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1. Up next this presentation its going to show you how I ended at this marvelous place of South America From Russia to Argentina 2. Precisely, I was in Moscow the fourth most expensive city in the world. 3.

  • Unfortunately , I was there when humanity made the biggest mistake ever

6. With no safety

  • With no place to go
  • Defeaning noises
  • Smoke
  • Darkness
  • Afraid . . .


  • I just need to run away
  • Far far away from there
  • The place I used to be was unrecognizable

8. So, I thougth in the furthest place 11. Buenos Aires,Argentina 12. Forty years have passed since the second world war

  • And that I decided to came and be here

This wasnt easy I have to learn a new languagge It took me a lot of time to adaptmyself To speak ,to write another words 13. I have no regrets Here people are polite and they havegood mood .Besides food is delicious . . . 14. This is one of my favourite places in this country 16.

  • So this was a brief explanation of my passage from Russia to Argentina . . .