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<ul><li><p>We are immense beings of consciousness and energyEveryone is </p><p>sensitiveOur natural state is </p><p>centered and in EssenceEveryone is </p><p>bright</p><p>Some energies nurture us</p><p>A Ring-pass-not</p><p>is a healthy boundary to contain your own </p><p>energy</p><p>allow us to take in the good stu</p><p>Porous boundaries </p><p>Without a Ring-pass-not</p><p>we violate our own eld and leak our energies away</p><p>Emotions(even love!)</p><p>Will</p><p>Thinking</p><p>No matter how covered, our essence </p><p>is always underneath</p><p>Our inner being, covered but shining in our center</p><p>The eld cloudedwith dense energies</p><p>HAMMERINGPowerfully slamming your will into the other</p><p>WILLINGPushes an intention onto the other</p><p>OFFERINGBrings energy to the edge of the eld </p><p>gives choice and respect</p><p>Learning to bring our energies out in healthy ways</p><p>Positive words masking hidden aggression</p><p>Control from 3rd eye and sucking from belly</p><p>Giving on the surface taking underneath</p><p>Common disturbing interactions </p><p> an extra-ordinary occurrence when seen through the eyes of energy</p><p>An ordinary family dinner...</p><p>We live in a vast world of energy</p><p>Clearing theField</p><p>removes energies that have entered us but </p><p>shouldnt be there</p><p>Some energies are disturbing</p><p>Protective Boundaries </p><p>deect energies that are not good for us</p><p>Violations distort our eld, ensnare us in dense energies and disconnect us from our Essence</p><p>Will Violation Charge Violation Love Violation Aggression Violation</p><p>Domination Violation Mental Violation Sucking Violation Manipulation Violation</p><p>Back-seat-driver Violation Care Violation</p><p>Mental penetration</p><p>Belly energy violation</p><p>Sexual cord violation</p><p>RespectMental </p><p>Heartful appreciation</p><p>Attraction respectingboundaries</p><p> Sexual Violation</p><p>THE VIOLATIONS We overstep each others boundaries, violating each others eld</p><p>Emotion Violation Love Violation Control Violation Resonance Violation</p><p>ENERGY BALANCINGand</p><p>The Incredible World of Energy</p><p>Aura colors used may not accurately represent the real aura colors</p><p>Expanding energyOUT</p><p>Grounding energyDOWN</p><p>Bringing energyIN</p><p>Lifting energyUP</p><p> Unhealthy UP</p><p> Healthy UP</p><p>Ungrounded</p><p>UP</p><p>Inspired</p><p>Uhealthy UP energies are ungrounded. They come about when we </p><p>are spaced out, over-ly mental, or emotional </p><p>dramatic. </p><p>UP is the higher dimension of ourselves, our higher consciousness. </p><p>We contact this in moments of inspiration or spiritual expansion.</p><p>Mentalizing Emotional drama</p><p>Reaching UP</p><p>Receiving from Above</p><p>Connected to your Higher Self</p><p> Unhealthy O</p><p>UT</p><p>Unhealthy OUT energies violate our own energy eld or the ener -gy eld of others. </p><p>Aggression</p><p>Leaking energy throughholes</p><p>Cactus - irritability, keep away</p><p>In Front of yourself, thru over-caring, </p><p>emotion, will, desire</p><p>Dynamic and creative OUT owing ener -</p><p>gies. These are positive emo -tions such as love or care, </p><p>as well as thoughts, ideas </p><p>and words.</p><p>Fully Expressive</p><p>Radiant and bright</p><p>Dynamicallycreative</p><p> Healthy O</p><p>UT</p><p>Expression</p><p>In Front ofyourself</p><p>OUT</p><p>Heavy</p><p>Grounded</p><p>DO</p><p>WN</p><p> Healthy DOWN</p><p>Healthy DOWN energies ground us. </p><p>We are here and now, solid, pratical and </p><p>present</p><p>Unhealthy DOWN en -ergies are when we are heavy, burdened </p><p>or clogged. Or our en -ergies is sluggish and </p><p>thick, unable to get going. </p><p>Anchored Down</p><p>Grounded and In ActionBringing your </p><p>energies down</p><p> The Blob, couch potato, </p><p>Heavy, burdened, depleted, clouded</p><p> Unhealthy DOWN</p><p>IN</p><p>Retr</p><p>eate</p><p>d</p><p>Rece</p><p>ivin</p><p>g H</p><p>ealth</p><p>y </p><p> I</p><p>N A healthy IN is when we are rest-ing within ourselves </p><p>in balance and alignment. We can also be taking pos -itive energies in to </p><p>nurture us. </p><p> U</p><p>nhea</p><p>lthy </p><p> IN withUneahtly IN is a state of contraction, </p><p>drawal </p><p>or walls. We can also block good en -ergies that would be nurturing. </p><p>Not letting in</p><p>Contracted</p><p>Retreating</p><p>Walled</p><p>Taking love IN</p><p>Taking in life energy from nature</p><p>Taking empowerment IN</p><p>CENTEREDBalanced </p><p>in the core channel</p><p>TheFour</p><p>Directions of E nergy F low</p><p>The </p><p>BookLearn about Energy!</p><p>Training in the Art and Science ofEnergy Balancing</p><p>The Energy Balancing IN Ground Lifting UP Open OUT Bring IN Reach UP DOWN Ground Lift UP Center</p><p>FEBE - Full Energy Balancing Exercise</p></li></ul>