Predictive Test 8th Grade

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Predictive Test 8th Grade



8th grade L2Name_______________________________

Form_______________________________ Date______________________________

Pentru rezolvarea corecta a tuturor cerintelor se acorda 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acorda 10 puncte. Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 50 de minute.

1. Fill in the gaps using the following words: smart, beautiful, funny, sweet or patient.

1 My brother is very ________________ and noisy.

2 Ann speaks Swedish and Russian. She's ______________.

3 My baby sister is____________________ but very noisy.

4 He tells great jokes.He's very ____________________.

5 Grandma never gets angry with us. She's _______________.


2. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1 I ________________________________(take) the dog for a walk every day after school.

2 Jade _____________________________(look) for a job at the moment.

3 The film ____________________________(start) at 6:00.

4 George _______________________________(cook) dinner every evening. 5. Fred __________________________________(do) his homework now.

(5x1p=5p) 3. Write the plural for the following words:

(10 x 2p = 20 p)

a. book books f. elephant

b. watch watches g. tomato.

c. box ......... h. wolf..

d. tiger i. man..

e. wife j. woman..

g. pencil...................................... h. mouse...................................... 4. Fill in who, whose, what, when, where, why, how much, how many: (10x1=10p)a. ______________ are you wearing a coat? Because its cold.

b. ______________ is your party? On Saturday.

c. ______________ are these football boots? They are Johns.

d. ______________ money have you got? 20.

e. ______________ is your school? Its near the station.

f. ______________ brothers have you got? Two brothers.

g. ______________ is the cheese? Its in the fridge.

h. ______________ is your sisters name? Monica.

i. ______________ is that boy over there? Hes my cousin.

j. ______________ is her birthday? In January.

5. Fill in the text with the past tense simple form of the verbs in brackets.

Dear Thomas,

I hope you are all right and that you had (have) a great summer holiday. I ________ (enjoy)the last months and I am sad that the holiday is over. At the beginning of my holiday me and my parents _______(go) to Greece. We _______(visit) a lot of beautiful places. We _______(have) a great time and we ________(spend) a lot of time on the beach. After two weeks we ______(decide) to return home and I _______(leave) to my grandparents', in the country. I have many friends there so I _________(have) a lot of fun. I _______(play) on my computer and I ________(watch) TV. But I _______( not/forget) about my homework and I _____(read) a few books. This holiday ______( be) too short for me and I _______(not/have) time to do all the things I ________(want). How was your holiday?

Best wishes,



6. Rewrite the sentences using the Present Perfect:

(5x4p =20p)Example: 1. Rob saw a ghost.

1 ____Rob has seen a ghost._____

2. Nelson finished school.


3. Martha ate an apple.


4. Mike saw the dentist.


5. Rosanna bought some new shoes.


10 points granted