peo-ple whose wisdom and kindness have shaped me more thanwords can express. Thanks also to my brother Sanjaya trulygifted human beingand to his wife, Susan, another wonder-ful person. I could not forget to note the gifts that their twogreat children, Neel and Evan, bring to my life. Special thanksto my sweetheart, Nina, for all your love and the blessings youhave brought to me. And finally, I must acknowledge my twoincredible children, Colby and Bianca, for teaching me themeaning of unconditional love, boundless creativity and gen-uine joy. You two bring so much wonder to my life, and I loveyou more than words can say.



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  • The hidden well-spring of your soul must needs rise andrun murmuring to the sea;

    And the treasure of your infinite depths would berevealed to your eyes.

    But let there be no scales to weigh your unknown treasure;And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or

    sounding line.

    Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

    Gravedigger, when you dig my grave, could you make itshallow so that I can feel the rain.

    Dave Matthews, Some Devil

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  • An Introduction from Robin Sharma

    You are far greater than you have ever dreamed of being. Andno matter what you are experiencing in your life right now,trust that all is good and unfolding in your best interests. Itmay not look pretty, but it is exactly what you need to learn foryou to grow into the person you have been destined to become.Everything occurring in your life has been perfectly orches-trated to inspire your maximal evolution as a human being andbring you into your true power. Learn from life and allow it totake you where you are meant to goit has your highestinterests in mind.

    Within the pages of this book, you will discover manyanswers to lifes most important questions. I pray you willfind many truths and gain much insight into the way theworld works and how you can succeed within it. But, ulti-mately, the answers you are seeking already lie deep within


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  • your heart. There is nowhere else to look. Yes, my words mayprompt openings for you and serve to help you rememberwhat you already know at your core. But do not doubt thatthere is, indeed, a treasure trove of wisdom, power and loveslumbering within youwaiting to be awakened by yourmost courageous part. Isnt that incredibly inspiring toknow? You already are everything you have always wantedto become. You simply need to do the inner work required toremove the blocks that have been coveringand denyingyour original nature.

    The purpose of human life, I believe, is to walk the path of thisGreat Awakening of Self and to return home to who you oncewere (and the place you once knew). My closely held belief isthat newborn children represent perfection and the state ofbeing to which each of us is duty-bound to return. In theinstant after you were born, you were fearless, pure love,innocent, infinitely wise, of boundless potential and beautifullyconnected with the unseen hand that created the universe. Asa very young child, you were filled with wonder and fully aliveto life. Indeed, at that time you were nearly enlightened (to beenlightened is to be all light: one who is all light has no shad-ows, no dark side, no fears, no anger, no resentments and nolimitations).

    Most of us on the planet today have lost this connection toour authentic selves, this original state of being in which wewere unafraid to walk towards possibility and reach for thestars. We know not who we are. We have morphed into peoplewho behave selfishly, fearfully and hurtfully. This behavior is


    Robin Sharma

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  • not a reflection of our essential nature but is, instead, a reflec-tion of the wounds we have suffered as we have left the inno-cence to which we were born and traveled along the journey ofour days. Only people in pain can do painful things. Only peo-ple who have been hurt can hurt others. Only people withclosed hearts are able to act in less than loving ways.

    The whole reason we are alive, I believe, is to grow into ourgreatest selves and remember the truth about who we funda-mentally are. Life will support you perfectly in this quest. Youwill be sent people, events and trials that will invite you toreveal more of your brilliance and discover more of your possi-bilities. Often, your lessons will not come easily. Suffering hasalways been a vehicle for deep spiritual growth. Those whohave endured great suffering are generally the ones whoevolve into great beings. Those who have been deeply hurt bylife are generally the ones who can feel the pain of others in aheartbeat. Those who have endured adversity become hum-bled by life, and as a result, are more open, compassionate andreal. We may not like suffering when it visits us, but it servesus so very well: it cracks the shell that covers our hearts andempties us of the lies we have clung to about who we are, whywe are here and how this remarkable world of ours reallyfunctions. Once emptied, we can be refilled with all that isgood, noble and true. Troubles can transform, if we choose toallow them to do so. As Joseph Campbell wrote: Where youstumble, there your treasure lies.

    Discover Your Destiny is a book about reclaiming yourgreatest life. I have tried to pour my heart out onto thesepages and share all I know about personal leadership, self-discovery and living from a place of authenticity. You should


    An Introduction from Robin Sharma

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  • know that I am very human. I struggle daily with my limita-tions, my fears and what I call my ancient patterns, thoseold ways of behaving that I have learned along the way. I seemyself as a work in progress and continually challenge myselfto use each day as a platform to evolve into the higher reachesof my inner life. There is a myth out there that people whowrite these kinds of books are enlightened beings who spendtheir days in bliss and transcendence, offering words of truthfrom the mountaintop. In reality, I have learned that everysingle one of us has work to do, no matter how much work wehave done on ourselves, no matter how evolved we are. Everysingle one of us has a light side as well as a dark side. Each ofus has flaws to mend and wounds within us that cry out to behealed. Every single one of us has a splintered soul