manifest destiny and its legacy 1841-1848 destiny---1840 to 1850 ... •all compromises were...

Download Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy 1841-1848  Destiny---1840 to 1850 ... •All compromises were unconstitutional notes 4 . MANIFEST DESTINY “Manifest Destiny

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  • Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy 1841-1848

    Chapter 17

  • I. Conflicts over slavery and Compromises Slavery in Louisiana Purchase? Manifest Destiny---1840 to 1850

    President James K. Polk1845 to 1849 Oregon Territory---1846 Texas Statehood--1845 Mexican War---1846 to 1848

    US acquired the Mexican Cession Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo1848

    Slavery in the Mexican Cession? Compromise of 1850

    Calif. Admitted as a free state South: Enforce the Fugitive Slave Law North: stop the slave trade in Washington, D.C.

  • Gadsden Purchase----1853

    Kansas-Nebraska Act----1854

    Stephen Douglas---build railroad in the North

    Organize Kansas and Nebraska Territory and open it up to Popular Sovereignty


    Abolitionists against it

    Ruined the Missouri Compromise

    led to violence----Bleeding Kansas---1856

    Republican Party---1856---formed. II. Judicial Arguments Dred Scott1857-----slave sued for his freedom

    Supreme Court Decision Constitution did not apply to slaves Legalized slavery in the U.S. All compromises were unconstitutional

    notes 4


  • Manifest Destiny

    First coined by newspaper editor, John OSullivan in 1845.

    ".... the right of our manifest destiny to over spread and

    to possess the whole of the continent which Providence

    has given us for the development of the great experiment of

    liberty and federaltive development of self-government

    entrusted to us. It is right such as that of the tree to the

    space of air and the earth suitable for the full expansion of

    its principle and destiny of growth."

    He felt that Americans had a right to develop the continent, which implied a sense of

    cultural and racial superiority.

  • Manifest Destiny


    American belief that U.S. would

    control the continent from

    the Atlantic to the Pacific.

    Texas statehood

    Oregon territory

    Mexican War

    Oregon trail

    California Trail

    Gold discovered

    Gold Rush

  • The Fateful Election of 1844

    1. Southern leaders favored territorial expansion to extend the slave

    system & demanded the immediate annexation of Texas.

    3. Texas became the central issue in the 1844 election; Democrats

    selected James K. Polk, who called for the annexation of Texas &

    the taking of all of Oregon.

    4. The Whigs nominated Henry Clay, who suggested that he

    might support annexation of Texas.

    5. Polks method of linking the issues of Texas & Oregon

    was successful; immediately after Polks victory, congressional

    Democrats moved to bring Texas into the Union.

  • Maine Boundary Settlement, 1842

  • The Independence of Texas

    1. Adams-Ons Treaty of 1819 guaranteed Spanish sovereignty

    over Texas.

    2. After winning independence from Spain in 1821, the

    Mexican govt. encouraged settlement by Mexicans & migrants

    from the U.S..

    3. 1829- Americans won special exemption from a law

    ending slavery in Mexico.

  • Key Figures in Texas Independence, 1836

    Sam Houston

    Steven Austin

    1830s- Americans in Texas had split into 2 groups:

    A. peace partywanted more self-government for the province

    B. war party wanted independence from Mexico.

    March 2, 1836, the war party proclaimed the independence of Texas & adopted a

    Constitution legalizing slavery.

  • The Republic of Texas

  • Texas entered as a U.S. state in


    o One cause of the war with

    Mexico in 1846.

  • The Oregon Dispute: 54 40 or Fight!

    In 1843 a national convention

    demanded that the U.S. seize

    Oregon all the way to 5440

    north latitude.

    Joint British-U.S. occupation

    ended in 1846.

    Polks 1844 campaign slogan was

    54,40 or fight

    To avoid simultaneous war with Britain,

    Polk signed the Oregon Treaty,

    dividing the Oregon region at the

    49th parallel

  • Wilmot Proviso, 1846

    The Wilmot Proviso was intended to prohibit slavery in any new territories acquired from Mexico; the

    Senate killed the proviso. But the Wilmot Provisos

    call for free soil was the first antislavery proposal to

    attract broad popular support.

    Provided, territory from that, as an express and

    fundamental condition to the acquisition of any

    the Republic of Mexico by the United States, by

    virtue of any treaty which may be negotiated

    between them, and to the use by the Executive of

    the moneys herein appropriated, neither slavery

    nor involuntary servitude shall ever exist

    in any part of said territory, except for crime,

    whereof the party shall first be duly convicted. Congr. David Wilmot (D-PA)

  • The Mexican War (1846-1848)

    By the end of 1846, the U.S. controlled much of northeastern Mexico, & US forces

    seized control of California in 1847.

  • Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, 1848

    Mexico gave up claims to Texas above the Rio

    Grande River.

    Mexico gave the U. S. California and New Mexico.

    U. S. gave Mexico $15,000,000 and agreed to pay

    the claims of American citizens against Mexico

    (over $3,500,000).

    The Treaty was basically forced on Mexico!

  • Mexican War

    Long Term Causes

    Manifest Destiny


    Immediate Causes

    Texas statehood, 1845

    Mexico refusing to sell California

    Border dispute


    US receives Mexican Cession

    Disputes over expansion of slavery will lead to the Civil War