Predictive Test 8th Grade

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Predictive Test 8th Grade


<p>PREDICTIVE TEST EVALUATION 2015 - 2016ENGLISH AS SECOND FOREIGN LANGUAGE</p> <p>8th grade L2Name_______________________________</p> <p>Form_______________________________ Date______________________________ </p> <p>Pentru rezolvarea corecta a tuturor cerintelor se acorda 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acorda 10 puncte. Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 50 de minute.</p> <p>1. Fill in the gaps using the following words: smart, beautiful, funny, sweet or patient.</p> <p> 1 My brother is very ________________ and noisy.</p> <p> 2 Ann speaks Swedish and Russian. She's ______________.</p> <p> 3 My baby sister is____________________ but very noisy.</p> <p> 4 He tells great jokes.He's very ____________________.</p> <p> 5 Grandma never gets angry with us. She's _______________.</p> <p>(5x1=5p) </p> <p> 2. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Present Continuous.</p> <p> 1 I ________________________________(take) the dog for a walk every day after school.</p> <p> 2 Jade _____________________________(look) for a job at the moment.</p> <p> 3 The film ____________________________(start) at 6:00.</p> <p> 4 George _______________________________(cook) dinner every evening. 5. Fred __________________________________(do) his homework now.</p> <p>(5x1p=5p) 3. Write the plural for the following words: </p> <p> (10 x 2p = 20 p)</p> <p>a. book books f. elephant </p> <p>b. watch watches g. tomato.</p> <p>c. box ......... h. wolf..</p> <p>d. tiger i. man..</p> <p>e. wife j. woman..</p> <p>g. pencil...................................... h. mouse...................................... 4. Fill in who, whose, what, when, where, why, how much, how many: (10x1=10p)a. ______________ are you wearing a coat? Because its cold.</p> <p>b. ______________ is your party? On Saturday.</p> <p>c. ______________ are these football boots? They are Johns.</p> <p>d. ______________ money have you got? 20.</p> <p>e. ______________ is your school? Its near the station.</p> <p>f. ______________ brothers have you got? Two brothers.</p> <p>g. ______________ is the cheese? Its in the fridge.</p> <p>h. ______________ is your sisters name? Monica.</p> <p>i. ______________ is that boy over there? Hes my cousin.</p> <p>j. ______________ is her birthday? In January.</p> <p> 5. Fill in the text with the past tense simple form of the verbs in brackets.</p> <p>Dear Thomas,</p> <p> I hope you are all right and that you had (have) a great summer holiday. I ________ (enjoy)the last months and I am sad that the holiday is over. At the beginning of my holiday me and my parents _______(go) to Greece. We _______(visit) a lot of beautiful places. We _______(have) a great time and we ________(spend) a lot of time on the beach. After two weeks we ______(decide) to return home and I _______(leave) to my grandparents', in the country. I have many friends there so I _________(have) a lot of fun. I _______(play) on my computer and I ________(watch) TV. But I _______( not/forget) about my homework and I _____(read) a few books. This holiday ______( be) too short for me and I _______(not/have) time to do all the things I ________(want). How was your holiday?</p> <p>Best wishes,</p> <p>John</p> <p> (15x2p=30p)</p> <p>6. Rewrite the sentences using the Present Perfect: </p> <p> (5x4p =20p)Example: 1. Rob saw a ghost.</p> <p>1 ____Rob has seen a ghost._____ </p> <p>2. Nelson finished school.</p> <p>_____________________________________</p> <p>3. Martha ate an apple.</p> <p>__________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>4. Mike saw the dentist.</p> <p>__________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>5. Rosanna bought some new shoes.</p> <p>__________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>10 points granted</p> <p>2</p>